Business idea: open a hair salon

To open the Salon hairdresser, should be well acquainted with the procedure of registration. If all rules and procedures are met, the Salon Hair might be a good investment. Profits in this business is guaranteed already in the first half of the business. It all depends on the correct Organization of work.

Especially the founding business.

If the entrepreneur does not have its own premises for business, then he should rent. As a result of this transaction the lease is signed. The room in which the hairdresser will, should not apply to housing. To him and overall execution of the following requirements.

Placement requirements:

  1. is the area of not less than 30 sq.m.;
  2. — hairdresser must appear only on 1 floor with a separate entrance;
  3. -the room should be divided into two parts: male and female facilities. You can use and decorative partition;
  4. -chairs for clients must be at a distance of 2 meters from each other (and 90 cm from the mirror);
  5. — availability of equipment for water heating (boiler);
  6. -single room with a special sink for washing head;
  7. — availability of good artificial and natural lighting. Lamps must be located near every Chair and table for clients;
  8. -sink for hand washing staff, a separate bathroom;
  9. -special containers for the cut of the hair;
  10. — availability of disinfection autoclave for towels, towels, etc.

An entrepreneur with business registration must submit a lease and a certificate that does not apply to residential type. Also required is the procedure for obtaining the certificate on hairdressing. These three documents and conclusion of SES provide an opportunity to establish a business. Then the new Salon hair will comply with all rules and standards.


One should not forget about the hiring of qualified staff. With the masters you must enter into a contract. In the room there should be a minimum of two employees: one each in the Hall. They are also required to have certificates of education or passing specific courses. Availability of health necessarily Carnets.

In addition to jobs, sinks and dryers, professional hair dryer each wizard should issue sets to work. This tools, detergents, paints, supplies, hygiene products, etc. You must maintain a strict accounting of these funds. So you can prevent waste of article material and equipment.

The potential costs and revenue.

Work must be appreciated. But it often happens that Salon Hair remains for several days without customers. Therefore it is better to agree on piece-rate pay. This will encourage the personnel. Indicative salary costs 2-x employees-$ 600 a month or more.

All equipment and materials will cost from 3 to 5 thousand. c.u. Monthly lease payments will amount to 500-1000 USD (depending on region). Possible income ranges from 1.5 to 3 thousand. c.u. Therefore, the profit is only possible on the 4-5 month of work. So salon hair is considered a business with long term payback. It is important to properly arrange advertising and customer acquisition mechanism. Competition in this market is high.

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