Best business ideas for women

TOP of the best business ideas for women.

The right to work for women deserved not so long ago, but in such a short time they managed to prove that there are many spheres of activity where they achieve not only good results, but also outstrip men.
Unfortunately, often women are hampered by self-doubt, a strong man next door, who sees in his wife only a housewife or fear of failure in an attempt to prove his independence and independence.
However, there are great chances of success, because women have more flexibility of mind, high patience and gentleness. The clear advantage of women in business is an innate intuition that plays a crucial role in business.

Typically, the classical female business areas include the following areas:

— Child development studios — pedagogy
-Sphere of service — tourism

If you are new to the business and do not know where to start. Any business consists of parts that you need to work through. Below is the most basic list:

Expenses. Determine the exact amount. Select source: loan / money from deposit / sponsor.
Potential clients. The target audience, where to find, the approximate number in your city, the demand for services.
Competition. What competitors are offering, what you can distinguish, at what price they offer, whether you can offer cheaper.
Office. Work at home or rent a room, online store.
Suppliers. Where to buy goods or components: in Russia or abroad, what time of delivery, who offers the best conditions.
Advertising. Contextual on the Internet, leaflets, word of mouth, direct sales, cold calls.
If you have not yet decided exactly what to do, what specific activities, try to cook. Choose from the first list of ideas 3 that you are most like or like, specialize for yourself.

The main rule: The topic should be as close to you as possible (hobbies, hobbies, experiences from past work). For example: after-repair clinic, TV-radio studio for children under 14 years old or making decorative pillows. And evaluate on the second list of 5 ball scale how easy it will be for you to organize this or that service. The activity that will gain the most points and should become your business.

And now, for your convenience, TOP-5 simple and popular women’s business ideas.

If you can not decide between two or have not chosen any, then you can safely choose any of the following:

Manufacture and sale of handicrafts — Handmade goods (hand-made) as a business idea for women.

Costs: the minimum to 100 000 rubles. You can start with the sale of your existing handicrafts. Put the profit in the material.

Potential clients: the female population of your city, find by way of word of mouth, a group in Instagram, contextual advertising, Vkontakte, forums.

Competition: large, but each offers its own original product, you need to come up with the idea of ​​crafts or crafts. It’s better that it’s your corporate identity, focus on the beginning on a narrow profile, then gradually add new product lines.

Office: start at home, create your online store, it’s better to get messed up and make it as beautiful, convenient, to display your creativity and look expensive

Suppliers: Send out requests for a quotation to all major needle shops, you have to buy in bulk, who will give cheaper. You can look for foreign suppliers, ideally find the original fabric, buttons or threads to get a competitive advantage.

Advertising: Contextual advertising, promotion in Instagram, group Vkontakte, word of mouth.

Income: at a price of 500 rubles per hand-crafted * 5 handicrafts sold per day * 30 days = 75,000 rubles.

Expenses: 30 000 rubles.

Net profit: 45,000 rubles per month

Children’s creative studio as a business idea for women.

Ideal time for implementation — leave to care for the child. An additional bonus is pedagogical education or courses. The opportunity not only to be near your child, but also to develop it. Suggest your friends mothers to give the child for 2-3 hours to learn English, modeling, drawing, games, social communication. Often it’s almost impossible to get into kindergarten, and private kindergartens at a cost like the salary of a working mom.

Tip: do not wind the price tag, come to this work with all the love for children, warmth and the desire to take children really something useful, not gadgets with cartoons.

Costs: minimum 100 000 rubles for toys, material, textbooks.
Potential clients: residents of your area, mothers of children, of the same age as yours, you can get acquainted with a walk with strollers.

Competition: development centers in your home or a private kindergarten.

Office: You can always start from home, but you must have a good, large equipped children’s room, moms should not be afraid to leave your children with you. If the business goes, you can always rent a separate room.

Suppliers: children’s and bookstores, online stores. Scheme as with needlework. Who will offer cheaper from that and order.

Advertising: word of mouth, leaflets, Vkontakte and Instagram group.

Income: at a cost of 500 rubles per hour. The average income for the month is 500 rubles. * 2 hours * 5 children * 22 days = 275,000 rubles a month.

A store of women’s or children’s goods as a business idea for women.

It is not necessary to follow all the new items and keep track of all the fashion shows. The main thing to find your product, even if it will be one or a small ruler. A huge field for activities, seasonality is constantly changing. Clothes and accessories are always needed, and even more so, good inexpensive children’s clothes are always needed and if you know where to get them the business is doomed to success!

Costs: minimum for advertising and the first batch of at least 100,000 rubles. The site you can make a friend IT for a delicious dinner))

Potential customers: all the girls or moms of your city.

Competition: very high, online and offline stores very much.

Office: you can start from home.

Suppliers: large wholesale supplier. Most often from Russia, China or America

Advertising: Vkontakte group, Instagram, Context advertising, word of mouth, barter, bloggers, stars.

Income: at a price of 3,000 rubles per thing * 5 things per day * 30 days = 450,000.

Expenses: 225 000 rubles. Standard cheat twice.

Master class as a business idea for women.

Another great idea for a girl is to sell her knowledge. Perhaps you ideally have mathematics or French. Or they wrote coursework to all their classmates, and maybe you are a virtuoso mistress and took your husband out of the family, then you need to urgently teach the domestic klush to save your marriage. What you think is ordinary, for others a serious problem. Someone wants to pump up a press and remove the barrel, but someone needs to quickly learn how to cook. Ask your friends or girlfriends what they think you are doing well or what they would like to learn from you.

Costs: 0 rubles.

Potential clients: girls, women of your city.

Competition: the minimum, few people know that this can be earned.

Office: you can work at home or travel to your home to clients.

Vendors: all attributes are usually there, if you need to additionally buy the client should buy to leave it at home and then train.

Advertising: word of mouth, Instagram, Vkontakte.

Income: the cost of the service is 3000 rubles * 10 times a month = 30 000 rubles.

Beauty expert as a business idea for women.

The most ideal sphere of work for a girl is beauty. Aboriginal women’s self-care topics, because we have so much that we need to maintain and constantly improve. There is where to go for a walk: a manicurist, a hairdresser, a stylist, a make-up artist, an eyebrow wizard, a masseur is not a complete list from which you can choose.

Costs: from 100 000 rubles. It is necessary first to finish the courses, get experience, purchase equipment and then start to earn money on it.

Potential customers: all the girls, women and grandmothers of your area.

Competition: local beauty salons and masters who have long worked at home.

Office: you can start at home, the office can be removed later.

Suppliers: professional cosmetics stores, it is better not to risk cheap Chinese counterparts.

Advertising: word of mouth, announcement at the entrance, Vkontakte group and page in Instagram.

Income: at a cost of 2500 rubles per procedure * 5 customers per day * 22 days = 275,000 rubles.

Costs: approximately 1/3 of material.

Net income: 180,000 rubles.

Advice: you can become an official distributor of cosmetics and receive a percentage of sales.

Girls, do not be afraid to read your business, this is a great opportunity to get financial independence, to provide for yourself, children at the same time, without floundering at work, and enjoying what you really like to do!

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