Business Plan Rabbit

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We bring to your attention a typical business plan (feasibility study) of building a farm for breeding rabbits. This business plan can serve as an example for obtaining a bank loan, state support or attracting private investment.


    Business Plan Rabbit


    We propose to consider a sample business plan for the construction of a farm for the breeding of rabbits in a village with a population of 20 000 people.

    Project description

    The purpose of the business plan is to substantiate the feasibility of creating a farm for breeding rabbits meat direction.

    General Information:

    • Population of the village: 20 thou. Man;
    • Land area: 0.16 hectares;
    • Number of working places: 4 persons;
    • Organizational-legal form: farms, number of members-3 persons;
    • Sources of financing: own funds – 400, 000. Rubles, borrowed funds (bank credit) – 1.21 mln. Rub.;
    • Total cost of the project: 1.61 mln. Rubles.

    Indicators of economic efficiency of the project implementation:

    • Net profit for the year: 859 824 rubles;
    • Profitability of the bar = 63.6%;
    • Payback of the project = 25 months.

    Initial cost estimate:

    Business Plan Rabbit

    The total investment for the opening of the farm will be 1.61 mln. Rubles.

    Company description

    The organizational and legal form of the farm will be (farms). The head of the farms will be Ivanov I.I.

    What tax system to choose for this business

    A single agricultural tax (ESHN) will be applied. The tax rate is 6% of the profit.

    At present the practical activity on realization of the project is started:

    1. Registration of peasant farms in ifts;
    2. A land plot of 16 acres was purchased for the construction of a farm for rabbit growing. At the moment there is a procedure of transfer of a land plot under cootvetstvujushhij kind of permitted use.
    3. The search for the organization carrying out delivery and installation of shedovoj system of rabbits maintenance is completed;
    4. There is an agreement with a large farm for the purchase of 250 adult tribal rabbits.

    The farm will be composed of 3 members, including the head of the farms. All of them have a kinship, according to the legislation on education farms. In addition to the members of the farms will be employed in the number of 4 people. About

    Product Description

    Since the farm will be a meat field, it will contain a popular Californian breed of rabbits. The average weight of an adult male reaches 5 kg. Florescent of this breed are very fruitful and feed for 1 Okrol to 8 rabbits. The young of this breed differs by its energy of growth and already to 2-month age gains weight 1.8 kg, and to 3-month age weight of a rabbit makes 3 kg and it can be scored on meat. Rabbit of California breed has a hair cover on the body of white color, and the tips of paws, ears and tail have dark brown color.

    For a year One rabbit brings up to 30 rabbits (3.5 okrola). The age of Florescent to 2 is considered optimal for reproduction of offspring.
    On the full life cycle of a rabbit it is necessary about 14 kg of feed and 7 kg of hay or about 100 rubles of expenses.

    In order to realize monthly 500 kg of commercial meat it is necessary to score about 250 rabbits and as much animals should be born. Plus part of the born population should be released for reproduction. This performance of our farm will provide 207 females and 8 males.

    In addition to meat, skin, liver, fluff and other by-products will also be sold.

    Our partners, with a guarantee of quality.

    Marketing Plan

    The main channels of realization of the produced products are:

    1. Urban markets and outlets;
    2. Wholesale dealers, filesystem meat by self-export;
    3. Enterprises-processors, mills, restaurants.

    The following activities will be carried out to promote our products:

    1. Advertising in mass media, newspapers, magazines;
    2. Placing information on the internet on bulletin boards;
    3. Establishment of personal contacts with large enterprises;
    4. Advertising on billboards located on the federal highway with high traffic;
    5. Create your own website business cards.

    To deliver the products to the points of sale will be used personal vehicle (gazelle). Some of the products will be released wholesale dealers directly from the farm. The sale of meat will comply with all norms of food security and be accompanied by veterinary certificates.

    Planned sales volume per month (revenue):

    In the future it is planned to increase the volume of production up to 1 ton of rabbit meat per month.

    Farm revenue Structure:

    Business Plan Rabbit

    The planned figures of the proceeds can be reached only in 120 days, when the first offspring will grow:

    Business Plan Rabbit

    Rabbit Breeding Technology

    On our farm will be used Shedovaja system of content. This system is a modern way of keeping rabbits.
    Shed is a canopy with bunk cells grouped under it. Such system allows to save area of Krolchatnika and will protect rabbits from undesirable natural processes, such as overheating (heat), wind, rain.

