Business plan of the recreation base

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Business plan of the recreation base


    We bring to your attention the business plan of the recreation base, which is suitable for the feasibility study of the project when obtaining a loan in the bank, or to attract public and private investments. Business Plan by example R.P. Mullovka Melekessky District of Ulyanovsk region.

    General description of the project

    The main goal of the business plan is to prove the effectiveness of investments in the construction of recreation facilities in R.P. Mullovka, Melekessky District, Ulyanovsk region.

    How to start a business

    The project of creation of the organization includes:

    1. Reconstruction of the existing building with the purpose of construction of the banquet hall and hotel rooms for 25 persons;
    2. Construction of baths, saunas and swimming pools on the territory of the recreation base;
    3. Increasing the territory of the recreation base by acquiring the property of neighboring land;
    4. Creation of a unique design of the recreation Area: installation of colorful figures (IAF), construction of an open aquarium (carp, catfish, trout), planting of perennial plants (garden), landscaping of the territory (planting of lawn).

    General information about the Business Project

    • Population coverage: More than 800 thousand. persons;
    • Location of the recreation base: Forest massif;
    • Type of property: Private property;
    • Mode of operation: 24 hours;
    • Number of working places: 9 persons;
    • Sources of financing: own funds – 500, 000. Rub.; Borrowed funds (bank credit) – 4.5 mln. Rub.

    Economic performance indicators of the project

    • Monthly profit-124 ths. Rubles
    • Profitability – 70%
    • Payback-40 months

    Social Indicators of project implementation

    1. Creation of 9 new jobs;
    2. Receipt to the municipal budget of annual tax deductions for the total amount of 370 000 rubles;
    3. Development of tourism infrastructure on the territory of Ulyanovsk region.

    How much money you need to open a recreation base

    Business plan of the recreation baseGeneral description of the company

    What system of taxation to choose. OKJEVD Code

    The organizational and legal form of the organization is individual enterprise. For such services the code OKJEVD 92 is installed: "Activity on organization of rest and entertainment…" The individual entrepreneur will apply a simplified system of taxation, 6% of gross income.

    Location of the object: Ulyanovsk region, Melekesskij District, R.P. Mullovka

    What documents are needed to open a business

    At the moment the practical activity on realization of the project is started:

    1. Registration of individual entrepreneurship is carried out;
    2. Acquired land in the ownership of IP and built an administrative building;
    3. All communications, including electricity, gas and water, are brought to the territory.

    Planned staffing

    Business plan of the recreation baseDescription of products and services

    Marketing Plan

    The main services planned to be provided by our Organization will include all kinds of celebrations, including anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and corporate events. The main focus will be on large groups of 15 people and above.

    We will work in round mode. For this purpose a heated building with a large banquet hall is already under construction. In summer, there will be a caf? on site.

    Production plan

    The recreation center will be designed for simultaneous maintenance of only one company of people. The minimum order for one company is 10 000 rubles.

    It can include:

    1. Kitchen (table reservation with food and drinks) – from 800 to 2000 rubles. per person;
    2. Payment of sleeping rooms-300 rub/person;
    3. Order Sauna, saunas-1000 rub/hour;
    4. Decoration of banquet hall for creation of festive atmosphere (wedding, Anniversary) – from 1500 rub.;
    5. Rent of white horses and carriages, photo for a souvenir (for wedding) – 2000 rubles.

    The administration will offer to clients the services of photographer, Toastmaster, DJs, fire-show and salute for visiting weddings and anniversaries. An agreement will be reached with third parties involved in the organization of the holidays.

    For non-cash payments with corporate clients (legal entities) it is planned to open a current account with the bank.


    The land plot is located in a picturesque place next to the Forest massif. Access roads to the territory have asphalt covering. Removal from the city of Dimitrovgrad (120 thousand People) is only 10 km away. From G. Ulyanovsk, where the number of inhabitants already 650 thousand people, to the recreation base can be reached in 1.5 hours (85 km). This means that the audience of regular customers is quite extensive.

    Main ways of promotion (increase of popularity) of services

    1. Creation of a site-business card with photo-gallery, contact information and the list of rendered services;
    2. Advertising in newspapers, magazines, TV and other media;
    3. "The Dress Radio", visitors ' feedback;
    4. Distribution of booklets on organizations and offices;
    5. Installation of a large banner on the federal Highway.

    Nearby competitors, and these are two recreation bases Melekessky District, are located at a distance of 40 km from R.P. Mullovka. If you consider only the population of G. Dimitrovgrad, it can be concluded that competition is practically absent.

    How much can you earn on recreation services

    The main season of such facilities starts in May and ends in October. It is believed that during this period the organization will take orders about 15 times a month (15 days). The main orders will be on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday it is possible to book the 2nd day of the wedding. It turns out, for a season the base of rest will work about 90 days. With an average order of 35 thousand rubles from the company, the revenue for the summer season will be 3.15 million. Rubles.

    Business plan of the recreation baseThe so-called orders will be much less. The main part of them will be on corporate, including the New Year, and anniversaries. During this period the organization will work for about 20 days. Revenues will be about 700 thousand. Rubles.

    The total amount of revenue per year will be approximately 3.85 mln. Rubles.

    Business plan of the recreation baseProduction plan

    Our territory will include the following facilities:

    1. Main (administrative) building (700 m2), which will be located banquet hall, sleeping rooms, kitchen, bar, household-block.;
    2. Summer caf? with dance floor and mini waterfall;
    3. Russian bath, sauna and swimming pool in the same building;
    4. Outdoor Aquarium, Zaryblennyj carp, trout and silver;
    5. Summer Garden (cherry, apple trees, pear, apricot…).

    Besides, the territory will be decorated with small architectural forms of local craftsmen, and walking paths are laid out by pavement tiles.
    In the plans of the entrepreneur, among other things, is the idea of breeding wild rabbits and squirrels, which will give the territory of the recreation base unique atmosphere.

    The planned staffing table includes:

    Business plan of the recreation base

    The main duties of the administrator will be to work with clients, book rooms, pay for services, as well as control the activities of the staff of the base.

    Total costs per month for wages will be 89 thousand. Rubles, per year-1 068 thousand. Rubles. Schedule

    List of activities and their cost for opening a business

    Business plan of the recreation base

    Total to start the project will need 120 days and 5 mln. Rubles.

    The main orders are expected to start in spring 2014. Financial plan

    To open a recreation base will need an investment of 5 mln. Rubles. Of them own funds make 500 thousand. Rubles and borrowed (bank credit) 4.5 mln. Rubles.

    The basic monthly expenses of the individual entrepreneur, will be the expenses for the payment of wages to employees.
    In addition to the material costs of large expenses of the entrepreneur will be the payment of insurance contributions to RPF and FSS: 320 thousand. Rubles per year for employees and 36 ths. Rub. Per year per pi.

    Business plan of the recreation base

    A full list of all costs, as well as calculation of gross and net profit is presented in the table-income and expenditure forecast:

    Business plan of the recreation base

    Net profit at the end of the year will be 1.49 mln. Rubles.

    Profitability of the recreation base = 70%

    Payback of the project = 40 months

    This is a complete, ready project that you will not find in the free access.
    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

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