Quest-Room Business Plan

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

Quest-Room Business Plan


    Sample business Plan of the Quest-room, opened under the franchise agreement.

    Introductory data:

    • City population: 1 200 000 inhabitants
    • Premises: Rent, 130 sq. m. M.
    • Working hours of the Organization: from 10:00 to 22:00
    • Number of staff: 2 persons
    • Project launch costs: 670 000 rub.
    • Potential profit in 2 months: 280 000 rub. Per month
    • Return on investment: 6 months.

    The purpose of this business plan is to prove the feasibility of opening a quest-room in our city. Quest-Room-a new, interesting business, which differs relatively not high investments, simple organization and high potential income.

    How much money you need to open a quest room

    The project can be opened by franchising agreement or independently. For self-opening entrepreneurs often turn to. This business plan was calculated on the example of opening a quest-room with the help of franchising. The company will provide us with all the necessary documentation, help in finding a room and create scenery quest-rooms, help to pick up the staff and promote business. Our main goal is to find investments to open a project.

    Investments in the project will include:

    • Purchase of the franchise or the right to use the brand-120 000 rubles.
    • Materials for the creation of locations (2 rooms)-400 000 rub.
    • Deposit for renting a room for 2 months. -120 000 rub.
    • Business registration and other Org. Expenses – 30 000 rub.

    Total-670 000 rub.

    Description of services

    The average cost of a visit for one company in our club will be 1500 rubles. The price will depend on the time of the visit and the day of the week. In the evening, as well as on weekends, the price is 500-1000 rubles. Booking of games can be carried out both by phone and through the site. Types of quests for visitors:

    • Izoljarij
    • Sarah's Curse
    • Countdown
    • Double breathing

    On the birthday of the visitors will be offered a discount of 20%. Also we will be able to buy gift certificates for the amount of 2500 rubles. For the company up to 4 persons.
    Mode of work of Quest-rooms: from 10:00 to 22:00.

    Production plan

    For the placement of the Quest Club is planned to rent a room with an area of not less than 120 square meters. M. It is a large enough area, so the choice of inexpensive premises will be actual. Otherwise, the rent will eat up most of the profits. As a result, we have selected a room in one of the small shopping malls of our city. TC is located in a residential area of the city, so the rental rates are not high. However, there is a good traffic of buyers, including young people. The big plus of placement in the shopping center is that all conditions are created here: security, fire alarm, communications. Repair and other expenses for preparation of premises are not required. The rented area will be 130 sq. m. M. The amount of rent-60 000 rub. Per month

    As a staff we Armenians two operators, which will work in shift chart 2/2. Young people and students will be perfect for this position. The salary of one operator will be 18 000 rubles, and the general Fund of Wages per month – 36 000 rubles. The employees will be paid monthly contributions to the extrabudgetary funds (RPF and FSS) in the amount of 10 800 rubles.

    What code okved to specify for business

    The organizational form of the quest-room is the usual individual enterprise. As the basic code of okved, it is planned to choose: 92.72 – "Other activity on organization of rest and entertainments, not included in other groups". The system of taxation is USN, 6% of the proceeds. The cash register and the license for carrying out of activity are not required.

    Marketing and promotion of services

    It is planned to spend up to 40 000 rubles on business promotion. Per month. Advertising and promotion of quest-rooms are planned to be carried out in the following directions:

    1. Outdoor advertising-placement of banners, billboards, advertising on video-stands. will help to make our services more popular and recognizable;
    2. Advertising on the internet-contextual advertising (Yandex-direct), advertising in social networks and in specialized forums.
    3. Distribution of flyers and leaflets near the places of potential clients-near universities, major shopping malls, youth parks.
    4. Carrying out of actions, charitable actions.
    5. Attracting television, creating videos and publishing them on the Internet.

    Financial plan

    Constant monthly expenses:

    • Rental payments – 60 000 rub.
    • Salary-36 000 rub.
    • Deductions to RPF and FSS – 10 800 rub.
    • Advertising-40 000 rub.
    • Other expenses – 20 000 rub.

