Business plan of children's Caf?

Business plan of children's Caf?


    Business plan for the organization of Children's Caf? in the residential area of the city.

    How much money to open a children's caf?

    According to the calculations of business plan for the opening of the institution will need to invest about 3 600 000 rubles:

    • Repair and design of the premises – 500 000 rub.
    • Purchase of equipment – 2 300 000 rub.
    • Purchase of raw materials and ingredients – 150 000 rub.
    • Advertising budget (creation of a site, advertising signboard, etc.) – 200 000 rubles.
    • Registration of business, approval and permission-50 000 rub.
    • Other expenses – 100 000 rub.
    • Reserve Fund – 300 000 rub.

    Market Prospects

    Currently, there are very few decent cafes in our city, where children can be reduced. On the city with a population of more than 200 thousand. There are only two establishments open to young visitors. Moreover, these institutions do not provide a proper list of services, have a meager menu and a very non-capacious service hall visitors.
    Children's Caf? is a place where parents and their children can have a good rest. While waiting for the order, children can play in the game room, participate in contests, socialize with cheerful animators. Our project will be cost effective for a number of reasons:

    1. Extensive menu and entertainment programs
    2. Not a high average check
    3. Convenient location of the establishment
    4. Bright design, pleasant decoration of visitors ' Hall
    5. No competition

    Description of products and services

    In order that the caf? can be good to eat not only children, but also their parents assortment of dishes will be quite wide. Here is just some list of what will be presented in the menu of the institution:

    • Breakfast
    • Business Lunches
    • Soups
    • Hot
    • Desserts
    • Hot drinks
    • Soft drinks
    • Children's Menu
    • Ice cream

    The sale of strong alcoholic beverages is not provided.

    Among other things, in our institution you can not only eat well, but also have fun. For children in the caf? will work a free game room with attractions (game maze, dry pool, slide, etc.). It is planned to render services of organization of children's holidays, to involve animators, to be engaged in registration of a festive table (balloons).

    The average order receipt on preliminary calculations will be 500 rubles per person. Convenient location of the establishment, high permeability and active advertising allow to get an average attendance of at least 90 people per day. Thus, you can expect an average revenue of 45 000 rubles per day.

    Naturally, the planned attendance will not be received immediately. While the institution is gaining popularity, can take months of work. The dynamics of average attendance according to the business plan is as follows:

    Business plan of children's Caf?

    The average daily attendance in the first year of work will be 78 people.

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    Production plan

    To place the establishment according to the plan will be used the first floor of an apartment building. This room in a new brick house, specially allotted for the organization of Business (non-residential premises), meets all the requirements of the SES and fire safety. The area is 135 sq. m. M. Such space will be enough to successfully arrange the kitchen area, the hall of Visitors, the game zone, storage and utility room, the restroom room. The amount of rent will be 94 500 rubles per month (700 rubles/m2).

    The caf? will be located in a densely populated residential area of the city, with a large number of buildings. This place is not chosen by chance, as there is a large number of young families with children who are potential clients of the institution.

    What equipment to choose to open a children's caf?

    Planned to be purchased in the following composition:

    • Refrigeration equipment for storage of products
    • Kitchen equipment (meat grinders, mixers, cookers, work desks, coffee makers, etc.)
    • Auxiliary equipment (dishwashers, air conditioning and ventilation system)
    • (game modules, dry pool, maze)
    • Security system (fire extinguishers, alarm systems, security system, etc.)
    • Furniture for visitors and bar counter
    • Utensils and other equipment

    According to preliminary estimates, it will take about 2.3 mln. Rubles.

    The main suppliers of products and ingredients will be local producers and wholesale suppliers. Part of the goods will be purchased at wholesale bases in the regional center. The costs for the purchase of products will be about 350 – 400 thousand. Rubles per month.


    As the staff is planned employ chefs, several chefs (4 people), waiters (3 people), administrator, purchasing manager, animators (agency contracts) and handymen (movers, cleaning ladies). The accountant's services are planned to be taken on the outsourcing contract. The permanent staffing table will include 14 to 18 employees. The total wage fund will be 240 thousand. Rub. Per month.

