A good idea for the development of small business is growing strawberries year-round.

The case has almost 100% success in the major towns, as Strawberry needed restaurants (because it is an essential ingredient for most desserts or cocktails). Especially they are experiencing it in winter, when the need to get a fresh Berry extremely problematic, and ordered the warm edges of expensive and unprofitable. Since it is not a "seasonal" and permanent business, in view of all these factors, it can be a good additional source of income.

In Holland know how to grow strawberries in ordinary plastic bags in the context of the so-called "greenhouse". It is worth noting that they feed almost the whole Europe strawberries grown in this way. Almost all the technology of growing of plants are aimed at the implementation of this process in the winter, because the need for it grows almost twice.

The question arises, where does one begin to cultivate strawberries?

For this is enough uninhabited rooms (necessarily warm!), because the equipment requires only a few square meters. You can also convert this some part of your garage, provided that it is equipped with heating.

Bags for growing Strawberry in "indoors" should be made of white plastic sheeting, measuring about 16 to 200 centimeters. In them is filled up with a mixture of peat and perlite, and after his zapaivajut, making longitudinal holes on seven centimeters for seedlings. Then you should stow bags on special supports, which are capable of withstanding a 30 kilogram (although, in a pinch, you can and on the floor) system to irrigate your landings may be made from tubes and should be connected to the Dripper to each bag. One bag have two liters of a solution a day.

Now we will make some calculations.

With one square. meters on average 20 kg of strawberries can be collected. Liter Bowl berries worth 120 rubles (in Berry season, i.e. in winter rate can reach up to 180) total, if we get one metre twenty kilograms, with ten it's all 200. 200 x 120 = 24000 rubles

Summing up, it should be said that net profit will be about 22000 rubles if subtract therefrom the cost of electricity and transportation. I should add that the masters growing strawberries can collect on 50 kilograms to the square. meter, so in this case, everything is in your hands.

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