Free promotion and promotion of sites on the Internet. Search engine optimization (SEO)

You have created your own website that already visit your friends and, of course, you yourself. What's next? Most likely, you plan on getting through your own website some income, as a minimum, that will pay for the site's content, and, with time, and much more.

As you know, the profits from the site is in direct dependence on his attendance. However, each day in the network creates a myriad of various resources that become your competitors in terms of promotion.

A common mistake beginners is that by creating a website and registering it in the search engines and ranking systems, they think of the finished work. In fact, an essential process is the promotion of the site. Without this, your website very quickly prove to be on the periphery of the Internet, it will be difficult to find and it will not be available for new visitors. You have quite a different purpose: you need to get your website was known to a wide range of users. You can do one of the following ways.

Take advantage of the paid services for promotion of sites

Sites offering similar services, great variety, but don't believe all the proposals. Before using this service, check this site: if he offers promotion services, then he must have high rates. Type in the search box on the sites,,, or similar, a phrase of two or three words of the title of the site.

It may be that this site when you search in the search engine itself is somewhere on a fifties pages or even further. After this "promotion" of such "craftsmen" of the business, your website can generally prohibit to indexing in search engines, and this is only part of the problem, not to mention the lost mass.

Check offering services site will show how much he is worth your attention and will be any guarantee that you are not deceived. You should consider that services for promotion and advancement are much greater than the actual creation of the site. These services require the Executive Director of a large amount of time and cost, the results appear only through 2-3 a month earlier.

Deciding to use the paid services for promotion and website promotion, do it only on long-standing and proven services. But, nevertheless, millions of sites similar themes, all can not simultaneously occupy first positions, despite impressive cost their owners on advertising and promotion.

Promotion in search engines

Internet users are searching for the right information mainly by using search engines. The bulk of visitors traffic comes to the site from there. Why register your website in such systems need to be as quickly as possible after its establishment and verification.

Popular in Russia Yandex search engines (, Google (, Рамблер.ru (recent works on technologies of Yandex), (a mixture of its search and search from, etc., abroad are popular, in addition to the aforementioned,, There are many programs that record the site automatically in hundreds of search engines, as well as specialty sites and services automatic registration. They certainly are worth using, but as an additional tool in the most popular catalogues and search engines to register better manually.

In addition to registration, it is important to ensure that the link to your site for the search term was thrown at one of the first few pages. The fact of the matter is that only 10% of all people looking at the results of his request next to the third page. Therefore, the farther from the beginning of the list of search results is a link to your site, the less likely it will be at least somewhat popular.

In this regard, promote a website help external links to it from other sites. This will increase your site's citation. But different search engines use different databases, your site can be quoted for one search engine, and not cited for another. Therefore, we must strive to ensure that links to your site posted on the most cited resources.

Registration in the top resources, catalogues, Ratings

Directories-Factsheet resources, ratings-list of sites in accordance with the level of attendance. If registration in search engines results in stability, visiting your site, then register in the ratings can dramatically increase traffic, provided that your website is one of the first in the list.

If your site is registered in any Rating on its pages appears counter of visits, each of which the site is increasingly likely to take higher positions and move to the top of the list. The most popular rankings Runet: Rambler's Top100,,,,, etc. d.

Registration in the directory Yandex citation index increases site. Register in this directory can be either paid or change links with similar theme sites, already have such registration and certain trust search engines. The number of links to your site will increase gradually by making it more visible and credible, and you will have the opportunity to register in the directory free of charge. It is better to apply when the citation site will reach 100 or more.

This way you can improve your site's citation plus, such ads are stored for a long time, in the amount they can accommodate quite a lot. The cons of this method of promotion include low response to the announcement, briefly posting on the front pages and the threat of spam.

A very important point in the system of promotion of the site is its internal optimization. Particular attention should be paid to the availability of content on all pages of the website, which must be unique, high-quality, consistent with the theme of the site contain literate and readable texts. It is important to regularly update content is positively affects positioning in search engines.

When you hit the page must be optimally chosen keywords. They must be in the headlines, in the text of the page, the URL, meta tags, etc. d. A set of words and phrases describing the content of your website is a semantic query engine and defines your target audience.

The site must also be easy for search engine spiders robots link structure. This will depend on how many pages of the site they will be indexed and shown later on in the search results.

Together with search site promotion, effective online advertising is of various kinds, which will lead to your site audience.

Ways of promotion and promotion of a site may eventually be supplemented by new or change its features, this is due to the development of and changes in search engine algorithms. Today, for example, one of the topical directions is promotion pictures.

Image search is becoming more popular among users, and competition in this area is fairly small: the top positions could be a picture from a site which is far away in the usual list of search results. Another one of the many ways to promote increasing website traffic through effective snippet (text-based descriptions to the site after the title in the search engine).

All of these methods have different efficiency and speed the emergence of results, but many of them can be used even by beginners. The main thing is not to stop the promotion of your site on a daily basis.

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