Business idea. Boxing services

When you consider what kind of popularity in this country scored sport called "boxing", then it is not worth even wonder what business idea is to provide services to 100 percent boxing will be profitable. This really is a great business that ozolotit any businessman, decided to try it.

Space and equipment

The first thing to decide when opening a business, this is where the training will take place in boxing. You can hold them in the building, and on the street. But given what we have from weather, the second option is not the best option, as indeed the warm months of the year, we have not so much. And engage in boxing in the cold or rain, paying more for that money, almost no one wants. So the best option would be to buy or rent premises equipped with all conveniences. Which will contain a gymnasium, locker room and shower room. In addition, you will need to purchase the pears for practicing kicks, gloves, helmets, and install the ring. Never skimp on holsters and gear, since all cheap will be ruined as soon as possible, due to poor durability.

Basic conditions when creating a business providing services to boxing.

For this type of business, you will need:

1. A room or building. It must have at least medium size. You can rent, buy or build your own construction.

2. Buy and put on places-ring, pears, sports gear and equipment. The cost of 20 in about 100 will be PEAR thousands rubles. The ring will cost 150-500 rubles.

3. Shower. After a workout, all clients will want to take a shower, which adds only pluses in the eyes of your customers.

4. Coaches. This work will suit only those trainers who can teach and oversee the refinement of the acquired knowledge and skills.

5. Advertisement. To learn about your business, want to place ads in publications of the city, social networks, forums, on television, and you can also order several large banners and hang them in crowded places.

Given that boxing is very popular, you can fairly quickly recoup all their costs and get off at a net profit of about six months. Because wanting to learn boxing at all times there were many, so a large stream of clients you will be provided with, most importantly, create a comfortable environment to study and do not bend the stick with the value of the vendor.

To our great surprise, even girls prefer it is boxing, not the fitness Hall. So that the potential customer base is large enough to remain the case for small, encourage people to come to you.

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