Business Plan Paintball Club

Business Plan Paintball Club


    Business Plan of the Paintball Club (Active Recreation Park) in the city with a population of 1 200 000 people.

    Project indicators

    • Monthly Turnover (revenue): 400 000 rub.
    • Net profit: 127 670 rub.
    • Payback: 16 months.

    How much money is needed to open a paintball club

    According to the calculations of Business plan, the organization of the Paintball Club (Park of active recreation) will need to invest about 1 505 000 rubles:

    • Equipment for Children's Paintball (30 sets) – 120 000 rub.
    • Equipment for Adult Paintball (30 sets)-400 000 rub.
    • Equipment for Lazertaga (30 sets) – 450 000 rub.
    • Equipment (masks, camouflage)-40 000 rub.
    • Protective net (50s 100 m)-40 000 rub.
    • Trailer – Locker room – 140 000 rub.
    • Music (speakers, center) – 40 000 rub.
    • Construction of a gazebo-25 000 rub.
    • Construction of 2 polygons (material + construction) – 100 000 rub.
    • Electricity supply-30 000 rub.
    • Deposit for rent and other expenses – 40 000 rub.
    • Site Creation-50 000 rub.
    • Advertising-30 000 rub.

    Turn-based plan for opening paintball club

    The organization of the Paintball club assumes the following consecutive actions:

    1. Search for project financing sources
    2. Search of a land plot for placement of playgrounds
    3. Business Registration
    4. Conclusion of land lease agreement
    5. Construction of playgrounds and arrangement of recreation Area
    6. Purchase of rental equipment and consumables
    7. Search for Club Staff
    8. Creation of a site, active advertising of services
    9. Development of game scenarios, training of personnel
    10. Opening of the club

    Description of products and services

    Paintball is one of the most popular types of active recreation, which is played by big companies. Despite this, we do not plan to limit ourselves to only paintball. In today's competitive environment, it is important to provide customers with several leisure options. Therefore, in addition to the classic adult paintball in our club will be able to play laser and children's paintball. The preliminary price will be as follows:

    • Paintball (from 15 years). The average price of the service is 800 rubles for 2 hours of play. The price includes: marker hire, 300 balls, coaching, photoshoot, game scenarios.
    • Laser (from 7 years). The average price of the service is 650 rubles for 2 hours of play. The price includes: Weapon hire, coaching, photo shoot, game scenarios.
    • Children's Paintball (from 7 years). The average price of the service is 700 rubles for 2 hours of play. The price includes: weapon hire, instruction, 200 balls, photo shoot, game scenarios.
    • Additional services in the recreation area:
    • Rental of braziers and skewers-200 rub.
    • Coal-120 rub.
    • Music Center-300 rub.
    • Rent of heated tent for up to 50 people-3000 rub/3 hours

    Marketing Plan

    Competition among paintball clubs of our city is extremely high. The game is quite popular and began its rapid development back in the early 2000s. However, the quality of the work of many such organizations is very low. The absence of any service (and this is very important for a modern "pampered" client) is conspicuous. 90% of clubs use abandoned buildings and structures as playgrounds, which greatly increases the traumatic of the game. Because of this most of the customers just refuse to play paintball (especially the kids). Parents are banally afraid to carry children on not clear and dangerous polygons.

    Our club decided to go another way, perhaps more costly. But, without investments, normal business today will not build. As the main criteria of successful work of our Organization it is possible to allocate:

    • Own playground, interesting and safe.
    • Convenient location of the playground-within the city with the opportunity to get to any public transport.
    • Modern game kits for paintball and Lazertaga.
    • Equipped recreation Area for players-warm dressing room, tents, gazebos. possibility to order food and drinks.
    • A variety of game scenarios, experienced and competent instructors

    Special attention will be paid to the development of the club and attracting players. Modern young people spend a decent part of the time on the internet, so this advertising channel will be one of the main. In the business plan we have included:

    • Creation of own site, with attractive design and vivid description of game process;
    • Active advertising and promotion in social networks;
    • Work with entertainment portals of the city, agencies of holidays;
    • Holding of shares and distribution of coupons through special Internet services (kuponatory);
    • Contextual advertising.
    • It is obligatory to conduct city competitions on paintball, participation in charitable actions.
     All for {banner_bi-plan}, our partners, with a guarantee of quality.

    Production plan

    For accommodation of paintball Club It is planned to rent a land area of 5000 sq. m. M. In the popular city Recreation Park. This place is not chosen by chance, despite the high cost of renting (50 thou. Rub. Per month). First, the park is located in the city, that is, it is convenient to reach by public transport. Secondly, the park is very popular among the townspeople. Its size is more than 40 hectares. There are many attractions, so its permeability, especially at the weekend is counted by thousands of holidaymakers. In fact, the playground will always be in sight-and this is the best advertising for the club.

