Business plan for the processing of lamps

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    Business plan for the processing of lamps

    We offer your heed business plan for the opening of the company for the collection and processing of fluorescent lamps by the example of G. Dimitrovgrad.

    Project description

    Utilization of fluorescent (energy-saving) lamps is an important problem in the modern world, as there is a rapid growth of the ubiquitous use of energy-saving lamps, both in production and in everyday life. Their popularity is caused, first of all, by high output to 100 LM/W at low working temperature and service life up to 40 thousand hours. These indices are ten times higher than the parameters of ordinary incandescent lam. Given the constant rise in prices for world energy resources, it is clear that in the near future alternatives to fluorescent lamps will not. But despite all the advantages, such lamps have one significant drawback-they contain mercury, dangerous for human substance.

    Today, many businesses, both small and large, have switched from conventional lamps to energy saving. On some large production complexes their quantity can reach tens thousand. In this connection there is a problem of utilization of fluorescent lamps and other mercury wastes. This problem requires a system approach. Where to put waste, extremely dangerous for the person and all environment?

    According to art. 8.2 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences, for non-compliance with environmental and sanitary-epidemiological requirements in the treatment of toxic wastes on officials imposed a fine of 10 to 30 thousand, on the entrepreneurs the amount of fine will be Even higher – from 30 to 50 thousand, and for legal entities fines reach already 100 – 250 thousand rubles. In the case of repeated violations, the liability may become already criminal. To avoid such consequences, organizations and individual entrepreneurs need to pass the damaged lamps to special enterprises for processing (disposal) of mercury waste.

    The purpose of this project is to open the first in Dimitrovgrad Enterprises for the processing of fluorescent lamps and mercury waste. At present, all enterprises, organizations and residents of the city are forced to take fluorescent lamps to remote points of reception, located in G. Ulyanovsk or the Samara region. This fact contributes to the emergence of situations of violation of the rules of utilization of fluorescent lamps, which negatively affects environmental safety of the city environment. Opening of the company for the processing of lamps in the city Dimitrovgrad will help to solve this problem.

    How much money is needed to open an enterprise for the collection and processing of fluorescent lamps

    For realization of the project it is necessary to attract investments in the amount of 3 395 000 rubles. Of these, half of the funds will be directed to the construction of a Mercury waste processing facility. Also, much of the investment is aimed at developing projects and obtaining licenses.

    Start-Up cost estimate:

    Business plan for the processing of lamps

    Indicators of social and economic results of the project implementation:

    1. Registration of a new organization in the territory of G. Dimitrovgrad;
    2. Assistance in improving environmental safety, Dimitrovgrad;
    3. Creation of new jobs;
    4. Admission to the budget system of G. Dimitrovgrad Additional tax payments.

    Company description

    To organize the process of processing will be built a shop area of 200 m2 with compliance with all norms of Sanpina. The company is planned to be placed in the industrial area. Dimitrovgrad in the area of UL. Autobuilders. The organizational and legal form of the enterprise is a limited liability company "activation". The system of Taxation is USN (6%).

    What equipment to choose for the enterprise for the processing of fluorescent lamps

    The necessary equipment for recycling includes: The installation of "Ecotrom-2" (Model 150-300), a performance of about 300 pieces per hour, is equally advantageous both for the processing of lamps in large cities with a population of more than a million people, and for small cities with Volume of processing 200 ths. Units per year (family business).

    This unit is used in workshops for the production of direct fluorescent lamps for the purpose of secondary use:

    • Otdutyh of glass tubes;
    • Phosphor;
    • Plinths;
    • and other metal products.

    By 90%-it is gas with the efficiency of capture by Ljuminoforu-99.99%, on mercury pairs-99.9%.

    The installation is small, environmentally safe and easy to operate. After the purchase does not require installation and adjustment. At annual volume of utilization up to 200 thous. All waste treatment and disposal operations are carried out by two workers.

    Service staff

    Planned Staffing:

    Business plan for the processing of lamps

    Technology of processing fluorescent lamps

    In the beginning, let's talk about recycling technology. The technology of decontamination of spent lamps is otduvke phosphor from the internal surface of the light bulb, opened from the end and at that moment under the discharge.

    Otdutyj phosphor is captured by the apparatus gas (cyclone and sleeve filter) and collected in special collections installed under them. Mercury content in cleared tubes less than 2 mg/kg. With this option, the extracted phosphor is not processed by the chemical demerkurizatorom.

    But when using the installation in the usual version of the neutralization, the caught phosphor is treated demerkurizacionnym drug, which stabilizes the mercury in the sulfide form to the product of the fourth class of danger.

    Services of the Organization

    The reception of spent lamps and other mercury wastes will be carried out both from organizations, and from individuals. The cost of admission for processing for organizations on average will be 14 rubles/PCs. In the regions the price of admission varies from 6 to 80 rubles.

    To obtain additional income, the following services will be offered:

    1. Own transport for transportation of wastes, as well as their loading and unloading;
    2. Sale or lease of special containers for the collection, storage and transportation of lamps;
    3. Demercurization storage of fluorescent lamps;
    4. Survey of Territories and premises on possibility of mercury pollution;
    5. Departure to the customer for registration of contracts of utilization of fluorescent lamps.

    For whole and damaged lamps will be provided separate collection. For the collection of damaged units, special packaging will be used to ensure good tightness, which excludes the possibility of environmental pollution. For the collection of not damaged lamps will be used packaging, ensuring their safety during storage, unloading and transportation.

    Marketing Plan

    The main clients of the enterprise will be the organization G. Dimitrovgrad and Melekessky District. It is also possible to travel to other areas of the Ulyanovsk region. The transport of waste will be used by the Organization's personal transport. The structure of clients on the branch basis is represented by the chart:

    Business plan for the processing of lamps

    As we can see, the vast majority of customers will be enterprises of the industry, because it uses the largest number of energy-saving lamps.

