ASIC farm for growing gold bitcoin

ASIC farm for growing gold bitcoin.

Mining farm: how does it work?

We will spend a small educational program on the algorithm of bitcoin. Many guess that this virtual currency functions independently and does not have any central authority. Transactions and information are processed by a special program. In the register of payments, data on purses are duplicated on all blocks of the network.

Bitcoin farm, what is it interesting?

Transactions are in the register in the form of consecutive records, collected in blocks. The chain is formed by computers, and if a goddess of luck has been smiled to the first to solve the problem, then it is awarded with a premium, a certain amount of bank notes. Low-capacity farms that are not productive enough to produce currency will be inferior to a faster and more powerful assembly.

How does the farm function?

The distribution of the earned currency is in proportion to the spent capacity, which is used to develop the virtual currency. Immediately with the emergence of a virtual currency in public access, business people began to manufacture various mechanisms for the extraction of virtual gold. For many people, the farm became a source of high welfare, while others got what was left, very late they realized that they would start implementing this idea.

How can I imagine a farm? In technical terms, it represents an assembly consisting of packages of powerful modern graphics cards connected to productive computers. The main processor also takes part in the mining process, but its computational power in the mathematical calculations of the SHA-256 hash is extremely low.

What else is needed to make the farm really productive? As the number of video cards in the package increases, it is necessary to increase the power of the power supplies. To effectively cool the equipment you need to install powerful air conditioners and fans. As a rule, it is necessary to put the general supply and exhaust ventilation. In process of development of this business under the farm large hangars are equipped with shelves with cascades of video cards. Accordingly, the costs of electricity are also rising. But even after the depreciation in the distant 2011, the number of miners did not decrease. Undoubtedly, the signs of mass psychosis in society have not yet passed.

Many users became millionaires with the help of bitcoins mining. The mining industry fluttered when manufacturers showed a device on an ASIC integrated circuit for working together with SHA-256. This hash function was created for one task — to get by using the «nice hash» by numbers, which will allow the pool to extend the chain of blocks and get a premium for it. The farm operates at a speed of three terakhs. Advanced assemblies are assembled on several processors. They are made on a chip basis with power supplies and fans.

In fact, this is a ready-made farm for the production of virtual currency. Buy and immediately start coin minting. A new generation of these chips has become even more productive.

ASICs provide a greater payback than the leader cards Radeon R9 380 and ahead of them on four levels of performance. Since the chips and power supplies consume less energy, the cost of buying and installing the farm is several times lower. The introduction of ASIC integrated circuits has frustrated plans of prospectors for serious inflows of bitcoins with the help of video card Radeon R9 380. The payback of server racks has fallen quite deep and continues to fall to zero.

How to complete a virtual currency farm?

Detailed guidance specifically for those who have not yet lost hope of gold bitcoin mining. We buy video cards. We provide them with intensive cooling. We are buying a powerful power supply for assembly. The board consumes about 300 watts.
Everything is mounted on the server rack. Fans are selected for air intake and exhaust. Or used air conditioners. The cassette connects to the computer, and he, with the pool. Included in the work. Powerful farms are located in Iceland. The whole year there is cool. This saves resources cooling the farm.

Determine how much is such a device, and what profit can be expected from the farm?

Approximate initial characteristics.

A video card costs about ten thousand Russian rubles.
Electricity is four rubles per kilowatt-hour.
The power of the computer is 375 W (in fact, this figure is much larger).
Imagine that the bitcoin rate is one thousand eight hundred green tickets with a portrait of the American president for one bitcoin.
Total computing power at a speed of 0.5 Ghash / s (gigashes per second) and, without taking into account the electricity used, we get -1.6 rubles per hour. Loss event. Farm on the balcony or in the kitchen bitcoin can not produce currency. It will be unprofitable.

Let’s say you increased the number of video cards to six. Energy consumption will cost 2.5 kilowatts and processing speed of three Ghash / s. As a result, we receive an hourly loss of ten rubles. The farm does not give income.

Move aside the bitcoin farm and take a look at another type of mining bitcoins. We collect the farm on ASIC-controllers AntMiner S9, its characteristics are as follows:
About 100,000 Russian rubles should be paid for AntMiner S9.
Four Russian rubles per kilowatt hour are paid for electricity.
About 360 kilowatts of energy consumes the farm (until we take into account the computer).
We will leave the course as before.
The performance of such an assembly is 28 thousand times higher than that of a farm with video cards. As a result, such a virtual currency farm gives the same -1.4 Russian rubles per hour. Even with such a powerful equipment, gold bitcoin mining is unprofitable.

Powerful assembly will not reduce the cost of electricity. The road to enrichment in such an assembly is closed.

The result.

No farm at home brings real profits. Large companies create huge cassettes from powerful ASIC controllers. Perhaps the creation of such installations from the ASIC cascades has the right to exist for new young crypto currencies, but for bitcoin time is already lost.

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