Business idea: the manufacture of handmade SOAP

It is a very popular and interesting business idea for anyone in search of their earnings yet. According to statistics, more than half of the people want their different hobbies in his spare time, turn into a profitable business. The researchers found, about 22% of women prefer needlework is the largest percentage among all types of hobbies. Another 20% of both men and women love to read.

So, for all the reading and interested in, that would make such a useful and fascinating with their hands, proposes another activity-manufacture of SOAP at home. Try it once and you'll like it. It's fun, fast, exciting and unique, because this SOAP as you have-would no longer be exactly no one. And yet you will be able to give people your artworks, and later, can organize the sale. In General, it makes sense to combine the pleasant with the useful.

How to cook the SOAP from scratch, the secrets of cooking.

To do this, you need to develop or own production technology or framework to take some clues.

Before starting to cook the SOAP, you naturally want to stock up on ingredients, right?

So, you will need:

  1. SOAP base is the main component, without which SOAP you simply will not work. You can find it in specialty stores for needlework in your town or order online. Worth it from 200 to 300 rubles per kilogram. Instead of soapy basis you can cook the SOAP from the SOAP, just make sure that it did not offer strong smell. Please note, if you want to make transparent soap base must also be transparent.
  2. Glycerin-ask at the pharmacy, cheap price.
  3. Oil-base. The main thing is that it did not offer a sharp, strong smell. Such include Cedar oil, Sea buckthorn, almond, apricot, olive or Peach. Look in the pharmacy.
  4. Essential oil. Choose any, according to your taste.
  5. Fillers and dyes. You can buy professional paints. The fillers are flowers, milk, cream, corn, coffee, cinnamon, honey, or simply pieces of different soaps.
  6. Sugar. You can, of course, do without one if you insist, but SOAP melts much better.
  7. Water or milk to dilute the SOAP mass. Will arrange with the addition of milk, but not water.
  8. Old tub for steam baths.
  9. Molds for SOAP. Do not take glass, better take ceramics, plastics.
  10. Any strong alcohol or alcohol to splash on the surface of the SOAP.

One piece SOAP 100 gram you need: 3:00 spoonfuls-basics, 1:00 Spoon Glycerin, 4-5 drops of essential oil. If you like more fragrant SOAP, add a little more.

Prepare SOAP at home.

So, all bought, Muse is present, commit to learning how to cook the SOAP at home.

  1. If you have soap base-cut her to pieces. When you cook the SOAP with child-rub it on a grater, pour into the vessel for steam, close the lid. Stir occasionally, add oil-based. In order to better SOAP topilos, Leyte small portions of water or milk. Keep in mind that water should be a bit, otherwise the weight can vspenitsja and become liquid. That is why, it is best to add milk, cream can. You should now have a ultimately kiseleobraznaja consistency. You can not pour liquid, and add sugar, experts say that the sugar helps to melt the SOAP.
  2. When you have a homogeneous mass, add the essential oils, dyes and fillers. Want to achieve from soaps of gentle colors are on 100 gram SOAP should add only 1 or 2 drops of dyes. How to better combine smells-read literature on aromatike.
  3. All SOAP is ready. Pour it on the forms, leave to cool down completely. It happens that the surface of the SOAP in the moulding starts to bubble-in this case, you have a strong alcohol. Spray it with spray bottle with vodka or alcohol.

After cooled, place your finished SOAP at the tv, then it can be retrieved from a form. To do this, dip the mould in hot water, but not for long, to SOAP again began to melt.

Leave the SOAP dry for 2-3 days, after which they can safely start selling and receiving the first income. Or make a gift to a loved one.

If you decide to make SOAP with herbs don't do it a lot, this art will be useful not more than 2 months shelf life.

Where to sell their products?

With regard to the sales of finished products, for this you need samples to bypass the gift shops, cosmetics and gifts of their city, and offer their goods. And what originalnej you will have the products, the greater and higher demand for it.

Besides, soap making is considered to be waste-free production. In a move can go not only whole pieces, but also the leftovers (remnants). Keep in mind that quickly spread your products, follow the pricing policy. Sales of SOAP in average 100 rubles-the normal price for the goods.

How to get life remnants?

If you are using hard SOAP, then surely you still have remnants of when to wash your hands is no longer possible, and throw a pity. There is a solution-you can cook the SOAP of residues.

Collect all remnants, grate them on a grater fold in any other vessel for microwave oven. Pour a small amount of hot water, close the lid, send in the microwave for ten seconds at full power. Remove, stir to warm up again at the same time. So keep on doing until completely melted. SOAP should not be boiled.

SOAP is ready, pour on the formochkam, let cool, refrigerate. When completely solidifies, can each piece is beautifully packaged in transparent paper and sell.

The proposed business idea is best suited for creative people who love not only to enjoy their work, but also make a profit.

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