Business on growing vegetables, is it really getting rich?

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

Business on growing vegetables, is it really getting rich?Today it turns out that in the fruit and vegetable business it is really possible to reach heights. But first you have to learn from the professionals. In particular, the master Classes IX International conference "Fruits and vegetables of Ukraine 2012", held in the framework of the exhibition "Fresh Produce Ukraine 2012", organized by the project "APK-Inform: vegetables and fruits" (Ukraine, Russia), LLC "Company" City Dreams "(Ukraine), WTO Exhibitions BV (Holland).
More than 200 delegates from 18 countries of the world participated in the "Exam for professionals", as the event was presented by its initiators. The sponsor of the exhibition was the Chilean Fruit Association, and the conference-the Company "Phytomag".
Andrey Yarmak, the author of the project "APK-Inform: vegetables and fruits", intrigued the name of his report: "Philosophy of fruit and vegetable production: World experience and Ukrainian ways. Is it possible to become an oligarch? "My experience with investors has shown that most of them cannot get a clear answer to the question:" Why? " -Andrei started with such a turn. "And they will see no reason to invest unless there is a specific answer."
Next A. Yarmak focused on the specifics of the fruit and vegetable business, the degree of risk, the role of the scale of areas, success factors, nuances of the range… Family or "collective farm"? Some stubbornly convinces that for Ukraine only "in the collective-happiness", advocating for inukraineyet production. And as the study of Andrei Jarmaka shows, it is the small households of family type that are successful in the world. "Abroad measuring the degree of efficiency, quality, and we-thousands of hectares-figuratively expressed by the author.
Where does the investment come from? According to the speaker, domestic investments in fruit and vegetable production thrive in civilized countries. Therefore, earned in the same industry, as a rule, family funds invested in the development of the same production. Money, which is invested in agriculture of Ukraine, can not be called intellectual, so come from the alcohol, oil and gas, construction industries. "It's like nothing wrong, because they remain money," the expert continues, "but they do not bring any relevant professional experience or semantic load. Accordingly, this "from anywhere" negatively affects efficiency. "
Specialization. All at once or something one? In the world many wealthy companies rich on a certain culture. For example, in vegetable-on garlic or onions, and in gardening-on winter apples. And no other side of it. They don't want to hear about melons or cabbage. Although others "found themselves" in bahche or maize. "Such a phenomenon, when everyone grows one thing, in all subtleties of what is called specialization-explains A. Yarmak. -Diversification is the opposite, when one farmer or a large enterprise takes over everything, everything, everything. Sometimes not knowing what to eat. Like the right approach: did not give birth to potatoes-urodilsja peas. But why was it wasted on potatoes? "The field in Ukraine is the owner in space… It's almost no joke. But close to the truth. According to Andrei Jarmake, few of those who work in the big Ukrainian fields, know and have seen his, figuratively speaking, the Marquis of Carabas. Since the real owner of the holding is not UTRUZHDAETSJA partnership with those who work for it. Whence and such concept in hired workers, as detachment from results of work. In civilized countries the owner almost always can be found on their fields. As a rule, he is well aware of all his employees, even seasonal. Attention, respectful attitude to people effectively affects the work, because all workers then feel themselves as members of the family.
Locality of fruit Business "Unlike international companies specializing in the" stake "(Drink-ed.) or cereals, each region has its own "crown" vegetable or fruit. So, every small or large farmer can grow his strawberries, garlic, apples, which will be looking for its consumers. Everyone has a chance. The main thing is not to be afraid that displace international giants, "the market expert assured.
Risks and negatives "sharp price fluctuations. The problem with lending and attracting investments, because potential investors first of all pay attention, oddly enough, to those who need tens of millions. Observing the volatility and unpredictability of prices, they are difficult to convince that cabbage or peaches will bring the golden Mountains,-says Andrei Yarmak. -Here the most profitable-with a systematic professional approach. And you can often do it on your own. "


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