    What system of taxation to choose for children's Caf?

    The organizational and legal form of the organization will be a limited liability company consisting of two founders. As a tax system, it is planned to apply imputed – a single tax on imputed income.

    Marketing Plan

    In order to attract customers to our institution is planned to hold a bright advertising company. Internet resources will be used (social Networks, site, forums), outdoor advertising (banners, billboards), Media (TV, radio), distribution of leaflets. On the opening day in the caf? will be organized an extensive holiday with a unique program, with the involvement of animators, photographers and video operators. Guests will be offered free treats and drinks.

    The lion's share of visitors to the children's Caf? is birthdays. This is a very important part of the audience of clients, because it is on the birthday is spent a lot of money (on average, 6-12 thousand. Rubles). Together with birthday, as a rule, comes at least 5-6 families consisting of 10 – 15 people. So, attracting birthday, you can get significant revenue. In our caf? will operate a special action, when ordering a festive table for birthday cake will be a gift.

    Financial plan

    Let's go to the calculation of the main indicators of business efficiency.

    Constant monthly expenses of the caf? according to the business plan will include:

    • Rent of premises-94 500 rub.
    • Salary-240 000 rub.
    • Insurance payments – 72 000 rubles.
    • Products and ingredients-400 000 rub.
    • Municipal expenses – 30 000 rub.
    • Accounting (Outsourcing) – 8 000 rub.
    • Taxes (imputed) – 7 000 rub.
    • Other expenses – 25 000 rub.

    Total-876 500 rub.

    Calculation of gross and net profit is presented in the table – Forecast of income and expenses of children's Caf?:

    Business plan of children's Caf?

    How much you can earn by opening a children's Caf?

    Net profit at the end of the first year of work will be 3.5 mln. Rubles. The profitability of the caf? according to the plan is 33%. With such indicators, the payback of the initial investment in the business will come after 12 months of the institution.

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    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

    Turn-based plan for opening a children's Caf?

    The novice entrepreneur, decided to open a caf? for young visitors, should carefully consider all the stages of the implementation of this business idea. But, first of all, it is necessary to carry out marketing researches of this direction of commercial activity to define prospects of development of the Future caf?. If your city still has a free niche in the market segment, then you can start to solve the following tasks:

    • Make a business plan for the development of the caf?;
    • Register LLC (IP);
    • to issue necessary papers;
    • Organize an advertising campaign;
    • Find a room and make repairs in it;
    • Pick up staff and buy equipment/furniture;
    • Compose a menu and come up with an entertainment program.

    In addition, business organizers need to decide what to take parents, while their children will eat sweets, and have fun in the rest room. One of the options is a separate "corner" for adults, where they can socialize, drink coffee, etc.

    What okved to specify at registration of business on provision of services of children's Caf?

    Preparing documents for the registration of business in the FTS, it is necessary to specify the code of activity, according to the Russian classifier. For the children's Caf? the best options will be: okved 55.30 (work of cafes and restaurants) and 92.72 (other activities for the organization of Recreation and Entertainment).

    What documents are needed to open a children's caf?

    Taking into account the fact that the institution for children is an object, which is very often checked by representatives of controlling bodies, in order not to pay fines, the owners of the caf? should have all the necessary documents:

    • Standard paper person or IP;
    • Lease of premises;
    • Permits of local administration, SES and fire inspection;
    • Certificates for food and toys;
    • Contracts with suppliers and service organizations;
    • Contracts with staff.

    Also you should have invoices from suppliers on all products, sweets, juices and drinks, and employees of caf? do not have the right to go to work without sanitary books.

    Do I need permission to open a children's caf??

    Some owners of children's cafes organize in their establishment a corner for parents, which sells strong alcoholic drinks. In this case, you must register an LLC and receive a special license. But many businessmen categorically refuse such idea, believing that alcoholic products violate the format of children's Caf?, which does not need to receive additional permits.

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