Business idea: open a spa

Often compared to spa beauty salon. But this is a totally different kind of business. Under the title of "Spa" secrete both cosmetic and professional medical services. This institution engaged in multiple directions recovery clients and improve their image, appearance.

That is, the institution is a salon, providing comprehensive services in different fields. And therefore the profitability of this business is much higher than the standard of beauty salon.

Kinds of services

Basic services are those that aim at changing the client's image. This manicure, haircut, eyebrow shaping, makeup, etc. They are a significant part of the income, but not the main one. Normal Spa focuses on rehabilitation services, relaxation and recreation.

These may include:

  1. -massage;
  2. — acupuncture;
  3. — beautician services, rejuvenation program using injection drugs and equipment;
  4. -different methods of losing weight using professional equipment (lifting, vacuum massage, etc.);
  5. -Solarium;
  6. -Sauna, steam bath (sometimes);
  7. -hair removal, etc.

Thus, popular spa is obliged to provide many types of cosmetic and wellness services. Therefore, employ appropriate staff should medical education: therapists, beauticians, masseurs.

Business organization

To register, you must arrange a spa business as "ZAO" or "LTD". Individual entrepreneurship is prohibited by law. It is also important to properly plan the space.

It is necessary to divide it into several zones:

  1. -reception (located at the entrance, where there is a reception desk);
  2. -cosmetic (working area for a hair stylist, make-up artist, etc.);
  3. -therapeutic (parlours with medical staff and equipment);
  4. -wet (part of a premise where there are water-related procedures: bath, sauna, special aquamassage);
  5. -Administration (Office of administration, accountant).

Total area of the Salon will be from 80 to 150 sq.m.

Expect more solvent. Therefore, the entire advertising campaign should be undertaken with a focus on high-income consumers: politicians, businessmen, Showmen, etc.

Costs and future profits

All costs of the cabin can be divided into several groups: the cost of equipment, materials, labor, depreciation and others. In the first month of work, the amount of expenditure can make about 50 thousand. c.u. But this figure quickly pay off. Spa Salon is a place where are expensive. Therefore, the profitability of the business is more than 200 percent by the end of the first year of operation.

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