The business plan store of underwear

The business plan store of underwear

What, what, but on underwear, women do not spare money. This business feeding many men-underwear shop owners. Before the collapse of the Union of beautiful lace underwear was a pipe dream for many Russian women.

Get beautiful thing you can only do farcovshhika for a fantastic amount. In those days public display of underwear was considered little more than prostitution.

Our women sighed inconsolable on beautiful things accidentally seen in "burzhujskom" magazine, or in a foreign film. Clumsy domestic light industry products have not been able to caress the body, nor soothe the eyes.

Today the situation has changed radically, and in such a variety of products, some Soviet woman could only imagine-underwear on every day, sexy lingerie, sport sets-just don't list.

As regards the colours, then showcases specialty stores can be compared with a flowerbed. It is not surprising that trade of intimate parts of the toilet so dramatically went uphill-women do not like feeling sorry for themselves money.

Although qualitative underwear is very expensive. Competition in this market is high enough. Without exception, all shopping malls, yes there that centers in subways offer a decent range of women's underwear.

There is a demand for any commodity, whether for everyday underwear, socks, or most expensive Kit under the evening dress. What do I need to open a small store? Firstly, trade area shall not be less than 10 square meters. m. Linens better trade indoors, necessarily equipped booth.

Women just love then in front of a mirror trying on a new gizmo. If after fitting thing, not bought, and she again got on the counter, this is a direct violation of sanitary norms.

However, such violations appropriate authorities often turned a blind eye. In addition, the seller can always say that this thing is only used as a sample. In order to equip the shop at 10 kV. m, equipped with personal dressing room, 1 000 dollars.

The amount includes the purchase of mannequins, shelves, hangers, etc. For the budding entrepreneur, the main thing is not to get lost in the variety of goods. The man who never was engaged in trafficking in underwear are unlikely to generate the optimal range.

Need experience. Many of the sellers are advised to gain experience most work a few months implementer in the store. It helps to understand the demand and figure out which models and why are popular among buyers. To purchase this product for a small shop, you need at least 5 000 dollars.

From the range depends on the quality of your future trade. The modern buyer already pretty spoiled, and it's unlikely to be interested in a dozen-second models on the counter. Minimum 30 sets of linen, plus a pair of panties and brassieres separately.

Important point-more than 70% of women prefer to buy underwear set. In addition to a large assortment of must have left arsenal size.

Otherwise, you are waiting for the frequent visits to the wholesale base. A definite plus in this kind of business is the compactness of the product, brassieres and panties do not take up much space, and carry them is easy. A significant role in the success of the store plays a seasoned staff.

The seller should be able to, only by looking at the shape client, determine which model it fits. Quite often a lingerie shop owners include an assortment of goods for men. But its share in the total sales volume is small-up to 5%.

Prices on underwear

According to the merchants themselves, it is best to "middling" sold models priced from 500 to 1500-2000 rubles. Wholesale cost of a simple production Kit in Baltics is 12 dollars.

As you can see, the markup on underwear goes pretty decent, sometimes it reaches 100%. Middle point is capable of bringing its owner up to $1 000 per month.

Seasonality in this kind of business no-this is not not jackets and coats. Buy underwear all year. Andrei Nikolayev, the owner of the store of lingerie: normal feed point and host, and hired the seller.

But if she's the one, most likely in some period of time, you can work in zero, and sometimes negative. So you better open up a few points.