The business idea is a private medical laboratory

Modern medicine uses different diagnostic methods. Effective treatment of most diseases today begins with the testing. Usually, to obtain reliable information on the State of health of the patient is requested to pass paid Diagnostics.

Of course, everyone wants to be tested quickly, without wasting time standing in queues. In addition, the level of service at local polyclinics (even paid offices) leaves much to be desired. That is why there has been an increase in private medical laboratories. They take biomaterial at any time convenient for the client, and the results are usually ready within one working day. If the patient has no time to pick them up personally, information can be send to the email address specified.

According to most experts, this business has a great future.

The level of competition in this area of services high, but an entrepreneur can still be a successful market player, if will adhere to fair pricing policies.

Opening of a private medical laboratory is a complex and very costly. By some estimates, the Strip entrance to such a business could reach several million dollars. This is due to the high cost of the equipment that you will need to purchase for the conduct of laboratory Diagnostics.

If you start an investor is limited, it can open lab, and a small parlour.

In this case, the amount of seed capital may be 15-20 of thousands of dollars to businessmen living in the province and about 50 thousand dollars for metropolitan entrepreneurs. In this case, you will need to partner with a large laboratory that provides clinical diagnostic services on outsourcing. Such a business can be open for franchise. In this case, the network company can help the novice entrepreneur in obtaining licences, documentation, development of marketing tools.

To open a small treatment room entrepreneur you want to rent a premise(room) 25-30 square meters.

If a businessman plans to open a full-fledged laboratory, it will need to find a room with an area of not less than 100 square meters. In addition, such institutions should be a separate entrance for customers. The premises will need to prepare for the inspection of fire service and SES.

You must then go to the purchase of equipment, reagents and finding qualified medical personnel.

Special attention should be given to the formation of lab services.

It is necessary to include biochemical blood analysis, analyses of genital infections, hormones, research on the most common tumor markers, allergy tests and so on.

Income from such commercial activity depends on its format. Payback in opening a full-fledged medical laboratory is about 4 years old, while investments in the Organization of the treatment room you can return after a year and a half of its existence.

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