Business plan of the beer bar

Business plan of the beer bar


    Sample business plan of the beer bar for 36 seats.

    The purpose of this business plan is to prove the feasibility of opening a beer bar in our city. It should be noted that the institutions of such a plan are not enough. Many restaurants, cafes, but real beer bars, created in a special style and spirit-a unit. We want to create an institution where you can not just "get drunk", and where you can spend time in the company of friends and acquaintances for a mug of delicious beer.

    How much money to open a beer bar

    According to preliminary calculations, to open a business will need to invest about 1 980 000 rubles:

    • Repair and design of the premises – 400 000 rub.
    • Kitchen equipment-300 000 rub.
    • Furniture and interior elements-350 000 rub.
    • Video and sound equipment – 200 000 rub.
    • Purchase of food and beverage – 80 000 rub.
    • Alcohol license-100 000 rub.
    • Advertising budget-100 000 rubles.
    • Registration of LLC and other org. Expenses – 150 000 rub.
    • Reserve Fund – 300 000 rub.

    Description of products and services

    The concept of our establishment will combine something between a beer bar and a restaurant. On the one hand, the institution will be small, for 36 seats. On the other hand, unlike the classic bars, the menu of the restaurant will be wide enough.

    The main product of our bar is beer. It will be presented in dozens of varieties, both in bottle and bottling (draught). The assortment will be light and dark beer, unfiltered, dark filtered and strong grades (more than 7.5 ala.). The drink will be served in mugs for 0.5 and 1l. The price range will be from 180 to 600 rub. For a liter of a foamy drink. The markup is planned to be set at the level of 150%.
    In addition to the beer, the menu of the restaurant will be offered on the plan:

    • Soft drinks
    • Snacks
    • Burgers
    • Soups
    • Salads
    • Grill
    • Noodles
    • Side
    • Desserts
    • Sauces
    • Sausages

    The plasma screen will allow you to watch a video broadcast of high-profile sporting events that will attract an additional audience of customers.
    According to preliminary calculations, the average check of the institution will be about 500 rubles. After the promotion of the bar (3-6 months) approximate attendance at the weekend will be 65 people, on weekdays 25 people. Thus, you can expect a monthly revenue of 535 000 rubles.

    Production plan

    To accommodate the beer bar is planned to rent a room with an area of 95 sq. m. M. The room 35km in the central part of the city with convenient access roads. Nearby there is a city park, so the place is considered enough passable. The amount of rent will be 50 000 rubles. Per month. The high rental price is due to the good condition of the facility. Repairs are not actually required, there are all necessary communications (water, gas, electricity, ventilation and sewerage).

    What equipment to choose for the bar

    The lion's share of financial investments will be connected with purchase of furniture and kitchen equipment. will be purchased: bar counter, tables and chairs, multimedia equipment, sound equipment, decorative elements, kitchen equipment (mixers, blenders, coffee machine, tableware, etc.), CCTV camera.

    The interior design of the bar will be made in light brown colors, in a single direction, so that every detail is combined. The interior design is planned to be ordered from a specialized organization.

    Suppliers and Staff

    Special attention will be paid to the search for suppliers of beer and products. Fortunately in our city and in the nearest regions there are more than a dozen mini-breweries, ready to supply us with fresh beer in almost daily mode.
    The staff of the beer bar will include the following employees:

    • Cook (2 pers.), salary-18 000 rub.
    • Assistant Chef (2 people), salary-15 000 rubles.
    • Bartender (2 pax), salary-18 000 rub.
    • Cleaning lady/Handyman (2 pers.), salary-12 000 rub.

    The total number of bar staff will be 8 people. The wage fund will be equal to 126 000 rubles. Per month.

    Which taxation system to choose for the beer bar

    The organizational form of our institution will be limited liability company. Registration of a legal entity is necessary to obtain a license to sell strong alcoholic beverages in our bar (individual entrepreneurs are not licensed). The total cost of obtaining a license in the Ministry of Economy will be about 100 thousand. Rub. As a tax system, it is planned to apply imputed – a single tax on imputed income.

    Marketing Plan

    The main audience of our clients are people aged 25 to 40 years. They are middle-income and vyshesrednim-level people.  To develop the audience of regular visitors is planned in the following ways:

    • Holding of shares in the first days after the opening of the bar. For example, to make the prices 50% lower, give a free second mug of beer, etc.
    • To hand out leaflets and to paste announcements about opening of the institution in a radius of 500 m.
    • Place a bright sign over the entrance to the institution, attracting the attention of passers-by.
    • Order outdoor advertising in the advertising agency.
    • Print magnets with the image of our bar and spread them on the tables of the bar. Each visitor will take magnet with him and most likely hang it on the refrigerator.

    Financial plan

    Next, we calculate the main indicators of business efficiency-profit and payback.
    To start, we'll define a constant monthly cost:

    • Rent of premises-50 000 rub.
    • Salary-126 000 rub.
    • Deductions to RPF and FSS – 37 800 rub.
    • Municipal expenses – 20 000 rub.
    • Accounting (Outsourcing) – 7 000 rub.
    • Tax (imputed) – 11 000 rub.
    • Other expenses – 15 000 rub.

    Total-266 800 rub.
    The structure of the fixed costs is as follows:

    Business plan of the beer bar

    How much can you earn on selling beer

    Calculation of gross and net profit is presented in the table-Forecast of income and expenses of the beer bar:

    Business plan of the beer bar

    The revenue of the institution will be 535 000 rubles. Per month, and cost-436 800 rubles. NET monthly profit, thus, will be equal to 98 200 rubles. The profitability of the beer bar is 22%. The return on investment in the business can come after 20 months of the institution's work.

    This is a complete, ready project that you will not find in the free access.
    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

    The main stages of business organization

    After detailed study of the market situation and determination of real prospects of the beer business development, it is possible to start solving the following questions:

    • Preparation of the preliminary business plan.
    • Registration of LLC and paperwork for legal work of the beer bar (including license and permission of local authorities).
    • Formation of staff, search of premises.
    • Purchase of furniture and equipment.
    • Conclusion of contracts with suppliers, security company, etc.

    In addition to the listed stages of organization of this business activity, the list of drinks and foodstuffs, which will be sold in the beer bar, is of great importance. This depends not only on the popularity of the institution among potential customers, but also the size of profits bar owners.

    What documents should be issued for the work of the beer bar?

    In addition to the Standard Securities of LLC, confirming the fact of registration and payment of taxes, for legal activity of the beer bar is necessary:

    • Buy a cash register, register it in the Tax Office and sign a service contract.
    • In local authorities to obtain a permit for retail trade.
    • Sign a lease agreement with the owner of the premises.
    • Conclude employment contracts with the bar staff.
    • Obtain permission from EUFOR and the Fire Inspectorate (proof of compliance with sanitary and fire safety regulations).
    • To control the availability of sanitary books at the employees of the institution.
    • Sign a contract with a security firm and a company that is engaged in the removal of garbage and household waste.

    But the most difficult and laborious issue that needs to be solved before the opening of the beer bar is to obtain a license for the retail trade in alcohol. For all financial calculations to engage in this business, selling only alcohol products, absolutely irrational occupation. The license should pay off in the first month of the bar, despite its rather high cost (from 65 thousand. Rubles/year).

    Activity Code

    The beer bar, according to the Russian classifier, belongs to the direction of activity with okved 55.30 (work of cafes and restaurants).

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