My unusual business plan, based on the principle of return of money

After reading a book by Joe Vitale "the greatest secret of how to make money, I started seriously thinking that the proposed method to experience in life. The essence of the method is very simple-the more money you give to people, the more you get in return, but more than gave approximately 10 times. It is very important to give gladly and those who really want to give, help financially. As a result of such generosity you must feel great. Under the law, always acting in the universe, we are reaping what we sowed. And if we sow money, and reap them like crops. And the harvest is known to always exceed the number of grain sown, in at least 10 times.

I tested the method, it works 100%.

At first I gave the man in train 4 z? (the case was in Poland), he requested a couple of pennies, but I gave almost half of daily food. And just the other day got 50 z? for only 20 minutes of work, helped to make furniture out of the apartment. At that time, as usual during the entire working day I get to 120 z?. First, did not give the value of the fact that the working method returns. The next morning it dawned on me that I gave 4 PLN, and got 50 z?! Experienced shock, walked himself is not your half, and in the evening just so friends decided to translate $10. After a couple of days from our home near the construction site of the evicted all the people, and we made it out in the flats. Then I took myself to monitor price $100, and other things. The shower was very good because I discovered something new in life, amazing and useful.

And the thought occurred to me to create a custom resource on the Internet, in which I will offer people a free financial aid.

Technically everything can look like. After reading my ad on this site, which offers financial assistance, people on it comes here. There reads the terms, write about their need, so I can determine whether the truth, he said. And if the story compelling, I translate money for specified data. Of course, initially in the Fund project will amount to a small, but it might be nice to someone and benefit. As well as capital growth, because the principle of return of money invariably leads to their multiplication, help will be more meaningful.

At a minimum, such a proposal must call mad hype and huge visiting my site, I I plus, monetize. That is, provide any paid advertising. Maybe even advertising herself as author, copywriter. Only expensive copywriter. I will take for the article not 1 dollar and 10 USD for 1000 MN. During the entire time I am constantly raise their education, read the information, which is useful for my business that me as a person and a specialist improves. Learn how to write texts on how to promote sell site using SEO copywriting, listen to a lot of audio books to my speech became more enjoyable.

I'll probably be writing on the Exchange, so far. In addition, I will have free time, which I will devote nastraivaniju piano on orders (I'm nice I can do it).

Means the website I launched. I made it and put on the Internet. Because linear income I have is present from setting up the piano and selling vegetables from the garden, 20% of this income I translate into business. And, perhaps, 20% of all proceeds will be released on this site, from which I can help people by giving away money. And if the person distributes, it sure gets them back to preumnozhennymi. Those who have read the book by Joe Vitale, he understands what is at stake.

You cannot waste time on trifles, you want to make a website at a very high level.

I have a girlfriend of a designer who knows how to do it correctly. Moreover, I promised that as soon as I will have more money, I will refer to it, so she made me a website. Cash money I only have 3000 UAH. After earning an advantageous in Poland. I give away debts remain profit 15 000 12 000, I will give for the family. I usually half of income pay for a family, but will have to adjust this plan and frantically making further money.

Linear will I earn money earn money writing articles that will write as quickly as possible, but without loss of quality. Most attention will the quality of each article.

Every Tuesday I will tune a piano. Once home, do a site devoted to the book, and primus for advertising their services on piano tuning. Our people are so arranged that they love to sing and play. And children are still taught that, whatever was a difficult time, anyway, hoping for the best, give children music school, and therefore bought a piano, and those, in turn, must be configured. Concerts continue to walk in the halls must be in working condition. In addition, all want their tools look beautiful. Need restoration or repair of varying degrees-and all this is my business.

The only problem is that it won't work until I'll do myself an advertisement. I'm planning to do. All possible newspaper will write ads. I'll make a website and each funds transferred will invest in good advertising.

Bouts of laziness, associated with disbelief at success already I'm not afraid, because learned quickly to overcome downturns in mood and again included in the work. Always carry with you on your phone Album dreams where lined with photos of things that I need, which cost money and for their acquisition needs work. And I'm tired of the poor life. And since my goal is really very attractive, they beckon to me, then I will not stop until they reach them.

I've already mentally see the growing number of downloads of the book and its audio files, and with them the amount of money. And in addition, the number of visitors should grow very quickly. People would write me letters. Each of its need, lettering her brightest colors. Well, who would refuse at least chance just so to get money? Will choose the most compelling stories on the text of the letter see sincerely a person writes Lily No. First I will have a small capital, I will be able to assist only to 500 UAH. (20 dollars) a month. Further-more. And so to the multimillion-dollar revolutions …

That's such an unusual business plan. The only thing left to accomplish.

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