    In Shede is placed 72 cells, of which 32 is relegated to females with depend, and the remaining 40 cells for males and young animals on the piglet.

    Business Plan Rabbit

    With the installation of Shedovoj system on our farm will be mechanized processes such as feeding and wateringing animals, cleaning manure, feeding hay on the litter.

    Inside the ?ed? will be created a suspension road for distribution of food with a load capacity of up to 120 kg. Ventilation in the Shede will be carried out through the mines in the manure canals. The cages will be equipped with hopper feeders and Avtopoilkami.

    For winter maintenance of animals in Shedah will be installed system heating and warming of nesting boxes.

    For slaughter of livestock on the farm is planned to build, which will meet all the standards of SES.

    The planned staffing of the farm will consist of 4 persons:

    Business Plan Rabbit

    The responsibility of handymen will be to care for rabbits, including feeding and watering, cleaning of manure, transfer of rabbits, males and females from one cell to another and other economic tasks.

    The responsibility of Zajboshhika will include the process of slaughter of adult herds and cutting of carcass. On the day butcher will be able to finish up to 15 goals.

    The issues of supply of fodder, meat sales, as well as bookkeeping and other Administrativney issues will be decided by farms members.


    The list of activities and their cost for the opening of the farm are presented in the form of a calendar plan:

    Business Plan Rabbit

    A total of 85 days will be spent on the farm opening events and 1.61 mln. Rubles.

    How much money you need to start a business

    The investment in the amount of 1.61 million will be needed. Rubles. of them 400 thousand. Rubles – own funds and 1.21 mln. Rubles – borrowed funds (bank credit).

    The basic expenses of the farm will be the payment of wages to the workers of the farms. In a month the farm will pay wages in the amount of 44 thousand. Rubles. The second largest monthly expenditure will be the cost of feed and litter-17.5 thousand. Rubles per month.

    The monthly costs of the rabbit breeding farm are shown in the following table:

    Business Plan Rabbit

    The structure of annual farm maintenance costs is presented as a chart:

    Business Plan Rabbit

    Insurance payments will be paid for 7 people, that is not only for employees, but also for 3 members of the farm in a fixed amount-36 thousand. Rubles per year per person.

    How much can you earn on breeding rabbits

    Calculation of indicators of economic efficiency of the farm is presented in the table-Forecast of income and expenses:

    Business Plan Rabbit

    Net profit on the results of annual sales of rabbit products will be 859 824 rubles.

    Profitability of the farm for breeding rabbits, according to the business plan, is 63.6%. The payback of the project with such indicators will come after 25 months of the farm.

    We recommend our partners, with a guarantee of quality.
    This is a complete, ready project that you will not find in the free access.
    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

    Turn-based plan for opening where to start

    First of all it is necessary to define the legal form of the enterprise. In case of rabbit it is possible to formalize pi or LPH. After that, it is necessary to take up the organizational, production and financial plans, which prescribe:

    • Evaluate profitability, analyze competitors.
    • Rent a plot of land (in case you do not have a cottage or a village).
    • Build a few rooms for rabbits, equipped with cages and shedami, as well as places for the planting of young individuals.
    • To equip a forage warehouse for storage of grain and hay, and also premises with necessary equipment for care of animals.
    • Build a room for slaughtering rabbits.
    • Buy meat breed animals.
    • Work with the sales market.

    What equipment to choose

    For industrial breeding of rabbits it is better to use Shedovuju system of maintenance. For this purpose it is necessary to construct cages in several levels, one on another in a row. Keep in mind that these animals do not like damp, so you need to purchase waterproofing, and may require heaters. It also requires feeders, manure products and pumps that provide water to the animals without interruption.

    What okved to specify when registering a business

    Applying for registration, it is necessary to specify a special code okved 01.25.2 "Breeding of rabbits and fur animals in farm conditions".

    What documents are needed to open

    Officially register activity can be in the tax Office, where you will be issued a certificate bin, tin. As a legal form it is better to choose LPH, in this case the entrepreneur is exempt from taxes, which pays to the State treasury. On the other hand, the registration of FE presents more opportunities for working with suppliers and selling products. You will need: a passport, a copy of the Indus Code, a receipt for the payment of the state fee and a notarized application for registration.

    Do I need permission to open

    First of all, it is necessary to obtain permission from the Fire Inspectorate and Epidemiological. There are also veterinary and sanitary norms for the maintenance of rabbits. Most of them are reduced to cleanliness of premises, and also timely carrying out of disinfection, destruction of rodents and insects.

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