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Бизнес Идеи 2018 Business plan for children's clothing store

We bring to your attention a business plan for the opening of children's clothing store in a small town.

Description Proektaobshhee Description of the project

The main performance indicators of children's items store:

  • Monthly Profit = 113 530 rubles;
  • profitability = 20.7%;
  • Payback = 12 months.

General Information:

  • City population: 300 ths. persons;
  • Location of the point: City Center, 2nd floor of a large shopping center, shopping area 60m2.;
  • Type of property: rent;
  • Working hours: 9:00 – 20:00;
  • Number of working places: 6 persons;
  • Sources of financing: own funds – 500, 000. Rub.; Borrowed funds (credit) – 900 ths. Rub.

How much money you need to open a children's clothing store

The list of starting costs according to the data of the business plan:

Бизнес Идеи 2018 Business plan for children's clothing store  General description of the company

What system of taxation to choose for the registration of business. Okved Code

The organizational and legal form of the children's clothing store will be an individual enterprise. The code okved 52.42.1 is installed for the sale of children's goods.

A single tax on imputed income (imputed) has been selected as a tax system. The tax amount will be calculated according to the formula: 15% * (1800 (Basic yield) * sq. m) * K1 * K2.  The coefficient k2 for retail sale of children's goods in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region is 0.43. The total tax amount for the 60m2 area will be equal to 10 936 rubles per month.

Turn-based plan for opening a children's clothing store

At the moment the practical activity on realization of the project is started:

  1. Registration of individual entrepreneurship in ifts was made;
  2. A preliminary contract for renting a space 60m2 on the 2nd floor in a large shopping center was concluded. The cost of rent in a month-90 thousand. Rubles;
  3. We have chosen an approximate range of products of our retail outlet.

The store will work in self-service mode. The mode of operation is planned to be set from 9:00 to 20:00 hours.

Staffing table of the Organization

Бизнес Идеи 2018 Business plan for children's clothing store

The schedule of work 2/2 will be set for the sales consultants.

The project manager will perform the administrator function.

QUALIF Products and Services

Product Description

The range of the outlet can be represented as a chart:

Бизнес Идеи 2018 Business plan for children's clothing store

In addition to the usual goods, in our store will be sold children's items of famous brands such as: Adams Kids, Bon Vevey, Disney, Adidas, Mexx, Zara and many others.

The extra charge for clothing will be at least 100% on average.

What equipment to choose for children's clothing store

The basic equipment required for work includes:

  1. Showcases;
  2. Shelves;
  3. Hangers;
  4. Racks;
  5. Children's mannequins;
  6. Mirrors;
  7. Furniture (sofas, chairs);
  8. System of protection against theft of goods;
  9. Cash register and computer.

The distinctive advantages of children's products

  1. Clothes for the little ones will be only natural and ecologically clean;
  2. All clothing will be supplied from leading manufacturers and accompanied by quality certificates, which eliminates the appearance on the shelves of products of clandestine productions;
  3. A wide range of beautiful children's clothing for different ages, winter and summer collection;
  4. Flexible system of discounts and regular carrying out of actions on clothes for children.
, our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

The attendance of the store will be provided on the following grounds:

  1. The store will be located in a large shopping center with a large flow of buyers;
  2. On the same floor, where you plan to open a children's clothing store, there is already a toy store, which is visited by many parents. This will provide an additional flow of visitors to our store;
  3. Next to the shopping center is a kindergarten and school, which will also bring additional customers.

Advertising and Promotion

For promotion of the point of sales is planned:

  1. Advertising in the mass media (newspaper, magazines, TV, radio);
  2. Advertising on transport (minibuses);
  3. Banners, billboards;
  4. Distribution of leaflets, flyers, ad-gluing.

Total for these events is planned to spend monthly about 20 thousand rubles.


In the shopping center, in addition to us, there are already three shops with a similar assortment of goods. We will conduct a comparative analysis of strengths and weaknesses of our competitors:

Бизнес Идеи 2018 Business plan for children's clothing store

How much can be earned on the sale of children's clothing

Before calculating the approximate revenue, we define the so-called market capacity.

The attendance of the shopping center is on average 7 thousand people a day, it is 4-5 thousand. On weekdays and 9-10 ths. On weekends. 70% of this number of women, 20% of them are moms who are ready to make a purchase. Transferring interest to the number of potential buyers is obtained 980 people per day. And the so-called "average check" when visiting children's clothing stores is about 1000 rubles.
Multiplying 1000 rubles for 980 people. We get 980 000 rubles. Since in our shopping center there are 3 more competitors, the potential amount of revenue for each store is 245 000 rubles.

In this case, not all moms who visited our store, ready to buy the goods at once. Usually the purchase percentage is only 10%. The total potential revenue of our store is 24 500 rubles per day.

However, in the sale of children's clothing there is a seasonality of sales. Its peak falls in the fall-winter, and the decline in sales is observed in the spring-summer period.

We will present the planned monthly schedule of proceeds ' movement:

Бизнес Идеи 2018 Business plan for children's clothing store

When calculating profitability and profitability of children's clothing store in the financial part of the business plan, we will proceed from the planned annual revenue-8.1 million. The GODPROIZVODSTVENNYJ plan

Production plan

The order of a party of children's clothes will pass both through a site, and from showrooms of wholesale organizations. Delivery of goods to our warehouse will be carried out by the forces of transport companies.

To create a wide range of goods it is planned to allocate funds in the amount of 800 thousand rubles.

A warehouse space of 15m2 will be used for inventory.

Planned staffing table of children's clothing store:

Бизнес Идеи 2018 Business plan for children's clothing store

The following requirements will be presented to the employees:

  • Sellers – Girls aged 20 to 35 years;
  • Ability to communicate with customers;
  • Experience in sales (welcome). Schedule


The list of activities for opening a business and their cost are presented in the form of a table:

Бизнес Идеи 2018 Business plan for children's clothing store

Total to start the project will need 45 days and 1.24 million. Rubles. Financial plan

Financial plan

To open a children's clothing store will need an investment of 1.4 million. Rubles. Of them own funds make 500 thousand. Rubles and borrowed (bank credit) 900 ths. Rubles.

The basic monthly expenses of the individual entrepreneur, will be material expenses (more than 50%), i.e. purchase of the goods with the subsequent resale.

In addition to the material costs of large expenses of the entrepreneur will be the payment of insurance contributions to RPF and FSS: 212.4 thousand. Rubles per year for employees and 36 ths. Rub. Per year per pi.

A full list of all costs, as well as calculation of gross and net profit is presented in the table-income and expenditure forecast:

Бизнес Идеи 2018 Business plan for children's clothing store

Net profit on the results of annual sales will be 1.36 mln. Rubles.

Profitability of children's clothing store according to the business plan is 20.7%. At such indicators the project pays off for 12 mesjaecv.

Summing up, it should be noted that the sale of children's clothing, despite the high competition, is a profitable direction of business. Short payback period of investments, together with good profitability indices, make this business attractive for many private investors.

We recommend that our partners, with a guarantee of quality.
This is a complete, ready project that you will not find in the free access.
Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions


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