Business plan for the production of seals and stamps

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    Sample business Plan of the Organization for the production of seals and stamps in the city with a population of 420 000 inhabitants.

    The advantages of printing and stamping business

    The opening of this case is due to the following advantages:

    • Low entry ticket to the business, which does not exceed 300 thousand. Rub.
    • Simple technology and availability of equipment
    • No apparent saturation of the market
    • Ability to combine with the main job (subject to hiring a worker)

    How much money you need to start a business

    According to our calculations, to open a business will need to invest 285 800 rubles:

    • Office Arrangement (table, chairs, computer) – 90 000 rub.
    • Rental Deposit (2 months) – 30 800 rub.
    • Equipment for the production of seals and stamps-65 000 rub.
    • Expendable materials – 10 000 rub.
    • Advertising budget-60 000 rubles.
    • Other expenses – 30 000 rub.

    Description of products and services offered

    Price of services of our Organization will include:

    • Production of simple printing-850 rub.
    • Printing with logo-1100 rub.
    • National standard Printing-1900 rub.
    • Stamp with the emblem of regions, cities, districts-2100 rub.
    • Stamp on GOST. 51511-2001 with diameter 40-45 mm-2300 rub.
    • Stamp 24H10-200 rub.
    • Stamp 30h10-235 rub.
    • Stamp 40h25-410 rub.
    • Stamp 60×40-660 rub.
    • Stamp Corner х-810 rub.
    • Facsimile (personal painting)-570 rub.
    • Libris-700 Rub.
    • Sign of conformity-320 rub.
    • Duplicate print-1700 rub.
    • Plywood Printing-50 rubles.

    On average the production time of one printing will be 1 day. For the urgency of the order (several hours) will be charged Stoprocentnaja surcharge. According to our calculations, the average service receipt will be about 1200 rubles. The average flow of clients after business promotion (3-6 months) will be 4 persons per day. The potential daily revenue is 4400 rubles, and the monthly income is 105 600 rubles.

    What room to choose for the office

    In order to place the office of the Organization, where orders will be accepted and at the same time the printing, it is planned to rent a space of 22 square meters. M. The premises are located in the business center, where many other companies work, so our organization will be on hearing. Moreover, we will be located almost in the central part of the city, which should also have a positive impact on the number of customers. The amount of monthly rent will be 15 400 rubles. (700 rub. per sq. M.). For arrangement of Office (service point) it is necessary to buy a table, several office chairs, a lamp, a computer, a printer.

    Printing and stamping technology

    As a technology for printing (which depends on the choice of specific equipment), we chose Flash technology. Why Flash? Here we see several main advantages:

    • It is possible to produce practically all kinds of seals, except for stamp seals.
    • Relatively high speed of production of seals.
    • You can perform image tasks. The unembossed clich? is able to reproduce various drawings, logos, company marks.
    • High quality of the Seals received. Only with the help of flash technology can get complex signatures of managers, which are reproduced by this technology with virtuoso accuracy.

    What equipment to choose for this business

    As equipment, it is planned to purchase the device Polymark FS3 with Jekspokameroj CullMann 45 for the production of polymer seals. The cost of the device is 45 000 rubles. Also we need a laser printer, the cost of the acquisition of which is 20 000 rubles.
    There will be purchased and consumables for Flash technology: Flash ink (blue, blue, red), FOLEX film, Microporous rubber. The purchase of consumables will take 10 000 rubles.

    As the staff of the Organization will be employed only one operator-a master in the manufacture of seals and stamps. In order to increase the motivation of work, it will be established a system of remuneration as salary + percentage of the organization's revenue. The average salary of the employee will be 20 000 rubles. Per month.

    What okved to specify at registration of business on manufacturing of printing and stamps

    The organizational form is the usual individual enterprise. As Okvjeda we have chosen code: 36.63.2 "Production of writing accessories". The system of taxation is USN, 6% of the revenue of the organization.

    Marketing plan for this business

    Our advertising budget for the promotion of the point will be 60 000 rubles. We will not be engaged in mass and expensive advertising, like TV, radio. At first we do not need a website. We plan to focus on targeted advertising aimed at specific consumers of the service. First of all, they are entrepreneurs and organizations. We will set a banner near the tax inspectorate, where hundreds of business representatives and start-ups take place every day. Also we will place advertising on billboards near banks and office centers. It may be possible to agree on cooperation with companies providing consulting services to entrepreneurs (private accountants, Law offices, etc.)

    Financial plan of the company

    Constant monthly expenses (90 stamps per month):

    • Rent-15 400 rub.
    • Salary-20 000 rub.
    • Deductions to PRF and FSS – 6000 rub.
    • Consumables (for production of 90 seals)-7000 rub.
    • Other expenses (advertising, transportation expenses, etc.) – 12000 rub.

    Total-60400 rub.
    The structure of the fixed costs is as follows:

    Business plan for the production of seals and stamps

    Calculation of gross and net profit is presented in the table-Forecast of income and expenses of the Organization on manufacture of seals and stamps:

    Business plan for the production of seals and stamps

    How much you can earn on this business

    Net profit after tax payment will be 38 864 rubles. This is a bit, but also a lot for such a business, which is more considered as an additional source of income. The profitability of the organization according to the plan is equal to 36.8%. At such indicators the project pays off for 8 – 12 months of work (taking into account the period for the promotion of the point).

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