Bicycles from China — all about Chinese bicycles

Bicycles from China

A bicycle is a well-known and extremely popular vehicle in the world. Currently, the most widespread are Chinese bicycles.

In the PRC, a large number of bicycles are being manufactured, most of which are exported to the European Union, Russia, the United States and other countries of the world. It is known that more than 30 000 000 are produced in the People’s Republic of China annually. It is extremely important that the situation with the quality of products, including the quality of bicycles, has changed. Some manufacturers in China produce very high-quality bicycles, which by technical characteristics are no worse than, say, German ones.

From China to Russia several types of bicycles are brought: children’s, highway, mountain and some others.

1. A road or road bike, as the name implies, is intended for riding on roads. As a rule, such bicycles from China have a small mass, which allows less fatigue and a good acceleration.

2. Since the roads in Russia still leave much to be desired, and the presence of so-called «primers» is significant, Chinese bicycles for off-road riding or so-called mountain bikes have gained the most popularity among the people of our country. They can go to the dacha, to the forest, to fishing and other difficult places. As a rule, the frame of such bicycles has additional reinforcement, the wheels are wider and more embossed. Moreover, often this kind of bikes also have a damping mechanism, serious hydraulic or mechanical brakes.

3. Children’s bicycles, manufactured in China, also have considerable demand. This is not surprising, because Chinese manufacturers have recently given a lot of resources to the environmental friendliness of materials. Naturally, all products from China are cheap.

To order bicycles from China, and directly from the manufacturer, it is simple enough — it is necessary to address in the organization which is engaged in direct deliveries of production from the Peoples Republic of China. Working with professionals is easy, as they relieve the client of the headache about agreements with manufacturers. In addition, the quality of bicycles or other goods may be inspected before they are shipped to the Russian Federation.