Business Karting Plan

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

Business Karting Plan


    Business Plan of the organization of Karting club in the city with a population of more than 1 mln. Man.

    How much money is needed to open karting

    According to the calculations of the business plan, the opening of the karting club will be spent about 6 050 000 rubles:

    • Construction of the route (asphalt installation, timing system, safety elements, etc.) – 4 000 000 rubles.
    • Creation of recreation infrastructure (locker room, gazebo, administrative building) – 500 000 rub.
    • Purchase of equipment (cards, equipment)-1 300 000 rubles.
    • Advertising budget-150 000 rubles.
    • Business registration and other organizational expenses – 100 000 rub.

    Funds for the project will be allocated from the Founders ' own budget (50% of the total investment) and loan capital – bank loan (50% of the total investment). Monthly payments on the loan will be 45 000 rubles.

    Rent of a land plot

    To organize the route it is planned to rent a land plot in one of the popular parks of the city. The park belongs to the local municipal authority, so the rental price will not be as high (as in the case of renting a private territory). Monthly payment for the site in 3000 sq. m. M. will be 25 000 rubles.

    In the same park operates a network of attractions, so the flow of solvent customers guaranteed throughout the period of the club (except rainy days).

    The route is planned to cover with asphalt. The width of the track will be 8 m, length-450 m. The edges of the route, for safety purposes, will be laid out with tires and foam blocks. Even before the asphalt is installed, the electronic timekeeping system (speed sensors) is planned. The results of the races will be displayed on the scoreboard, which will make the process of the race even more interesting.

    Also on the territory of karting will be installed a small administrative building, locker room (modular-collapsible of metal structures) and a couple of gazebos for holidaymakers. The cost of creating a track and arrangement of the route territory will make 4.5 mln. Rubles.

    What equipment to choose for karting

    As equipment will be purchased: 12 Cards "formula 270" (Price for the new 82 thousand. Rubles), karting board, timing system and equipment (guards, helmets, overalls). In total at this stage will be invested about 1.3 mln. Rubles.

    According to the business plan, the company will be employed: experienced mechanic (n/a 15 thou. Rubles), two instructors (H/P 14 thou. Rub.) and coach (25 thousand Rubles). The wage fund will be 68 thousand. Rub. Per month.

    What tax system to choose for karting

    The organizational form of the Karting club will be a limited liability company consisting of two founders. As a system of taxation it is planned to apply USN (simplification), 15% of profit.

    , our partners, with a guarantee of quality.

    Description of products and services

    The list of services of our company will be wide enough. For small companies and amateurs we will offer regular rent of cards at the price of 250 rub/5 min. Corporate clients and large companies will be offered to rent karts. The price of the rental will include: Karting, racer outfit, Instructor's work, rent of the route. It is planned to set the following price level:

    • Up to 16:00 – 4000 rub/hour, 6500 rub/2 hours, 9500 rub/3 hours
    • After 16:00 – 5500 rub/hour, 10500 rub/2 hours, 16000 rub./3 hours
    • Weekends and Public holidays – 10 000 rub/hour, 18000 rub/2 hours, 26000 rub/3 hours

    In addition, for an additional fee, customers will be offered:

    • Personal scenarios
    • Work of a professional lead
    • Organization of Buffet
    • Award Winning System

    One more service of our Kart club is the Junior racer Children's school. Double-karting classes will be held twice a week for children from 12 years of age. Classes will be conducted by a professional trainer, the duration of classes will be 1.5 – 2 hours. The cost of studying at the school will cost 2500 rubles per month.

    Karting will be an open type, which implies a seasonal period of work-from May to October months. It is assumed that on average in a month our karting will visit about 10 corporate and 900 individual clients (30 persons per day). High attendance of the park will attract a significant audience of customers from the first days of work.

