Business Plan for Gift shop

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Business Plan for Gift shop


    Sample business Plan of the souvenir and gift shop opened in the shopping center in the city with a population of 550 thousand. Residents.

    General description of the project

    General Information:

    • The population of the city is 550 thousand. People.
    • Store Location-shopping center, second floor, central part of the city
    • Trade format-Self-service shop
    • Type of property-rented premises
    • Trade Area-47 sq. m. M.
    • Number of jobs – 4 people.
    • Sources of financing of the project: 50%-own funds, 50%-borrowed funds (credit).

    How much money you need to open a gift shop

    According to the preliminary calculations of the business plan, the opening of the souvenir and gift shop will need to invest about 1.42 million. Rubles:

    • Purchase of commercial equipment – 200 000 rub.
    • Creation of assortment of goods-900 000 rub.
    • Advertising budget-70 000 rubles.
    • Business registration and other organizational expenses – 50 000 rub.
    • Reserve Fund – 200 000 rub.

    Total-1 420 000 rub.

    Description of products and services

    The range of products of our store will include more than 2500 items. The following categories of goods will be presented on the shelves:

    • Original Gifts
    • Soft toys
    • Gifts for the birth of a child
    • Key
    • Business Gifts
    • Gifts for the Cottage
    • Souvenir Dolls
    • Caskets and panels
    • Interactive toys
    • Piggy
    • Game Sets
    • Ashtrays and lighters
    • Figurines
    • Glasses and Mugs
    • Relaxers
    • Picture frames and Photo albums
    • Watches and Anticlocks

    The goods will be purchased mainly from domestic wholesale suppliers located in Moscow and Novosibirsk. Some of the goods are planned to be purchased on Chinese trading platforms. Also, to diversify the assortment our store will collaborate with private craftsmen and artists. Such goods will cost a bit more expensive, but make the assortment of the store more unique.

    The average markup is 110% and the average check is 1100 rubles. The store will work in a self-service format, despite the relatively small trade area (only 47 sq. m. M.). Visitors will be able to freely consider the goods and buy a souvenir or gift at the cashier, located at the entrance to the store.

    How much can you earn on sales of souvenirs and gifts store

    Let's proceed to calculation of potential proceeds of our shop. The shopping center in which our shop is located, visits an average of 6000 people per day (on weekends a little more, on weekdays less). Let only 3% of all visitors to the shopping center will become our potential buyers, that is, at least will come to see showcases and assortment of goods. That's roughly 180 people. According to statistics, the normal conversion of the gift shop (the percentage of purchased goods from the total number of the newcomers) is 10%. It turns out that the average number of buyers will be: 180 * 10/100 = 18 people. In monetary terms, this means revenue of 19800 rubles per trading day. For a month, respectively, the turnover of the store will be 594 000 rubles.

    Production plan

    According to the calculations of business plan, our shop will be located in one of the largest shopping centers of our city. The size of the rented area will be 61 sq. m. M., of which 47 meters will be the trade area and 14 meters-warehouse area of the store. Rent of such areas will be 91 500 rubles per month.

    A big advantage of placing in the shopping center is the fact that there is no need to do additional repairs, install a fire safety system and take care of the protection of the facility. We also get a lot of traffic from visitors and drastically reduce advertising costs.  For these reasons, the amount of rent in TC can not be low.

    As the equipment of the outlet will be purchased racks, showcases, pass system, Register, Cash box. Total costs at this stage will be about 200 thousand. Rubles.

    The staffing table of the store will include:

    • Sellers-3 persons, for work in shift chart 2/2. At the same time at the point will be at least 2 sellers. Salary-Salary + percent of proceeds. The average salary of the employee will be 19 thous. Rub. Per month.
    • Supply Manager-1 person Wages will be 18 thous. Rub.
    • Outsourcing Accountant (contract for accounting services). The payment under the contract will be 7 thous. Rub. Per month.

    Thus, the Fund of remuneration of the Trade Point will be equal to 75 thousand. Rub.

    As an organizational form of the gift shop it is planned to register individual entrepreneurship. The most optimal system of taxation for such business is imputed (single tax on imputed income). Monthly tax payments will be fixed and independent of the store's revenue.

    Marketing Plan

    As noted above bear the big cost of advertising company is not necessary. The store will be located in a fairly popular shopping center, with high passableness of solvent buyers.

    The only thing that will be required to do is to place a bright banner on the entrance to the shopping center. Also it is possible to carry out distribution of Flajerov and booklets in the shopping center. In the first few weeks after the opening it is advisable to launch the action and sell the goods at discounted prices. This will allow to quickly develop the audience of regular customers.

    Finance and Payback

    Zavershhajushhij stage of Business plan preparation – calculation of basic indicators of economic efficiency of the project.
    Constant monthly expenses of souvenir and gift shop:

    • Rent-91 500 rub.
    • Salary-75 000 rub.
    • Deductions to extra-budgetary funds – 22 500 rubles.
    • Advertising-15 000 rub.
    • Accounting and cleaning-12 000 rub.
    • Taxes (imputed) – 7 500 rub.
    • Transportation costs-10 000 rub.
    • Other expenses – 20 000 rub.

    Total-253 500 rub.
    The breakeven point of sales at a trade mark-up of 110% equals to 483 955 rubles. At the store's revenue of 580 745 rubles. The profit will be 96 791 rubles:

    Business Plan for Gift shop

    Calculation of gross and net profit is presented in the table-Forecast of income and expenses of souvenir and gift shop:

    Business Plan for Gift shop

    Net profit will be 87 500 rubles per month. The profitability of the store is 18%. Return on investment in the business with such indicators will come in 16 – 18 months of work.

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    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

    The process of organization of souvenir and gift shop

    The list of issues that need to be resolved to open your sales point for the sale of souvenir products includes:

    • Study of competitors and representatives of the target audience.
    • Development of a preliminary financial plan and search for credit funds.
    • Formation of the assortment of souvenir and gift products.
    • Business registration.
    • Search for premises and staff.
    • Purchase of equipment.

    Also, it is necessary to develop a unique and effective advertising campaign, that on the opening day of the store representatives of the target audience already knew about your retail outlet.

    Documents necessary for opening and operation of souvenir and gift shop

    For legal activity of a trade point it is necessary to pass registration in FTS (rosstate, pf, funds of social and medical insurance) and to issue documents of IP. In addition, the store should have the following papers:

    • Contracts with suppliers, invoices and certificates for their goods;
    • Permits of labour protection bodies, rospotrebnadzor and fire inspection;
    • Contract of lease of the trade area;
    • Employment contracts with staff.

    According to the Russian classifier, retail trade in gifts and souvenirs belongs to the activity with okved 52.48.34.

    The additional plus of the considered business is absence of necessity to execute licenses and to receive individual permissions.

    Tax regime

    As mentioned above, the best tax system for souvenir shop is imputed. Main advantages: Minimum load on the company's activity and absence of problems with preparation of reports in the FTS.

    An important point! In the third quarter of 2018 all payers of imputed (including our shop) are obliged to install a cash register, and it is necessary to affect such indicators as net profit and the amount of mandatory payments to the State treasury.

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