Business Plan Poultry

Business Plan Poultry


Typical business plan poultry with small investments, as well as recommendations for the opening of poultry. Before writing a business plan, we recommend that you study our article: How to make a business plan

1. About

Project description

According to the Ministry of Economic Development in the coming years, the consumption of poultry meat in Russia will only increase. Import of poultry into our country in recent years began to shrink, which means that the activity of producers in the domestic market will grow.  Profitability of poultry production by different sources reaches 60%.
Business Plan Poultry

Despite the growing competition in the market, properly organized work is a profitable business.

One of the competitive advantages is that the products of mini-poultry are grown in "home" conditions. Meat and egg are of good quality and it is undoubtedly a big plus.

Stepping Open mini-poultry

  • Determination of the size of the future farm (for 500 goal, 1000 goal, etc.);
  • Selection of the premises and equipment of the future farm;
  • Search for suppliers of young chickens;
  • Feeding base planning;
  • Selection of project financing sources;
  • Study of poultry content technology.

Business Plan Poultry


Let's consider an example of opening mini-poultry on 1000 heads of a bird. It is assumed that the premise for the business is already ready and the cost of its construction is not required.

Sources of funding may be

  1. Participation in the state program of support of Beginning entrepreneurs – "Grant for opening own business". The amount of the support subsidy is 300 thousand. Rub. Agricultural business is considered a priority, so the chance to get support is high;
  2. Participation in the program of state support of farmers. The chance to get support in this case is less than in the first version, because the participation is allowed to be active. However, the amount of support is about 1.5 million. Rubles.;
  3. Participation in preferential credit programs. Some banks offer loans for agricultural organizations at a low interest rate (from 12%);

Any business requires registration and bookkeeping:

The main costs of opening poultry

Name of expenditure item Amount, rub.
Chicken egg at the age of 30 days 30 000
Broiler chickens aged 30 days 55 000
Cells 100 000
Other equipment (drinking bowls, buckets, etc.) 40 000
Room Repair 50 000
Other 20 000
Total 295 000

The total initial investment for the start of the project, taking into account the availability of the premises make 295 thousand. Rubles.

Information about the company. Registration of activity

At the stage of business plan preparation It is important to define the organizational form of the future farm. The best option for the choice of the organizational-legal form will be farms (IP). This choice is caused by a small package of documents and minimal expenses for registration of activity. The most advantageous tax regime for agricultural producers is (single agricultural tax). In this case, the tax is 6% of the profit. The only condition of ESHN is that at the end of the calendar year 70% of the gross income should be income from the sale of agricultural products.

If you plan to build a farm on your own site, the land must be designed according to the type of permitted use. In this case, the land should be intended for agricultural use. Moreover, mini-farm should be located at a distance of at least 300 m from residential complexes according to the standards of SES.

Production plan

Mini-farm can work in several directions:

1. Production of poultry meat and chicken eggs with the subsequent sale of finished products to the population;

2. Installation of own incubator for growing poultry (chickens).

In this case, it is advisable to contain the following breeds of chickens:

  • Jajcenoskie, "Leghorn" or crosses of egg breeds. Differ good precocity, the average egg of chickens of this direction to 200 eggs per year;
  • Meat, it breeds "Cornish", "Brama", "Kohinhin", Cross "Cobb 500" (broiler). The live weight of adult cocks reaches 5 kg, chickens up to kg. 4. Production plan

For the maintenance of 1000 heads of a bird it is necessary premise from 100 m2. In order to use space more efficiently, the cellular way of poultry maintenance should be used. In the cellular way of maintenance the recommended norm of landing is 5 heads on 1 m2.

Business Plan Poultry

In order to save space, the cells can be installed in 2-3 tiers.

The cells can be manufactured independently or purchased from the manufacturer. The price of 1 cell for 5 goals starts from 2000 rubles.

If the farm is planned to produce poultry, it is expedient to use Russian equipment-incubator ILB-0.5 m. Incubator holds 770 chicken eggs.  The incubation period of chickens is 21-22 days.