    One corporate order will bring an average of 10000 rubles, that is, revenue from corporate events will be 100 000 rubles. Per month. Single races will bring about 500 rubles. Per person – Total revenue will be 450 000 rubles. Thus, the average revenue per month will be 550 000 rubles.

    Marketing and advertising

    In addition to our club, in the city already operates about 4 karts. Of them worthy competitors, offering a wide range of services just two. We believe that for the city – Millionika is too small, so the market of such services is still ready to accept new players.
    Our Competitive Advantages:

    • New interesting route
    • New Maps and equipment
    • Modern equipment (timing system, electronic scoreboard)
    • Experienced instructors, own coach
    • Interesting programs for corporate clients
    • Low Prices

    Transport accessibility of Karting club (the track is actually in the city center).
    As advertising and promotion services business Plan provided:

    • Advertising on the Internet (social networks, site)
    • Holding of shares, contests and free certificates
    • Participation in charitable events
    • Holding of competitions and festive events
    • Outdoor Advertising

    Business risks

    The opening of this business is related to the following risks:

    1. Seasonality of services
    2. High investment capitalization
    3. High dependence of demand on service from economic situation in the country (on entertainments save in the first place)

    Financial plan

    We will calculate the main indicators of economic efficiency of business.
    Annual karting expenses According to the plan:

    • Land lease-300 000 rub.
    • Salaries of the staff – 408 000 rubles.
    • Insurance Payments – 122 400 rubles.
    • Loan payments – 540 000 rub.
    • Depreciation and repair of equipment-90 000 rub.
    • Advertising-100 000 rub.
    • Other expenses – 100 000 rub.

    Total-1 660 400 rubles.
    The cost structure is as follows:

    Business Karting Plan

    Calculation of gross and net profit is presented in the table-Forecast of income and expenses of karting:

    Business Karting Plan

    How much can you earn on karting

    Thus, the net profit on the results of the season will be 1 393 660 rubles. The profitability of the Karting club is equal to 83%. At such calculations, taking into account seasonality, payback of initial investments in business will come in 4 years of work.

    We recommend that our partners, with a guarantee of quality.
    This is a complete, ready project that you will not find in the free access.
    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

    Turn-based plan of kart opening

    To create a kart club, you need a suitable site. The main indicators of choice are size and area, it is also desirable to have a convenient entrance for your customers ' cars. Karting can be located in the industrial city or a city park, where you can rent land at the city hall at a fairly low price, as opposed to private entrepreneurs.

    You can then start designing the alignment. At this stage it is necessary to prepare descents, turns and ascents where there should be strictly measured angles, observing safety equipment. Next-the coating should be smooth and without any bumps, and the edge of the road must be equipped with worn tires, able to soften the impact in the event that the driver can not cope with the control. It is also necessary to remember the purchase of the simplest equipment, for example, safety helmets. In case of opening of unusual karting (with twisted slopes, large field), it is possible to hire personnel who will have to train.

    How much can you earn

    Karting is able to bring you regular customers of different age-from teenagers, to people of mature age. In turn, it is possible to equip a special track for persons under the age of majority and to reduce the price there. On weekdays, according to statistics, on an adult track is made about fifty races, and on weekends twice more. So just multiply the estimated price by this amount and learn the amount. On average, earnings in the size of 500-700 ths. More than real for this type of activity.

    In addition, the idea of karting is also in the possible additional earnings, feasible due to the rental of cars. In addition, you can run a training course for pilots of such units or conduct any corporate events.

    It should be remembered that this is a seasonal type of earnings, and it depends on the weather. Rain can significantly affect your profits, but there is the option of renting a large indoor space, but it can be very expensive.

    What okved to specify when registering karting

    For karting corresponds to the code 92.72, implying various activities for the organization of recreation and entertainment.

    Documents for opening

    The following list of documents and actions will be needed:

    • It is necessary to register enterprises, for what it is enough only to choose a pi:
    • You may also need documents on the cards, if you buy cars, and do not rent them.

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