Business plan hookah bar: how to open a hookah room

Business plan hookah bar: how to open a hookah room

Russia is now almost not observed individual establishments, where the pleasant music, you can smoke hookah. This is usually done after a good lunch or dinner.

Therefore, it is advisable not to make kitchen in Hookah, and translate everything to benefit smokers closer to the power point. This is usually used by a variety of restaurants and other catering places.

Hookah business profitable enough and allows you to earn:

  • Those involved in the supply and marketing of equipment for smoking hookahs.
  • Owners of restaurants, bars, cafes, which are thinking about expanding services and did host a similar option.

Interestingly, himself a hookah business very easily and quickly pays for itself. Enough months to fully repay their costs and start receiving income.

The most known companies-suppliers of equipment for smoking hookahs, for example, Grand-Hookah, often are organizing their own dens. Investments in this business are very topical and suppliers go to expenses.

Such places are arranged on the finished already well-known areas, such as bars or restaurants. In terms of profits, everything is organized on a contractual basis. Usually the owners of such establishments receive from 40 percent of the profits and supplier around 60.

You do not need to have a large initial capital, if you are thinking about opening a similar business. It is usually enough to about twenty thousand rubles.

Basically have to spend money on:

  • Actually-hookahs (minimum 4-x);
  • Different materials, so-called consumables. These include coal and tobacco. With solid institutions use only foreign materials. Only in the East, purchased all of the highest quality for smoking hookahs. With higher quality, and the price is less.
  • Fire extinguishing means.

On a monthly basis with such a case, you can only receive host institutions from seven to fifteen thousand rubles. You can significantly increase your income if the place will be in demand and will catch on.

However, before offering their services, better to think about the place where you are going to implement them. Not every institution to do so. According to the experience of those who have been working in this market niche, should look at the institution, if the average price of a cheque in it more 1 000 rubles (not including drinks), and attendance is high enough, then it makes sense to put the hookah.

That is the entire process as a whole. It is already difficult to hit a hookah. It securely and firmly entrenched in our lives. However, according to experts, this case is not yet at an altitude of and many of the existing hookahs do not meet the highest quality standards.

In fact it's not even hookah. Therefore, it is very important that your institution has offered quality products at reasonable prices and then experts will go only in the right place.

Equipment room hookah

It goes without saying that in terms of Interior, such places should not dekorirovatsja in the European style, each visitor is waiting for the feeling of immersion in the delights of the East.

Upholstered furniture-here's what you need, above all, to navigate the designer of such places! Hard chairs or not comfortable chairs are not the best option. Only soft sofas, cosy armchairs will help you create an image of this hookah. Can be used in the design of various Club ideas or ethnic decor. The main thing is to achieve comfort and immersion in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

Necessarily music. We can talk about it a lot and for a long time, because this is a very important part. Can be applied to both Eastern and Western rhythms, but the main condition must be respected. Soft, unhurried, calm-here's what you should look at the selection of musical processing. She should just go to background, and not impose itself.

Light is also important. General lighting is not the best option. It is best to use spotlights, which will result in a slightly subdued, very soft and relaxing sensation. Each visitor must feel like in his separate world.

In addition, you should be able to organize not only the external Entourage, but accompanied by its high-quality service. Should serve a variety of drinks, be sure to coffee and tea. All only natural. In addition to coffee and tea, for dipping into the atmosphere and just as diversity need Oriental sweets. Necessarily high-quality and expensive, as well as fresh.

Tents. There is a tendency to reconstruct Eastern d?cor, when in such places are arranged kind of tents. In this part of the premises is fenced off into a variety of curtains. In this case, the notion of "tent" rather arbitrary. And most importantly don't forget about ventilation, since the blackout curtains may prevent air circulation.

Can I smoke here? Topical issue, in which you should understand. There are the owners of the establishments, which vehemently opposed the creation of such hookahs. In this there is some reasonableness. Smoke at all harmful.

But don't think that the smoking population of Russia just abandon its habits. The owners of the restaurants have to sooner or later put up with it. It is therefore important that the premises for the hookahs were equipped with good ventilation.

Oriental dance. It is inconceivable that in hookahs didn't have this colourful spectacle. Owners should provide all details in advance. The place where the dance, as well as a makeup room and locker room.

It should be a separate output node and a San from the rest of the room. Not too fun when speakers and then Flash between holidaymakers and dances right on the floor.

Organization of hookah can significantly improve profit institution, especially if it will be in demand as a fashion or a cult place. It should reflect on the fact that if you're not an expert in this field, either do not open such establishments, or become an expert yourself.