Making ice cream is quite a profitable business, but it requires some investment. Before you organize, you must rent a premise(room), procure equipment, perform a series of claims by regulatory authorities. For the initial capital required about a hundred thousand United States dollars. However, some start-ups are costing much lesser sum. To do this, you can rent an apartment under Cafe and trade prepared ice cream. After the first profits it is desirable to arrange their own production.

What you need to start your business? To have a stable income with ice cream, you must work hard. For this you need a day to sell at least 200 servings of product. It is desirable to take into account the seasonal factor, because in winter the number of sales will be considerably lower than in the hot season. A good marketing move will increase the range of ice creams and the introduction of other products. For example, in the winter you can offer visitors hot chocolate, coffee, homemade pastries.

How to increase profits? Some enterprising entrepreneurs are doing everything possible to increase profits. Important marketing step for them is to increase the number of visitors to the Caf?. To do this, it is advisable to diversify, creating new varieties of ice cream. Regular customers can be offered discounts. You can expand your business with new partners or open new cafes.

What is a franchise? Franchise should ensure the safety of small businesses. Having concluded the contract with the brand company, entrepreneurs have some advantages. They can protect your small business, consult experienced lawyers and marketers about the conduct of his business. Such consultations can help you avoid mistakes in the early stages of the business.

So, in the domestic market, there are companies that actively promote your brand. An example could be a proven company, for example, "Robbinns", "Baskin Gelateria PLOMBIR". Of course, the partnership with these brands cost a novice entrepreneur in a considerable amount. But, on the other hand, profits from such cooperation will be much larger than trade somebody else's ice cream production. The more that companies responsible attitude to our customers and are constantly in control of the company, which signed a contract. The cons of this partnership include large attachments by new entrepreneurs, competition from other well known companies.

Conditions for the establishment of a partnership with the company brand. Commonly known company offers its conditions, the most important of which is the first installment. It will be, most likely, one percent of all sales, and four per cent of regular payments to the owner of the company. Despite all the advantages of joining a small company to the network of ice cream, it will still have some risks. Business laws are the same for all, and no one is immune from damages.

Things to consider when you open ice cream? Before you sell products, you must develop a plan. An aspiring entrepreneur should determine all the prospects and possible problems in the development of their business. For yourself you must decide such a question-whether to seek to manufacture its own products, or to purchase goods from suppliers?

Purchase and resale of ice cream is not so profitable occupation as it seems at first glance. Manufacturing of own products based on natural ingredients much more attractive compared to perekupkoj similar varieties of ice cream. In addition, you need to take care of the selection and arrangement of the Caf?. It is desirable that the building contained not only room for visitors, but also a place for manufacturing their own products. Caf? size must be dividable by three or more zones-places for trade, manufacturing and domestic premises. If the trade is located in the premises of a major shopping centre, five meters is enough to accommodate the counter.

What equipment is needed for the manufacture of ice cream? The equipment consists of a special drug, pasteurizer, Cabinet and display cases. To attract buyers, you can place showcases around tables. All this can be bought separately or order the complete.

How many employees will be required to work in a caf?? The number of employees should Caf? depend on the number of products and floor space. As a rule, their number should not exceed ten people. A team can consist of seller, bartenders, cleaners, laborer, the owner of the cafe. Now compose your business project and solve all organizational issues related to the production and sale of different kinds of ice cream.

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