Business Plan of Cooking

Business Plan of Cooking


    Sample business plan to open a cooking shop with self-catering (food to order)

    How much money you need to open a cooking shop

    According to preliminary calculations, to open a business will need to invest about 1 958 800 rubles:

    • Purchase of equipment (kitchen, commercial) – 1 400 000,-P.
    • Acquisition of household Equipment, utensils, working clothes – 100 000,-P.
    • Deposit for renting premises-88 800,-$
    • Renovation of the premises – 120 000 R.
    • Purchase of products and creation of assortment of goods – 70 000 R.
    • Advertising budget (advertising signboard, advertising in mass media, promotion on the Internet) – 80 000,-P.
    • Business registration and other expenses – 100 000 p.

    Turn-based plan for opening a cooking shop

    The opening of cooking will be accompanied by a clear implementation of the plan, including the following successive actions:

    1. Search for project financing sources
    2. Find a Room
    3. Business registration and conclusion of the lease agreement
    4. Carrying out of cosmetic repair, coordination with controlling bodies
    5. Purchase of commercial and kitchen equipment and household. Inventory
    6. Personnel Search
    7. Purchase of products and ingredients
    8. Development of advertising Company
    9. Opening of the establishment

    Assortment of food Store products

    Our culinary will earn in three main areas: trade directly in the store (sales to retail customers).
    Delivery of ready-made dishes to order (in offices, at home, etc.). Demand for ready food is growing from year to year, especially in large cities, so we will send additional funds for the development of delivery. The development of this service will be facilitated by the successful location of our point (near many offices and elite areas of the newly constructed buildings) execution of large orders for the preparation of food for festive buffets, banquets and other events. In this direction we will work with banquet halls of the city, which do not have their own kitchen.
    The main assortment of cooking will include:

    • Pastries (pies, pizza, patties)
    • Salads
    • Pickles
    • Snacks
    • Hot Dishes
    • Side dishes and pastes
    • Desserts
    • Cakes and biscuits
    • Drinks (tea, coffee, juices)
    • Banquet Dishes
    • Alcohol, except for strong drinks

    How much can you earn by opening a cooking shop

    The average trade receipt of our institution, according to preliminary calculations will be 200 p. The average number of visitors in the retail department will be 70 people, another about 20 people. Will buy culinary products to order. The potential daily revenue is 18 000 p., Monthly (22 working days) – 396 000, 0 p.

    It is also worth considering the profit from large orders for banquets. In total we plan to service up to three similar orders per month, for the total amount of 100 000 p.

    Production plan

    Since our cooking will have its own kitchen, it would require fulfilling the appropriate requirements for the room from the side of the Rospotrebnadzor. We have chosen a premise containing two entrances, with the correct ventilation and all necessary communications, including water supply, heating, electric power (sufficient capacity) and sewerage. The premises are not bordered by any industrial production and transferred to the appropriate type of permitted use. Repair is required only cosmetic. The size of the rented area is 74 sq. m. M., Rent-44 400 p. Per month.

    What equipment must be selected for the cooking shop

    All necessary kitchen equipment will be purchased: a cutting table, a refrigerator, a convection oven, a pizza oven, a frying surface, a stove, a coffee maker, a microwave oven, utensils and equipment. About 1.4 million will be spent on these targets. Dr.
    A hall for reception of Visitors (a trading hall) will be also arranged accordingly. Here will be installed trade showcase, shelving, seller's desk. Also will be installed a few high tables for the possibility of a quick snack.

    Ingredients and products for cooking will be purchased from local suppliers and farms. Some of the products are planned to be purchased at wholesale bases of our city, and also at bakery organizations.

    Monthly store costs

    • Purchasing manager with personal car – 20 000,-P. Per month
    • Senior Cook-25 000 p. Per month
    • Assistant chef-18 000 p. Per month
    • Administrator (Manager) – 25 000 rub. Per month.

    The accountant and the cleaning lady are planned to arrange the outsourcing contract. The total wage fund per month will be 120 000 p. The FIU and FSS (extra-budgetary funds) will be charged 40 000 p. Monthly.

    What tax system to choose for the culinary store

    As an organizational-legal form it is planned to register LLC – Limited liability company consisting of two founders. The system of taxation is USN, 15% of the profit. It will be necessary to install a cash register.

    Marketing and promotion of cooking

    The main plus of our cooking is that it will work in a rather advantageous place. Nearby there are many large office buildings, where hundreds of enterprises of different profiles work. Office workers are one of the main clients (always busy people). It is also worth noting the presence in the immediate vicinity (200 m) of the higher education institution.

    Special marketing techniques for business promotion will be applied only to food delivery. To do this, we plan to use the media, Internet and banner advertising on the business plan. To attract the same retail customers will be enough to mark a bright advertising sign over the entrance and hand out leaflets on nearby office buildings.

    Financial plan (best result)

    Let's go to the calculation of the main economic indicators of business.
    Monthly cooking expenses

    • Rent of the premises – 44 400 R.
    • Products and ingredients-150 000 R.
    • Wages-120 000,-P.
    • Insurance Deductions – 40 000 p.
    • Utility payments – 18 000,-P.
    • Advertising-10 000 R.
    • Pol and other expenses – 15 000,-P.

    Total-397 400 R.

    Revenue per month: 496 000 p.
    Profit before tax: 496 000 – 397 400 = 98 600 p.
    USN, 15% of the profit: 14 790 R.
    Net profit: 98 600 – 14 790 = 83 810 R. Per month.
    The profitability of the business is 21%. With such indicators of investment in the business pays off for 24 months of cooking.

    This is a complete, ready project that you will not find in the free access.
    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

    Which okved to specify for cooking 

    Any subject of business activity, regardless of the organizational-legal form (individual entrepreneur, legal entity) when submitting documents for registration in the necessary documents should indicate the code of activity, which will be engaged. To open cooking, specify as the main code 56, which according to okved corresponds to the activity that is associated with the provision of beverages and various food. Further, depending on the specific direction, additional codes are specified.  

    What documents are needed to open

    To open cooking you will need to register. If you initially establish a large business, you register a legal entity in the form of a limited liability company. When opening a small cooking is enough to formalize individual entrepreneurship.  

    For LLC The following documents are submitted: 

    • Application for registration and charter of the company; 
    • Decision of the shareholders ' meeting and information about the director, Chief accountant; 
    • The legal address and the receipt on payment of the state duty; 
    • To become accountable to the State authorities and obtain appropriate permits; 
    • Open a current account in any bank. 

    For individual entrepreneur 

    There is a simplified registration procedure for FE. There is enough statement and document on payment of duty, photocopy of the passport and reception of permits, to become on records and to receive a bank account.  

    Do I need permission to open

    This area of activity is related to obtaining a number of permits: 

    • To carry out culinary activity we get permission in Rightshas. To obtain it it will be necessary to collect a certain package of documents, which includes not only the assortment list, but also requires the availability of education; 
    • Having received permission from the named State body we go for permissions in epidemiological and fire inspection.  

    In addition to the above-mentioned permits it is necessary to conclude contracts for: 

    • Removal of waste and other debris; 
    • Carrying out of works on disinfection of premises; 
    • Documents on passing by all employees of the object of medical examination; 
    • In case of delivery of ready meals, semi-finished products it is necessary to get a sanitary passport on the vehicle; 
    • To pass certification and to receive the corresponding documents on quality of decolouring dishes.  


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