Business plan of the real estate Agency

Business plan of the real estate Agency


    Sample business Plan of the real estate agency, opened under the franchising agreement.

    Which franchise to choose for the real estate Agency

    The aim of the project is to open a successful and competitive real estate agency in our city. In order to reduce the risks of loss of invested funds and as soon as possible to get out on profitability it was decided to open a business under the franchising agreement. What are the advantages we get, opening under the brand of an already active company:

    1. Full support of business – coaching, consulting of top managers, training in corporate center of franchisee, constant analysis of performance of the agency.
    2. Assistance in the selection and training of personnel. Staff training, motivation and retention.
    3. The copyright holder provides a ready database of clients, personal cabinets of Realtors and partners, communicative opportunities.
    4. Ready marketing tools, assistance in promotion of services.
    5. Minimum risks – According to statistics, about 90% of newly opened organizations are closed for the first time 12 months of work. While under the franchise agreement, only 10% of new companies are closed.

    There is no lump or initial fee. The only small minus of franchising-monthly payments for the use of the brand (royalties), which make up 4% of the revenue. But, agree this is very little, in comparison with what we get.

    How much money you need to start a business

    The total amount of investments for the opening of the real estate Agency for Franchising is 3 mln. Rubles. The initial costs of the business plan include:

    • Office space repair and design;
    • Arrangement of work places, purchase of office equipment;
    • Costs associated with recruitment;
    • Advertising costs;
    • Organizational expenses – Registration of legal entity. Printing, opening a current account, etc.

    Description of products and services offered

    Our company plans to provide the following services:

    • Purchase and sale of apartments, land, cottages, villas, houses, apartments from developers.
    • Legal services-representation in courts on family, housing, land and civil disputes. Preparation of claims, transfer of housing from residential to non-residential (and vice versa). Registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.
    • Rental services – Hiring of residential and non-residential premises, rent of elite housing.
    • Sale of real estate on housing programs – young family, mortgage, housing certificate, military certificates.
    • Comprehensive mortgage services – mortgage without certificates and guarantees, full support of mortgage transactions.
    • Addressing issues related to the acquisition of maternal capital.

    According to preliminary calculations, the profitability of business for the first time 12 months of work will be no more than 100 thousand. Rubles per month (profit). The company will need to develop a customer base and win the trust of customers. Already from the second year of activity the monthly profit of the company will make on average 200, 2 thousand. Rubles per month (such data is given by the owner of the franchise).

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    What room to choose for the office

    For the placement of the real estate agency is selected room area 55 sq. M., located on the first floor of an apartment building. It is an elite area, with many buildings, with good access roads and parking. The premise corresponds to all norms of sanitary and fire safety, and also has been transferred in a status non-residential. The amount of rent will be 35 thousand. Rub. Per month.

    As the personnel of the organization it is planned to employ:

    • Real Estate Specialist, 6 persons, average salary – 18 thous. Rub.
    • Manager of Sales Department, 2 persons, average salary – 20 thous. Rub.
    • Specialist in mortgage lending, 1 person, average salary-18 ths. Rub.
    • Lawyer, 1 person, average salary – 20 thous. Rub.
    • Advertising specialist, average salary-17 ths. Rub.
    • Managing. 1 person, average salary – 30 thous. Rub.
    • Accountant, 1 person, average salary-18 ths. Rub.

    What system of taxation to choose for the real estate Agency

    The organization's remuneration fund will be 251 thousand. Rub. Per month.
    Organizational form of the Organization will be). The system of taxation is USN, 6% of the revenue of the agency.

