Business Plan of Lingerie shop

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Business Plan of Lingerie shop


    An example of a business plan for a lingerie store opened in a shopping center on an area of 40 square meters.

    Financial indicators of the project

    • Monthly Turnover (revenue): 1 093 500 rub.
    • Net profit: 149 265 rub.
    • Payback: 15 months

    How much money you need to open a lingerie store

    According to the calculations of the business plan, the opening of the shop of underwear on the trading floor of 40 sq. m. M. It will be necessary to invest 1 780 000 rubles:

    • Design of the retail outlet – 200 000 rub.
    • Deposit for renting premises – 160 000 rub.
    • Purchase of commercial equipment – 130 000 rub.
    • Creation of assortment of goods-800 000 rub.
    • Advertising budget (signboard, outdoor advertising)-90 000 rubles.
    • Business registration and other Org. Expenses – 100 000 rub.
    • Reserve Fund – 300 000 rub.

    Step plan of opening of lingerie shop

    1. Analysis of market situation, estimation of business prospects
    2. Search for project financing sources
    3. Selection of premises
    4. Finding Potential lingerie Suppliers
    5. Business Registration
    6. Conclusion of the lease of premises
    7. Purchase of commercial equipment
    8. Search and employment of personnel
    9. Creating an assortment of goods
    10. Extensive advertising company
    11. Shop opening

    Description of products and services

    The assortment of our shop will include:

    • Bras
    • Elegant Sets
    • Body
    • Correcting underwear
    • Panties
    • Corsages
    • Night underwear
    • Erotic Underwear
    • Lingerie for pregnant and nursing mothers
    • Socks and Pantyhose

    Production plan

    For the store will be rented a room in one of the city's most popular shopping malls. The leased area is 40 square meters. M. Monthly rent payments will make 80 000 rubles (2000 rubles/m2). Placement in the shopping center is not chosen by chance. This is where the most solvent customers make purchases.

    What equipment is better to choose for the store

    The design of the retail outlet will be made in light bedding tones. As equipment will be purchased showcases (LTOs and vers), shelving wall shelves, hung, mirrors, mannequins, shopping counter. Total cost of purchase of commercial equipment will make 130 000 rubles.
    Purchase of the goods is planned to be carried out by wholesale suppliers and producers of lingerie in Russia and CIS countries.

    Recruitment to the store

    Three sellers will be employed in the shop to work in shift chart 2/2. At the same time there will be at least two sales consultants. The duties of sellers will include not only advice and assistance in the selection of goods, but also the payment with customers, as well as work with the warehouse of goods. In addition to the seller, it is planned to employ the purchasing manager, whose responsibilities will include work with suppliers, control over the timely replenishment of the assortment, control over the shipment of goods. Services of accountant and cleaning ladies will be taken to outsourcing. The monthly wage fund will be 110 000 rubles.

    What okved to specify when registering a business

    The organizational form of the store is the individual enterprise. Code okved 52.42 "retail clothing trade". As a tax system, it is planned to apply imputed – a single tax on imputed income. In this mode, the organization will pay a fixed monthly payment, according to the established coefficients and retail area of the store.

    Marketing and advertising

    The portrait of our client-women of active age from 25 to 40 years with the level of income "medium" and "Average +".  For the purpose of attraction of clients it is planned:

    • To install a signboard of a shop of underwear on the fa?ade of TC;
    • To decorate shop window inside TC;
    • Launch radio advertising on the shopping center;
    • To carry out distribution of leaflets on the first floor of TC;
    • To hold an extensive advertising company: In the press, Internet, social networks, to place outdoor advertising.

    To retain regular customers it is planned to hold regular promotions, install discount systems, implement loyalty program.
    As for the competition, in addition to our store in the mall operates two more outlets with a similar assortment of goods.

    Our Competitive Advantages:

    • Quality and stylish goods
    • Wide range of products
    • Available for middle-class prices
    • Experienced and courteous sellers
    • Nice design and convenient layout of goods

    Constant monthly expenses

    Let's go to the calculation of the main indicators of economic efficiency of the lingerie store.

    • Rent-80 000 rub.
    • Salary-110 000 rub.
    • Insurance payments – 33 000 rubles.
    • Taxes (imputed) – 9 000 rub.
    • Advertising-25 000 rub.
    • Transportation costs-20 000 rub.
    • Accounting and cleaning-14 000 rub.
    • Other expenses – 10 000 rub.

    Total-301 000 rubles.

    The cost structure is as follows:

    Business Plan of Lingerie shop

    Breakeven point of sales at a trade mark-up of 70% and constant expenses in 301 000 rub. is 728 571 rub. At the revenue of 1 311 429 rub. The profit will be 582 857 rubles:

    Business Plan of Lingerie shop

    How much can you earn by becoming the owner of a lingerie store

    The average store receipt according to the business plan will be 2700 rubles. Trade markup-70%. Determine the potential revenue of the outlet. The average attendance of the shopping center is 150 000 people per month. According to statistics, each boutique visits about 3% of the total number of visitors to the shopping center. Thus, you can count on attendance of 4500 people per month. Normal conversion of the lingerie store (the percentage of purchased goods from the total number of those who went to the store) is 9%. Hence the total number of shop buyers equals: 4500 * 9/100 = 405 people. Revenue will be: 405 * 2700 (average check) = 1 093 500 rubles per month.

    Calculation of the gross and net profit of the business is presented in the table-Forecast of income and expenses of lingerie shop:

    Business Plan of Lingerie shop

    Thus, the net profit of the organization will be 149 265 rubles. The profitability of sales is equal to 13.6%. At such indicators the project pays off for 12 – 15 months of work (taking into account the period for business promotion).

    This is a complete, ready project that you will not find in the free access.
    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

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