    On the territory of G. Dimitrovgrad and Melekessky District in total operates more than 110 enterprises of the industry, more than 30 agricultural enterprises, more than 100 state and municipal institutions, more than 500 organizations in the sphere of trade and services, and more than 300 Enterprises of other industries. It is expected that with 70% of their all enterprises will be established cooperation on the processing of fluorescent lamps. Moreover, it is planned to work with the enterprises of other districts, such as Cherdaklinskij District, Staromajnskij District, Novomalyklinskij District and G. Ulyanovsk. In this case, the number of customers increases several times.

    On average, each customer will be able to rework about 150 average lamps per year. The price of receiving one light bulb will be about 17 rubles/PCs.

    Customer attraction activities

    The following methods will be used to attract additional clients:

    • Active advertising in mass media and Internet;
    • "Cold calls" to enterprises of all spheres of activity;
    • "Sundress Radio", good customer reviews;
    • Participation in promotions, sponsorship programs, etc.

    What documents are needed for the operation of the enterprise for the processing of fluorescent lamps

    Central service contracts will be concluded with the education, health and housing authorities, complying with all sanitary and environmental requirements for packaging and transportation.

    In addition, in the territory of Dimitrovgrad is planned to install special containers for the collection of fluorescent lamps from the population (individuals).

    Customers will supply the spent lamps by analogy with the curves of monthly and vnutrinedelnyh deliveries received, as a result of 20-year observations of companies working in the field of mercury waste processing. According to these curves, you can determine the necessary performance of the equipment, employment and interchangeability of workers.

    Business plan for the processing of lamps

    Production plan

    The number of employees and salaries are presented in the following table:

    Business plan for the processing of lamps

    The total monthly wage fund is 54 000 rubles.

    Company expenses

    Monthly expenses of the Enterprise look as follows: Total monthly expenses will make 111 840 rubles.

    Company income

    The company's income will consist of:

    1. Reception of fluorescent lamps from organizations, enterprises of all forms of ownership and individuals;
    2. Realization of materials received after processing of fluorescent lamps.

    If recycled 1000 units (weight 200 kg), the following primary useful wastes, which can be used in further production, are released:

    1. Glass (from deformed lamps)-190 kg or glass flasks-1000 pieces. At reception of the spent lamps on 1000 pieces The 30% broken and 70% of the whole, suitable for manufacturing of new lamps are released;
    2. Aluminum-3 kg;
    3. Phosphor (Rtutsoderzhashhaja mixture)-4 kg;
    4. Other wastes, not more than 4 classes of danger, which disposed in the general order on the urban polygons-3 kg.

    How much can you earn on processing fluorescent lamps

    It is expected that in a month the enterprise will be processed about 11 000 units. Of these, 10 000 pieces will be supplied from legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (paid service) and about 1000 will be collected from individuals, including through the use of established throughout the city's prefabricated containers.

    The total amount of income of the enterprise is presented in the following table:

    Business plan for the processing of lamps

    Total monthly revenue of the company will be 203 050 rubles per month.

    On the basis of the given data it is visible, that the main part of proceeds, and it is 84%, will bring exactly reception of luminescent lamps. And only the remaining 16% of the proceeds will go from the disposal of recycled waste.

    Enterprise revenue Structure:

    Business plan for the processing of lamps

    Turn-based plan for the opening of the enterprise for the processing of fluorescent lamps

    To start the project it is necessary to:

    • Get the land plot for the construction of the shop at the address: Ulyanovsk region, G. Dimitrovgrad ul. Avtosroitelej.
    • To prepare a project for the construction of a workshop, a package of EIA documents, a project of VAT pollutants in atmospheric air, and to develop passports of carcinogenic production and hazardous waste. It is planned to spend about 432 thousand on these events. Rubles;
    • To build a shop for equipment placement. The construction of the workshop is planned to invest about 1.5 mln. Rubles;
    • Purchase the necessary equipment and vehicle for the transportation of waste. For this purpose it is planned to spend about 1 445 000 rubles;
    • Pick up qualified staff.

    The list of the main stages of the project implementation and the need for financial resources for their implementation are presented in the following table:

    Business plan for the processing of lamps

    What system of taxation to choose for the enterprise

    To optimize taxation, the organization plans to apply a simplified system of taxation at a rate of 6% of gross income. It is supposed to provide monthly services for the amount of 214 000 rubles. The amount of tax per month at the tax rate of 6% will be 12 840 rubles, in the year 154 080 rubles.

    Financial plan

    A large enough article of expenses of the Organization will be payment of insurance contributions for compulsory insurance of employees. Five employees will be paid monthly:

    Contribution to RPF 11 880 rubles (54 000 rub. ? 22%)

    Contribution to Ffoms 2754 rubles (54 000 rub. ? 5.1%)

    Contribution to FSS 1566 rubles (54 000 rub. ? 2.9%)

    The total of insurance contributions for employees is 16 200 rubles per month, in the year 194 400 rubles.

    The tax on individuals ' income per month will be 7020 rubles (54 000 * 13%). In a year the sum of payments on tax will make 84240 rubles.

    The sum of tax deductions on taxes tax, simplified system of taxation (rate 6% from gross income), in a year will make 238 320 rubles. Monthly the businessman will pay about 19 860 rubles in various levels of the budget in the form of taxes.

    The total amount of the company's income per month will be 203 050 rubles, and the total amount of expenses 111 840 rubles.

    Therefore, the monthly profit of the enterprise will be 91 210 rubles. Profitability of the enterprise at such indices is equal to 82, 0%. The project payback is 40 months or 3.4 years.

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