Nail Bar Business Plan

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

Nail Bar Business Plan


    Business plan of opening of Nail-bar (Studio of Express Manicure) in the shopping center on the square of 10 sq. m. M.

    Business Benefits

    Why did we choose the sphere of the express manicure and what are the good nail-bars? We would like to highlight just some of the advantages that are key to opening a nail bar:

    • Service popularity and increasing demand
    • Relatively easy start
    • Low Attachments
    • Quick return on investment
    • The small impact of the economic crisis

    Therefore, despite the fact that the competition in this market is considered high enough (such services do not only specialized manicure, but also the same beauty salons) prospects for business. The main thing is to provide quality services and not to go wrong with the place.

    How much money you need to open a nail bar

    According to preliminary calculations for opening a small nail-bar will need to invest about 400 000 rubles:

    • Bar construction for two working places-150 000, 2 p.
    • Additional equipment (chairs, lighting, tools, etc.) – 70 000 R.
    • Deposit for renting a room for 2 months. – 50 000 p.
    • Advertising expenses (development of a logo, advertising signboard, creation of a site-business cards, promotion of groups in social. Networks) – 100 000 R.
    • Other expenses – 30 000 R.

    Description of products and services

    The main services of the business plan, which will be provided by the nail Bar, include:

    • Classic Manicure-900 p. (60 min.)
    • Manicure "Plus" – 1500 p. (90 min.)
    • Express-Manicure-550 p. (30 min.)
    • Hot Manicure-1400 R. (60 min.)
    • Children's Express manicure-600 p. (30 min.)

    Step plan for opening the nail bar

    We plan to place the Express studio in a popular shopping center. Despite the high rent (from 2500 p. Sq. M.) for ourselves we have identified several advantages of this arrangement:

    1. The shopping center is located in the area of large office buildings. Therefore, it is visited by a lot of secured business women, who always have little time to hike in a full beauty salon.
    2. The attendance of TC and specifically the permeability of our point will allow almost no spend on advertising. We can say that our main method of promotion is live advertising (the master makes manicure actually in front of passers-by).
    3. The shopping mall, however, visits a fairly rich audience of clients. If our prices and will be just above average (including home craftsmen)-it does not affect the overall flow of customers.

    The size of the rented area will be 10 sq. m. and the rent amount is 25 000.  Per month (2500 r./sq. m. M.)

    What equipment to choose for opening the nail bar

    The main equipment of our studio is a manicure rack (bar design). Each working place, and only two of them, will be equipped with a drawer with a door. Very carefully we plan to approach the design point manicure. The bar construction will be made of shatter plastic, with bright elements of d?cor and good lighting. Making such a rack on order will take about 15 days. The complete set of all equipment of the nail-bar will cost us 220 000 R.

    The number of permanent employees of our studio will be four people: three masters of Manicure and one administrator. The duties of the latter will include coordination of the work of the nail bar and supervision of personnel activities. The salary of the administrator will be 28 000 p. Manicure Masters will receive a percentage of the work performed (50/50) and the average income of each master will be 40 000 p. (+ 10 thou. Dr. For pension contributions). Work will be in graph 2 through 2.

    Accounting is planned to be transferred to outsourcing (about 5 thousand. Dr. Per month).

    A separate topic for us is the accounting of materials. If you do not maintain strict control, the staff will not be will, can spend the same varnish in incredible amounts (or, worse-simply steal). Therefore, for each manicure we will be allocated a list of materials, which he must have (base, fixer, cream, scrub, anti-cuticle, etc.). That's why in our studio such high rates on wages (it turns out, materials are bought for money of the master). These materials will be purchased at a discount in a specific beauty salon (to ensure that quality is not affected).

    What okved to specify for business on opening of the nail-bar

    The organizational and legal form of our studio will be the usual, registered in the local tax service. As okved will be indicated "93.02-providing services hairdressing and beauty salons". The most optimal tax regime for the nail-bar is imputed (tax on imputed income). Monthly tax payments will be about 5 000 p.

    Marketing and Promotion

    As we have noted above, placing nail-bar in the shopping center will avoid serious advertising costs. However, it is not necessary to do without expenses. In particular, in the first steps you will need to invest in:

    • Development of advertising banner, which will be placed on the fa?ade of the shopping center.
    • Promotion of the Studio Express manicure on the Internet (creation of groups in social networks, site-business cards, contextual advertising, etc.)
    • Development of business cards, flyers and booklets
    • Holding of shares

    How much you can earn by becoming the owner of the nail bar

    To begin, calculate the expected revenue of the organization. The average check of our salon will be 1000 p. It is assumed that on average one client will leave about 70 minutes (60 minutes of work, 10 minutes of preparation). Thus, for 10 hours working day one master will be able to serve up to 8 clients. Accordingly, 2 Masters – 16 clients. Of course, the constant flow of customers is not necessary (in any case, downtime will be). Therefore, on average we plan to serve up to 10 customers per day.

    Hence the potential monthly revenue will be: 10 people. * 1000 R. * 30 days = 300 000 R. It is also worth considering the possible income from the sale of goods and products for nail care-about 30 000. Per month. Total potential income of the Studio Express manicure-330 000 p. Per month.

    Monthly costs of the nail bar

    • Rent-25 000,-$
    • Salaries of craftsmen (50% of the proceeds)-150 000 p.
    • Salary of the Administrator + insurance payments – 40 000,-P.
    • Taxes (imputed) – 5 000 R.
    • Accounting-5 000 R.
    • Advertising expenses-10 000 R.
    • Other expenses – 10 000 R.

    Total-245 000 R.

    Nail Bar Business PlanFrom here the net profit of the nail bar will be: 330 000 – 245 000 = 85 000, 0 p. Per month. The profitability of the organization is 35%. In such calculations the initial investment, taking into account the period of promotion of the point (3-6 months), pays off for 8 – 12 months.

    What documents are needed to open

    Opening of Neil-bar implies registration in tax and receipt of documents for doing business. It is possible to resort to services of the specialized companies which conduct registration of any business on a turnkey basis. However, for a manicure type of activity does not require special permits, so you can register yourself for 800 rubles. To register you will need a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, an individual tax number and data on the place of business (you can submit a draft lease agreement).

    What tax system to choose for business registration

    Most often such salons operate from the legal point of view as individual entrepreneurs. In this case, the work on the simplified system of taxation will be optimal for them. In this case, they will deduct up to 15% of the income received as a tax burden. If the hired personnel is working, it is necessary to be ready, that for it will be necessary to pay pension deductions.

    Do I need permission to open

    This type of business activity is also good because it does not require special permits. It is enough to open an individual businessman or firm if the large streams of visitors are planned. The lease contract is concluded directly with the owner of the premises, which will be placed in the salon for the provision of manicure services. After registration in the register of entrepreneurs and the tax Service should be registered in the Pension fund in their area.

    Technology of doing business

    It is important to immediately assess your own prospects of doing business and rent a space that is sufficient, and will remain prospects for expansion. It should be noted that each Neil-master requires from 7 to 10 kv. M. Square. For the team of 3 masters you need 25-30 square meters of space.

    You must hire an administrator to receive calls and record visitors. The owner of the business can cope with this role at the stage of promotion of the salon. It is necessary to set up the base in electronic form, where the information about the name of the client, its contact data, date and time of reception and about the master who will serve it will be entered.

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