    Marketing and advertising Agency

    In conditions of high competition it is very important to develop a competent advertising company. The word "literate" refers to the ways of promoting services that will be as effective as possible. After all, you can invest as 1 000 000 rubles, and 100 000 rubles, and get the same effect. Here are just a few important points:

    • Regular publications in thematic journals about real estate, work with journalists.
    • Creation of a high-quality site, with good articles and promotion in search engines. The budget for these goals is not less than 150 thousand. Rubles.
    • Participation in seminars and conferences, conducting of master-classes.
    • Building partnerships with banks (for mortgages) and state structures (to expedite the procedures for obtaining papers).
    • Loyal attitude to the clients, readiness to go to the meeting in the questions of payment and schedules of meetings.
    • Availability of discounts, holding of shares and bonus programs.
    • The Dress radio. It will be very important how our clients respond. One satisfied customer can bring a dozen new ones.

    Financial plan of the real estate Agency

    Let's proceed to calculation of the basic indicators of economic efficiency of business.
    Constant monthly expenses of the real estate agency:

    • Rent of premises-35 000 rub.
    • Salary-251 000 rub.
    • Deductions to extra-budgetary funds – 75 300 rubles.
    • Advertising-30 000 rub.
    • Transportation costs-20 000 rub.
    • Other expenses (Maintenance of the current account, stationery, utility expenses, unforeseen expenses, etc. D.) – 40 000 rub.

    Total-451 300 rub.
    Structure of fixed costs according to the plan:

    Business plan of the real estate Agency

    Monthly Income Forecast:

    • Revenue for the first month: 300 000 rub. Profit/loss =-151 300 rub.
    • Revenue for the second month: 350 000 rub. Profit/loss =-101300 rub.
    • Revenue for the third month: 400 000 rub. Profit/loss =-51300 rub.
    • Revenue for the fourth month: 450 000 rub. Profit/loss =-1300 rub.
    • Revenue for the fifth month-500 000 rub. Profit/loss = + 48700 rub.
    • Revenue for the sixth month-550 000 rub. Profit/loss = + 98700 rub.

    How much you can earn on this business

    The average monthly profit on the results of the first year of work will be only 36 200 rubles. However, for the second year of the real estate agency, when the client base of the company grows, the projected monthly profit will be not less than 200 thousand. Rubles. The return on investment is planned to go through 28 – 30 months of work.

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    This is a complete, ready project that you will not find in the free access.
    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

    Turn-based plan for opening a real estate agency

    1. Study of the real estate market in the region.
    2. Registration of activity.
    3. Registration of lease agreement for office premises.
    4. Creation of own Internet resource-site.
    5. Office arrangement.
    6. Starting a business.

    How to choose the equipment for business

    To start a real estate agency will need a little-to equip the office. When choosing furniture and interior products it is necessary to understand that the office space is issued. Classics-This is the best style of decoration, which is trusted for centuries. A table, a wardrobe, a sofa, a shelf should be picked up in one style. Minimalism and rigor must be present in the reception.

    You will also need a standard set of office equipment: computer, scanner, printer, phone.

    What okved to specify when registering a business

    • 31 – Activity of agencies on real estate transactions;
    • 32 – Real Estate management;
    • 20 – activity in the sphere of insurance;
    • 84 – Provision of other services.

    What documents are needed to open a business

    There is no need to purchase a seal when registering a pi. But still it is recommended to make it, as the documents with the impression of printing clients trust much more.

    When opening a joint business, you must register an LLC.

    Do I need permission to open

    Currently, there is no need to make a license to open a real estate agency. But registration of LLC or IP is necessary. For legalization of business it is necessary to provide a photocopy of passport and to write the corresponding application to the tax inspectorate at the place of registration of the applicant. It is obligatory to pay the state fee. The registration period is about 10 days.

    Technology of real estate Agency opening

    Many experts recommend before you run your own business to go to work in a current real estate agency. This makes it possible to study the business from the inside out.

    For opening of own agency it is necessary not so already and many: to carry out analysis of the market and consumer base, to remove and equip office, to accept first clients. It is worth remembering that the reputation of the real estate agency plays a very important role. After all, it is primarily the trust of customers, and without it in this area can not do. Another thing you should not forget a Realtor-all transactions with real estate must comply with the current legislation of the country.

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