Business plan for the production of blocks

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Business plan for the production of blocks


    Business Plan (feasibility study) of the opening of a mini-enterprise for the production of blocks.

    Advantages of opening a business for the production of blocks

    Why did we choose this particular area of activity? What is the advantage of software business? Cinder-quite popular material in construction. The demand for it increases considerably in the season. This is due to the following factors:

    • Lower price compared to bricks, which causes increased demand in the construction of low-cost country houses
    • Light weight. Thus, 30 kg of the standard cinder will replace by thermal conductivity wall of bricks weighing 120 kg. From here we get saving in delivery.
    • Environmental. Cinder (or concrete blocks) do not emit toxic substances into the atmosphere, as they are produced only from sand, lime, cement and aluminium powder.
    • Low thermal conductivity. Due to the presence of air bubbles (about 80% of the material), the cost of heating the house or room is reduced by 20 – 30%, which allows to avoid additional costs for heat-insulating material.

    From the point of view of the business the production of blocks is advantageous due to the presence of a rich raw material base in our country, a good choice of both domestic and foreign equipment, as well as simple technology of production of products.

    How much money is needed to open a business to produce blocks

    For opening of the enterprise it is planned to invest about 1 945 000 rubles: Deposit on renting premises for 2 months. – 95 000 p.
    Acquisition, delivery and installation of weight-1 500 000 R.
    Start-Up and adjustment works – 50 000 R.
    Acquisition of raw materials and workwear – 200 000,-P.
    Advertising expenses-100 000 R.
    Registration of business and other expenses – 50 000 R.

    Blocks Production Technology

    Our company plans to issue blocks on gost 6133-99 "wall concrete Stones" voidness of 30% with three round Pustotnikami and sizes 188 x 190 x 390. For the shift is planned to produce a little more than 3000 blocks, a month-66 000 blocks (22 shifts). The selling price for one block will be 25 rubles.

    For organization of production it is necessary to establish supply of three components: cement, sand and rubble. The cement will be supplied from the direct manufacturer from the nearest large city, at a distance of 110 km (one way). Sand is mined in a quarry at a distance of 25 km from our production. The extraction of rubble is also close enough – at a distance of 35 km.
    The cost of purchase and delivery of raw materials will be:

    • Cement-2.3 rub/kg.
    • Sand-0.23 rub/kg.
    • Rubble-0.214 rub/kg.

    Production plan

    The production site under the preliminary plan will be a small base in the industrial zone of the city. For the organization of production will be rented not heated room closed type, the area of 475 square meters. M (hangar). The lease payments will be 47 500 p. Per month (100 rubles/sq. m. M.).

    What equipment to choose for the production of blocks

    As equipment for the production of blocks is planned to use a mobile vibrating dryer III with the size of the moulding zone 1000 x 450. This equipment is an ideal option for our small production site. Vibrating non-drying has been produced since 1989 and has proved to be a sufficiently reliable and productive device.

    What advantages of this equipment can be distinguished:

    1. Much cheaper than foreign analogues, including those supplied from China.
    2. It is made in Russia, so it is easier and cheaper to get spare parts.
    3. At Purchase the manufacturer provides all necessary for beginning of manufacture, including: a matrix, start-up-adjustment works, training of the personnel, issue of a trial batch of production, etc.
    4. Mobility-vibrating can be moved from place to place, and therefore to organize the production of products actually in places of use of building materials (on construction sites).
    5. High productivity – for the shift it is possible to produce more than 3200 blocks, 1800 meters of curb or 300 kv. M. Pavement tiles.

    Buying and shipping weight will cost about 1 500 000 p.

    As personnel of the organization it is planned to employ the following employees:

    • Head of the production site (1 person) – 20 000 p. Per month
    • Warehouse worker (1 person) – 14 000, 5 p. Per month
    • Mixer operator (1 person) – 18 000 R. Per month
    • Weight operator (1 person) – 18 000 Per month
    • Workers (2 pers.) – 10 000 p. Per month

    The total wage fund will be 90 000 rubles. Per month.

    What system of taxation to choose for the opening of production blocks

    The organizational-legal form of our enterprise will be limited Liability Company (LLC) consisting of two founders. As a system of taxation it is planned to apply USN, 15% of profit of the enterprise.

    Marketing and promotion of goods

    The total volume of production of our company will be more than 60 000 blocks per month. This is a large enough volume, which is not easy to implement in modern market conditions without resorting to marketing tools.

    As the main sources of advertising and marketing of products will be used:

    • Personal meetings with the heads of the production sites of the city (contractors) and construction companies.
    • Outdoor advertising on boards in places of large traffic of cars.
    • Contextual advertising in Yandex-direct.
    • Call and personal detour of the construction stores of nearby cities and towns.
    • Advertising in local newspapers.

    It is also worth considering the fact that the main marketing of products falls in the spring-summer period of time, during the construction season. Therefore, most of the advertising activities will be activated during this period of time (not to spend advertising budget wasted).

    How much money is needed to open a business to produce blocks

    Let's go to the calculation of the main performance indicators of the enterprise.
    To start, calculate the cost of producing a single wall stone:

    • Raw materials – 10.6 R.
    • Wages-90 000,-P. /22 shifts/3000 PCs. = 1.36 R.
    • Insurance payments (in RPF and FSS) – 0.41
    • Electricity-0.170 R.
    • Depreciation of the equipment – 0.05 R.
    • Municipal expenses (heating, water) – 0.070,-P.
    • Other expenses (tools, working clothes) – 0.0160,-P.

    Total-12.68 R.

    How much can you earn by opening the production blocks

    The price of realization of one cinder is 25 p.
    Thus, the profit of the enterprise before the taxation will be: 25 – 12.68 = 12.32, 0 p. From one block. Minus taxes (USN, 15%) Net profit will be 10.47 p.
    After realization of all produced production (66 000 blocks) net profit of the company will be equal to 691 020, 0 p.  The payback period of investments, taking into account the time for business promotion, will be at least 6 – 8 months according to our calculations.

    This is a complete, ready project that you will not find in the free access.
    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

    Which okved must be specified to register the production blocks 

    Registering its activities, and regardless of the legal form, it may be a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, it is necessary in the submitted documents to note the code of activity, which will be Carry out a businessman. The code 23.69 is suitable for the production of blocks. According to okved it includes manufacture of various kinds of products from cement or concrete, plaster.  

    What documents are needed to open

    When opening a small production shop for the manufacture of blocks will suffice to register as an individual entrepreneur. For this purpose it is necessary to submit the application of the established sample, to make a photocopy of the passport, to pay the state duty, to open in bank the current account, to become on accounts to the state bodies. If a large production is being introduced, it is better to register as a legal entity. In this case the best option will be limited liability company. The list of documents for registration of legal entities, in comparison with the opening of IP, is somewhat expanded. The registration authority will need to provide: 

    • Application for registration and decision of the shareholders ' meeting on registration of a legal entity in the form of a limited liability company; 
    • Legal address of the company and information about the director, Chief accountant; 
    • Open a current account and become accountable to the relevant State bodies. 

    Do I need permission to open

    Opening the production of blocks to obtain additional permits or undergo mandatory certification is not required. But all components that are used in the production process must necessarily conform to accepted standards. To confirm the high quality of the produced goods, and this will additionally allow to attract customers, you can pass voluntary certification.  The research is carried out in a special laboratory according to the requirements provided by Gost 6665-91. To pass it you will need to provide: 

    • Technical specifications. They are provided in cases where they were developed directly at the enterprise; 
    • Inn, as an alternative to bin; 
    • Application for certification; 
    • Requisites Pi or LLC.  

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