8 successful companies ' domain names

Sometimes well-known and well-publicized company need to change the domain name. This may be due to a number of objective reasons enough, and is directly related to restarting or re-branding project created confusion, uncertainty, or simply to attract user attention.

You can imagine that such a decision about such global changes took even Facebook and Google, not to mention other well-known resources.

Usually, the creators are eager for the big money to buy the domain names that already exist, and do so not only to simplify the traffic, but also to a perfect conformity to nickname the brand and site name.

Of all the resources for such global changes had been brave enough, there are those who not only survived, but have achieved much greater prosperity after change your own domain name.

What is a domain name?

This name consisting of any characters, with which a particular resource can be identified among other units of some administrative autonomy in the universal Internet.

Each of these areas is called the domain. And the whole set of network names operates exclusively thanks to DNS-a similar domain names. In simple words, a domain name a specific resource is a set of symbols that we see at the top of the monitor in the address bar, where are we at the right site.

This name change is indeed serious, and in most cases, it has been argued that this should be done only when absolutely necessary. And if the resource is sufficiently known and advanced, these changes later can significantly affect its attendance by users.

Which companies after changing domain name to become even more successful?

1. Ask.com

The famous search engine, which is capable of responding to specific questions. The resource was founded By Grjunerom and David Uortjenom even in year 1996 in California.

Its revolutionary difference from other search engines was that she carried out the search for necessary information not only on the usual us keyword, but also on issues. From the beginning it was called AskJeevs.com, and its symbol was a comedic cartoon character-Valet Jeeves, artistic image which created the famous writer P.g. Woodhouse.

In the year 2006 when you rerun the resource it was decided to complete the update, so Jeeves was absolutely mercilessly sent to retire, and the site became simpler but quite a sonorous name-Ask.com.

2. Facebook

The most famous and biggest social network in the world, whose domain name at the very beginning of its work was thefacebook.com. That is the name it gave to its founder Mark Zuckerberg, borrowing it from the eponymous Student Handbook, which were their portrait photos and some contact information.

When in August 2005 the year it was decided to simplify social network name, then the domain facebook.com was purchased, which cost quite a lump sum-200 thousand dollars. And in 2010 year eating "identified itself more concise name-fb.com, which paid 8.5 million American Federation of Farmers continues to be the owner of this domain name.

3. PayPal

Known worldwide e-commerce system, which allows you to pay for anything and make money transfers using the Internet on a wider international level. When the merger X.com and Confirmity this system was known as X.com and then after serious restructuring of its domain name was changed because the name PayPal just did perfectly matched Confirmity the product name.

If you go into considerable detail, significant causes such radical changes was that x is the most common variable in a programming and carried out independent studies have shown that the same domain name occurred some uncertainty, as well as direct pornographic sense.

4. Twitter

The world-famous information network, which enables its users to exchange short text messages, so-called "tweets". Its creator Jack Dorsey drafted and launched in 2006 year. During this time, the network has become one of the most massively visited Internet-resources, which is positioned as an SMS on the World Wide Web.

In the beginning her name was Twttr.com, which came from the short American SMS codes consisting of five symbols and fotohostinga Flickr. And some time later the co-founders returned to the name of the vowels that they cost 7.5 thousand dollars. But so far the old domain twttr.com directs users to the desired site.

5. NBCNews.com

News Portal that some time ago was known under the name of MSNBC.com, driven by NBCUniversal, is part of the world-famous company NBC News. In addition to the different information resource informs its users news popular American cable television channel MSNBC from a number of programs for NBC and its partners.

The resource was founded back in 1996 year major world famous companies Microsoft and NBCUniversal. And when cooperation with Microsoft the previous domain name was changed to NBCNews.com and MSNBC.com still sends its users on the appropriate resource to them.

6. Google

The most popular resource for searching information, founded in year 1996 Sergey Brin and Larry page, then still a student at Stanford University.

Initially it appeared as a typical research project, which was the domain name google.stanford.edu. And in September 1997 the year domain google.com was registered developers, and then a year later the Google project was launched officially.

7. Perez Hilton

A well-known tv presenter scandalous and popular blogger who gained immense popularity due to its "unusual" publications about famous people. But it was not just beautiful or interesting pictures of celebrities, Perez Hilton "complemented" by their own signatures and scrawls dorisovannymi.

Originally the site was the name PageSixSixSix.com, but in 2004 a year after registration, this name had to be changed to PerezHilton.com, because conflict brewing with the company, the New York Post's Page Six due to violation of the legitimate use of a registered trademark.

8. Overstock.com

Famous shop online United States, which is also known by its shortened name O.co. It was founded in the year 1999 by Patrick m. Bironom.

The resource is renamed for simplification and reduction of its title, but confusion arose among his clients, the number of buyers has decreased significantly, so the company decided to return to the previous title, but a short domain name is also active.

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