    Special attention will be paid to the construction of interesting playgrounds and recreation area. The arrangement of the game zone will require at least 200 thousand. Rubles. In the first stages it is planned to build two playgrounds, separated by a grid. This is done in order to be able to accept two companies at once. Thus, our club will lose less customers, banal because of what is painted all the game time. Over time, the number of game zones will be increased, which will allow you to take at the same time more companies players.

    For the paintball will be purchased 30 markers, as many protective masks, cylinders, feeders. In addition, it is planned to purchase protective ammunition (body armor, camouflage, groin protection) and stocks of balls (wholesale). Total at this stage will take about 400 thousand. Rub.

    Diversify services will allow the purchase of kits for children's paintball. The good will not require a big investment, and the growth of young customers is guaranteed. As equipment for children's paintball will be purchased game kits company Splatmaster.

    These game sets are distinguished by their low price, light weight, convenient operation. They do not need gas filling – the ejection of balls is exceptionally mechanical. Such a weapon beats much weaker than the classic paintball markers, and does not inflict any pain on children. However, the target shooting distance is not less than 40m – more than enough for a fun game.

    For the Lazertaga will be purchased 30 game sets of the company Laserwar for the total amount of 450 thousand. Rubles. The advantage of this game is that unlike paintball, there is no pain. Shooting is carried out with the help of IR beam, and the hits are fixed by the sensors installed on the head of the player. Laser can play everything from the youngest players to the age players. The game is absolutely harmless and painless. Of course, this will significantly expand the range of services and allow to attract the widest audience of clients (those, for example, who is afraid to play paintball).

    As the staff is planned to employ three instructors (shift work 2/2), master-gunsmith (should monitor the status of weapons and preparation of equipment for the game), the administrator and the manager of the development of the project (responsible for advertising, Attracting new players, working with the base of regular customers). The general wage fund will be 96 000 rubles per month.

    What system of taxation to choose for Paintball Club

    The organizational form of the club will be individual entrepreneurship. As a tax system, it is planned to apply USN, 15% of the profits of the organization.

    Financial plan

    Let's proceed to calculation of the basic indicators of economic efficiency of business.
    Monthly expenses According to the business plan will be (in the calculation of 50 games):

    • Rent-50 000 rub.
    • Salary-96 000 rub.
    • Insurance Payments – 28 800 rubles.
    • Consumables (balls, gas)-55 000 rub.
    • Depreciation of equipment (camouflage, weapons)-10 000 rub.
    • Other expenses – 10 000 rub.

    Total-249 800 rub.

    How much you can earn by opening the Paintball club

    According to preliminary calculations, the average check from one order will make 8000 rubles. In addition to the game, you can also order additional services (awarding medals, rent a tent). The main revenue will be on weekends, when our club will visit 4 – 5 companies per day. On weekdays the number of playing will be much lower, on average one company per day. The planned performance of the club is expected to be 50 completed orders per month. or approximately 750 players.

    Proceeds, thus, will be: 50 х 8000 rub. = 400 000 rubles. Hence the profit: 400 000 – 249 800 (fixed costs) = 150 200 rub.  Minus taxes (USN, 15%) Net profit will be 127 670 rubles. Profitability of business equals 51%. Taking into account the period of business promotion (at least 6 months) The return on investment will come in 16 – 17 months of the Paintball club.

    We recommend all for {BANNER_BI-plan}, our partners, with the guarantee of quality.
    This is a complete, ready project that you will not find in the free access.
    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

    What equipment do you need for paintball Club

    To equip a playground for paintball, large infusions are not required. It is possible to use old tires and building materials. It is better to separate a platform camouflage a grid. But you will also need to purchase:

    • Special form;
    • Masks and waistcoats for protection;
    • Markers;
    • Air cylinders;
    • Container-receivers with filling station;
    • Supplies.

    It is necessary to take into account that the form will require different sizes, and it is much more advantageous to sew it to order.

    What documents are needed to open a paintball club

    The business will need to be registered with the tax authorities. You can choose the Pi or LLC. Individual entrepreneurship is quite suitable for the club. Moreover, it does not require much reporting and costs. You will need to prepare a standard package for business registration.

    What okved to indicate when registering a business to open a paintball club

    You can select the code okved 92.72 – "Other activities for recreation and entertainment, not included in other groups." Although other options can be considered. But the proposed okved will suit you on all parameters.

    Do I need permission to open a paintball club?

    The license for Paintball Club is not necessary, as the marker, similar to a firearm, refers to sports equipment. Plus the opening of the Paintball club is that it does not require a large number of permissive documents. The main thing-to conclude a contract with the city administration.

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