Pelvic massage is used in complex therapy with medication to save patients from diseases such as inflammation of the epididymis, endometriosis, etc. Such medical service enjoyed, as a rule, girls and women aged from 18 to 45 years.

Not all cities have highly specialized massage rooms that provide a similar service. This is partly due to the need to obtain a special license to open a business. However, experts argue that the time and financial investments in the implementation of those ideas pay off quickly enough. That's why business project of opening massage can be considered very promising.

The amount of the initial capital needed for its realization depends on the level of activity, number of employees and the cost of renting premises. Initially, you can open a small cabinet, which will work 2 specialist. Under existing regulations, for each masseur must be not less than 8 square meters. Thus, at an early stage, you can rent a room with an area of 20-25 square meters. It is desirable, that it was in a densely populated area of the city.

Pelvic massage refers to the health services. That's why the businessman will need to apply to the Ministry of health to obtain a special license, which gives the right to conduct such business.

An important factor will depend on the success of such a project is the level of qualification of employees of the Cabinet. Pelvic massage should hold a specially trained people with medical training.

According to some estimates, to open such highly specialized businesses need about 500-600 thousand rubles. This amount includes the cost of obtaining permits, rental deposit, carrying out cosmetic repairs, purchase of furniture and equipment. Before the Cabinet would begin its work, the businessman will need to invite representatives of the regulatory authorities to verify the conformity of the premises of existing sanitary requirements and safety standards.

Gynaecological massage session usually lasts no more than 1:00. Its value must be set according to the level of prices for similar services in the region. It is necessary to provide bonuses to customers who repeatedly visited a massage parlor. The profitability of such a microbusiness can reach 60-90 thousand rubles monthly.

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