It is supposed that meat and egg breeds of chickens will be kept in equal proportions, on 500 goals.
Business Plan Poultry

The planned volume of production of finished products mini-poultry for 1000 goal. Per year:

  • A bird of meat direction (broiler) of its slaughter weight reaches on the average on the 50th day. Accordingly for 1 year can grow up to 6 generations. The total for 1 year will be grown about 3000 heads or 9 tons of poultry.
  • Bird egg direction on average gives up to 200 eggs per year. Accordingly, for 1 year 500 hens will bring up to 100 thous. Eggs.

Poultry Growing technology

One of the main principles of proper poultry maintenance is to maintain a favorable microclimate in the room. Chickens and grown chickens should be kept in different rooms due to the difference in the required heating and lighting mode. For example, for daily chicks it is necessary to maintain a temperature of 34 degrees, while 60-day ridiculous is enough 18 degrees.

At cellular maintenance for cultivation of young animals in the first 3 weeks it is recommended to use round-the-clock illumination. In the process of growth, artificial illumination is reduced to 17 hours.

In a diet of feeding chickens it is necessary to include grain, forage of vegetative and animal origin, flour mixes, and also feed rich with vitamins and digestible protein. Organizational plan

To maintain all working processes poultry, including feeding poultry, collecting eggs, slaughtering adult poultry, etc. A minimum of three workers must be involved.

Staffing table:

Post Number of people Fund of payment per month, rub.
Handyman 3 30 000
Total per year X 360 000

Marketing Plan

The main competitors of poultry will be large poultry farms, which have their own points of sale poultry meat and eggs. As a rule, such enterprises maintain comparatively not high level of prices and have already developed a large base of regular buyers.

  1. Sale of products in the format of "outbound trade" in places of increased passableness, for example in the markets;
  2. Delivery of products to the retail outlets of nearby areas;
  3. Sale of products directly from the production to wholesalers.

Ideally, you need to set up your own points of sale (pavilions or kiosks), but this requires large volumes of production and completely different investments.

One of the competitive advantages is that the products of mini-poultry are grown in "home" conditions. Meat and egg are of good quality and it is undoubtedly a big plus.

What help is needed if you travel outside the area

For the transportation of products within the area all products to be implemented should be accompanied by veterinary certificates form N 4 "on clinical inspection of poultry." These documents are issued and issued by the bodies and institutions, which are included in the system of the State Veterinary Service of the Russian Federation at the location of the enterprise.

7. Production plan

Name Units. Ism. Price, rub. Sales volume per month Revenue per month, rub.
Poultry Meat Kg 100 750 75000
Egg PCs 4 8330 33320
Total X X X 108320

Total monthly will be sold finished products for the amount of 108, 3 thousand. Rubles.

Monthly expenses

Indicator Amount, rub.
Zar. Fee 30000
Feed, Vitamins 10000
Taxes, Eshn 6% 3000
Contributions to extrabudgetary funds 9000
Public services 5 000
Purchase of the Daily Young 9000
Other 4000
Total 70 000

Total monthly expenses amount to 70 thous. Rub.

How much can you earn by opening a mini-chicken

Profit per month-38 320 rub.

Profitability – 54.7%

Payback of the project – 8 months

It should be noted that at a certain rotation of meat and egg direction you can achieve higher profitability of business. For example, to grow 700 heads of meat direction and 300 heads of egg direction.

This is a complete ready business plan that you will not find in the free access.

 Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

How to increase your chances of success even before the start of the project

Before finally deciding which direction to choose in the field of breeding, we suggest you pay attention to other business solutions. It is better now to invest a little time and a small amount of money for a detailed study of his niche than to regret the missed opportunity or hasty decision.

5 ready-made business plans for breeding, which you can download right now

What documents are needed to open chicken

After registration it is necessary to prepare the following documents for sanitary permission: Technological map of production, contracts for rent, garbage removal, copies of registration certificates, statement on tax accounting, extract from Egrul.
The Code okved 01.47 – "Breeding of agricultural poultry" will be suitable for business.

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