Business idea for small business development: sales of popcorn

In the Russian market of popcorn until about 16 years ago, but even in such a short time of its existence managed to take buyers absolutely any age categories-everything from first-grader and ending with a pensioner, in awe of this delicacy. On this basis, it is clear that the sale of this item is a very good source of income. Popcorn is not profitable to produce on a large scale and collapse them stores because he only freshly prepared delicious form. The profitability of this business is 650% Fiction, isn't it?

The initial investment in such business as selling popcorn is extremely small, you can start with an amount of 30 thousand rubles. What you will spend this amount?

1) lease of space to accommodate the outlet-about $150

2) apparatus for the production of popcorn (per 10 thousand you can easily buy a Chinese car, and to get started, you will be quite enough) However, if, in the future, you plan to develop production and trade, you will be able to buy an American car (up to $2000), which will earn already in the first three months of sales from the Chinese device.

3) If you're going to sell popcorn in summer, it is worth the purchase of another and a cart for transporting raw materials and machines (approximately 6-7 thousand rubles)

4) raw material (grain, oil, dyes, sugar, salt)

The main raw material for making popcorn is corn and oil. It is best to choose a coconut, but never with butter or canola. Also it is not recommended to take sunflower oil because when you add it to the product it will smell fried sunflower seeds. Coconut oil should be stored in cool, as it begins to melt at + 27 degrees, and corn is better kept in closed containers because if the grains will lose moisture, it will simply not be triggered when heated.

There are several types of beans: large, medium and small butterfly, as well as "caramel" (for making sweet product) the best option would be the average butterfly and caramel, as average Butterfly unfolds in 42 times more increasing in size, and is not a highly fragile, or vice versa.

So why sell popcorn is it profitable?

I must say that the cost of one sack with grains equals $40 when his weight 23 kg. For every bag you will need oil at $15. With one bag you can get approximately 850 cups of popcorn cost to 45 rubles. Total per month you will get approximately 115 thousand, if you put your trading point in a crowded place. Subtract 10 from there worth thousands to rent premises, 5 thousand to purchase packages for popcorn and before taxes the state your net profit would be 100 thousand per month. (from there you will take the funds for the purchase of raw materials to the next month) good luck!

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