Sales of tea and coffee. What and how.

Among a wide abundance of drinks tea and coffee making facilities occupy a leading place on the demand for them. Therefore, opening a tea shop and coffee, influx of visitors is guaranteed, it is important to determine the format of your business. The range also plays an important role.

Options activity.

The entrepreneur can open a standard coffee and tea shop for direct sales. It may be located in the city, shopping mall or on the specialized site (market). Trade space is rented from the owners. Rental costs can range from $100 a month or more. If you place a trade-trade center, can be rented and a small outdoor section. These points are distinguished by high traffic. Profitable to place such a business in Office centers, institutions and even universities.

In addition to selling tea or coffee, you can provide the following additional services:

-preparation of the drink on the spot. For this purpose it is necessary to equip the special counter bar. If space allows it in the shop it is best to put a couple of small tables with chairs for visitors;

-tea and coffee shop can sell gift sets. Providers typically offer products entrepreneur buy (cheaply) beautiful branded packaging for coffee or tea my dear varieties of these beverages are sold directly in such plastic packages free of charge. So tea shop and coffee can implement product in carton. And plastic boxes used as a gift option for a single price. This is a good article, because the income elite varieties of drinks are most often bought for a gift.

-tea and coffee shop can sell related products: candy, chocolate, nuts.

is a free service of coffee grinding. It said the high level of service and attracts buyers.


Sales must be all kinds of teas: green, black tea. Pellets should be small, medium and large (leaf). You can sell this drink with various additives (with jasmine, orange peel, lemon scented additives, etc.). Selection of coffee should also be varied: as an elite and affordable. It is important that there were options for instant coffee in beans and melenogo.

The more names of drinks, the better. You must rely on different contingent customers: both with high and low purchasing power. To improve trade can sell both tea 50 and 100 gr. In price list price must be indicated for this number. This figure will be small. So everyone can afford to buy a small number of expensive teas. In sum, you can gain significant revenue.


Articles main costs include:

-rental shop (average 100 c.u. per month):

-pay the seller ($ 300, because the work is not difficult);

-purchase of equipment: coffee maker, coffee grinder and cash register (from 1000 UE. in General);

— the purchase of the basic range (from $500 for the first month of work).

Thus, the cost for the first month will be about 2000 USD Earnings can vary from 500 to 2000 UE. per month (depends on the location and range). Payback period will occur on the third month activity store. Profitability in its first year of operation-150%.

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