Registration Address Ltd.-the most detailed guide

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

What is the address of LLC?

Also, as a citizen of the Russian Federation can not be without the address of the registration (in this case, he is homeless), and the company can not be without its own address. At Registration of LLC It is necessary to specify a legal address of firm, that will be specified in Egrul and on which the Mail correspondence will arrive (if the postal address coincides), reception of calls, fax messages on which will be carried out checks of juridical. Persons, etc. In other words, if you do not specify the address-to register the company will not be obtained.

It is not necessary to The address and the actual address of the company coincided. That is, the company can be registered at one address, and work in a completely different place.  This is not prohibited at the legislative level.

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation clearly tells us that the location of the legal entity is determined by the place of its state registration. The state registration of a legal entity, in its turn, is carried out at the place of its permanent executive body, and in case of absence of a permanent executive body-another body or a person having the right Act on behalf of a legal entity without a power of attorney. It can be the property of the Executive Body (the founder, the director) and the rented premises. The first option (own premise) most often can afford companies with sufficient capital and with serious intentions. But who has no property-so have to rent a room and it is already registered firm. But this is not a problem-not all landlords allow to register a company in their premises. In this case, souped firms have to buy a legal address from specialized companies, and the business itself to conduct where pleases.

How to buy a company registration address?

Purchase of Legal Addresses appear to be a very preferred option for small companies and firms that do not own the premises for various reasons (or when the owner does not allow registration at the address of the rented premises). Here you need to be very careful, buying a legal. Address – Too many scammers have been divorced in this area. They can forge documents for the right to own property, carry out real estate transactions without notifying the real owner and do other "not good things". You can also register for the so-called "mass address".

A mass address is an informal concept that is used by market professionals (registrars). This literally means that dozens of companies can be registered on the same address. This is not very much like tax (or rather-do not like), as such objects can be used for registration of countless companies-one-day. Therefore, the FTS has a special black list of such mass addresses. And, if after submission of documents for registration your address will be on blacklist-there is a chance to receive refusal in registration of the company, with all arising money losses.

But, not so terrible beast as his painted. If several companies are registered at the address, this is not the reason for the refusal to register. The main thing that it is necessary to provide a tax in this case-a letter of guarantee from the owner of the premises or tenant (sublease) that after the state registration of the firm the owner of the premises will conclude a lease agreement

Registration Address Ltd.-the most detailed guide

But as it is warned, it means armed. So it's not superfluous to check whether the address is massive or not. You can do this by using the service on the website of the Tax Service:. It is necessary to specify the region, city (settlement), Street and House. Then enter the code from the picture. If the message "information that satisfies the search requisites is not found" is shown below, then the address is not a mass problem and the registration of the legal entity. The person should not arise on it. If it comes out that the address mass-we take from the owner of the letter of guarantee and apply it to the package of documents for registration.

Now with regard to prices. The price of buying a legal address may differ at times. It is logical that for Moscow the price tag is higher than for the regions. On average, buying an address in the capital will cost 8 thousand. Rubles. Meanwhile, a too cheap offer should be on the lookout. Quality "Place of registration" can not cost cheap (though once on time is not necessary). In any case, it is not superfluous to verify the authenticity of the address, and pay attention to the following points:

  • Possibility to familiarize with the legal documents – the certificate on the right of ownership, the scheme of BTI, etc.
  • Possibility of visiting the object by the controlling bodies (tax, SES, etc.).
  • possibility to receive mail and pay by Bak.
  • Ideally, if the workplace is also provided.

Registration of the company at the home address (in the apartment or house)

Often, those who want to save on the opening of the company, there is a question-and is it possible to register a company at home address? The answer is yes, it is possible. Provided that the registration of the company is carried out at the address of its founder, who is also the head of this organization. The registration Body (tax) together with the constituent documents must submit copies of the certificate of Ownership of the premises (and the consent of the persons who partially owns the premises).

Registration Address Ltd.-the most detailed guide

However, this method has big disadvantages. It is logical, otherwise would be all in a row registered at home address. By registering a society at your place of residence you need to be prepared for the fact that all letters, bills and documents will come to your home. Also at any time it is possible to wait guests in the form of tax, SES, fire inspection and other controlling bodies. In addition, there is a high probability of the bank's refusal to open a company's current account. It so happened that firms registered at home address are not considered solid. This is how commercial banks are guided. Difficulties arise also in obtaining of various licenses (for example, for sale of alcohol or medical services).

There is another question – and can the bailiffs, in case of litigation, seize an apartment or a house on the debts of the company? Lawyers say in one voice that by law it is not possible, as the participants of the LLC are not responsible for its obligations and bear the risk of losses related to the activities of the company, only within the cost of their deposits, unless otherwise established by the constituent Documents of the company. So the house or apartment you do not wrest. In that sense, everything should be fine.

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