Market analysis of mobile applications in Russia

Our friends from the Studio mobile application development AppCraft who deal with not only the design and development of mobile applications, but also an analysis of the current situation on this market in Russia, prepared for us a short article with some interesting key figures on the results of the work of the year 2015.

Mobile application development is the process by which applications are designed for smaller handheld devices such as PDAs, smartphones or cell phones. These applications may be preinstalled on the device during manufacture, uploaded by the user through the various distribution platforms or Web applications, which are processed on the client side (JavaScript) or server.

What mobile apps bought in Russia?

Many come to us requests to develop mobile applications. On the basis of the most recent 500 applications, we conducted a study on segments, it came out something like this:

Market analysis of mobile applications in Russia

Catalogs in this case have the widest meaning: this online stores, lists of products, services, t. (e). those cases where the basic mechanics applications is to select any of the many entities. Exceptions are applications for restaurant business and the delivery of food, they brought in a separate section.

Messengers as popular. Typically, this is equivalent to the already existing solutions on the market with a few distinctive features. Under the utilities means applications that perform a narrow objective, such as notes, recorders, logs, links, calendars, etc. p.

Food industry includes the above-mentioned application for restaurant business, delivering pizzas, sushi and other food catalogs. Washing cars and taxis. Rather the taxi first, and then sinks, t. k. application for creating an application with this topic probably came from each city.

Interesting in terms of popularity are car applications and messengers: every week comes at least one application in these areas. Most likely this is due to the apparent simplicity of implementation of these products: both applications look pretty easy, and the huge success of existing analogues in the market constantly stirs up interest in this area.

Who orders a mobile apps and why?

About 60% of all orders is an existing business. That means not doing something in general business activity, the authors of the idea creating a mobile application as an instrument to an already working the case.

In General, the goal in this case is a partial shift in the mobile segment: in recent years the number of clients receiving their services and purchase products via the mobile application as a percentage is growing steadily, so you have to move your media presence in those areas where information goes to the movement.

Sometimes the goal is and expansion of client base, but it is rare: most companies custom portrait of more or less clearly expressed, the realization as other advertising channels almost always involves other groups of audience, under which it is necessary to adapt the offered goods and services. Get an extra segment of customers is possible, but to compete with those for whom this is the main segment and who is present in this market for a long time, hard.

Market analysis of mobile applications in Russia

Start your business with mobile applications want to about 40% of our customers accordingly. Again, this can be (in most cases it is) not the first of their business, but the idea itself is part of a single business plan. Typically, this is the Internet-shops, service catalogs, and also, the aforementioned taxi and messengers. Goal in creating mobile applications is to reduce the distance to the user, the personification of specified services and, as a consequence, its retention for a longer period of time.

How is it useful?

If the application is developed for existing customer audience, with proper implementation and promotion can significantly improve the position of your business. Good prospects for expansion of the customer base and improve the quality of services provided is when a significant portion of your audience already uses mobile apps.

For example, if you have a website and it plays an important role in attracting clients, it is essential to be acquainted with the statistics of call through mobile devices. If not, you can almost say that the mobile application would not be much use.

If the app is intended as a new business, it is important to understand your competitive advantages, the usefulness of the application and the cost of attracting customers. Among our customers in 85% of cases, start a new business takes place in an existing competition Wednesday. At 15% in an open field.

Market analysis of mobile applications in Russia

If competitors already have the app, the distinctive hand, new ideas must be strong enough to outweigh the inertia of users. In particular, it is important for the messengers and other social applications: users they communicate strong teams and motivation to move must be strong.

If competitors don't, then you must first zadatsja the question why. No matter how it's sad to admit, but, as a rule, the reason is that it just doesn't work.

It is also necessary to bear in mind the fact that the cost of attracting a new user in the mobile application on average 5 times higher than the cost of one new visitor on the site. T. (e). with the same budget through the site you refer five times more customers than through the application.

Thus mobile application for existing businesses with the audience actively using mobile devices in their everyday lives, has good prospects for development, and, as a rule, does not meet serious obstacles to their growth. Implementing new ideas often associated with many risks and requires careful professional analysis, but if successful, taking a strong position in existing or emerging only niches.

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