    Total-166 800 rub.
    The structure of the fixed costs according to the plan looks as follows:

    Quest-Room Business Plan

    How much you can earn on the Quest room services

    According to statistics franchisor, after two months of work quest-room attendance is approximately 4 groups on weekdays and up to 10 groups on weekends per room. With an average cheque of 1500 rub. We get the following revenue:

    • 22 weekdays – 132 000 rub.
    • 8 days off – 120 000 rub.

    Total-252 000 rub. from one room. We will operate two rooms at the same time, respectively, the potential revenue doubles, as we can accept twice as many visitors. Monthly turnover, thus, will be 504 000 rubles. We understand that in practice to achieve such indicators will be difficult, so we will expect only 70% of the said revenue (also take into account tax payments) or 352 800 rubles. Per month.

    Net profit will be: 352 800 (revenue) – 166 800 (fixed costs) = 186 000 rub. Per month. Business profitability is 111%! Given the period of business promotion, the return on investment will come after about 6 months of work.

    Open Step Plan

    1. Determine the format of the service, whether it will be provided indoors or with the departure of the city (depends on the purchased equipment and leased areas).
    2. It is necessary to involve a third-party screenwriter who will be able to create detailed plots, at least, for several quest scenarios. It is better if the interchange in them will be unpredictable.
    3. It is necessary to get the registration documents (more below) and to be registered in the relevant instances.
    4. You are looking for a room in which there will be several rooms, as well as sit administrator, agents and cleaning.
    5. Next is advertising promotion (ads, contextual advertising in social networks, creation of own groups and pubbers, etc.).

    How and what equipment to choose

    For the enterprise to be competitive, it is necessary to buy or rent sound equipment, a remote for the dispatcher, which will monitor the situation inside the room, surveillance cameras, Entourage (antiques, Themed costumes, etc.). Every 3-6 months it is necessary to update entourage and interior Quest rooms, which will entail approximate costs of 300-400 thousand rubles. However, this amount of equipment costs can be reduced, because many make decorative items from improvised means with their hands.

    Documents for opening

    In order to legalize this type of business, it will be necessary to register an individual entrepreneur-at first it is quite enough. To receive the certificate it is necessary to submit the application of the proposed sample, to specify the contact data and the place where the quests will occur. You will also need a citizen's passport and an individual tax code. The owner of the premises must conclude a lease contract, which will require each State authority. It must be certified by signatures and seals of both parties.

    Which tax system to choose

    For this type of business activity it is not possible to choose the patent form of the tax payer, because the list of such types of business is clearly regulated. It will not be possible to choose the tax on imputed income, because the classifier in the section "Household services" does not indicate the quest-room. Therefore, the entrepreneur will have to choose between the simplified system and the general system of taxation. Most prefer a simplification with its 6 or 15% tax burden. Such a scheme will simplify reporting and minimize the cost of tax payments.

    Permissions to open

    In addition to registration in the tax and receipt of the Certificate of Incorporation, the permission of the fire service and epidemiological may be required. For this purpose, the premises where the services will be rendered (the games take place) must fully meet their criteria. In any of the quaestor should not occur situations that may lead to the risk of injury to the participant. Before the start of the game, each visitor must undergo a simple safety briefing.

    Service Delivery Technology

    To open a really successful quest room will need a room with renovation, which will correspond to the theme of the events. If you focus on role-playing away games, they can be held in the corporate premises of customers, rented Anticaf?, camp, parks. In order to protect oneself from possible incidents, it is necessary for the client-players to conduct safety briefing and to obtain corresponding signatures from them.

    As potential clients, as a rule, understudy quest-room on the internet or according to the reviews of their acquaintances, it makes sense to pay much attention to the marketing campaign. As its tools can be social networks with a page or group, information on forums, advertising banners. The distribution of flyers in shopping malls and cinemas, as well as all kinds of promotions, works well. Some businessmen prefer to open the rooms, working on a franchise from more known and promoted brands.

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