8 exercises to help get rid of kartavosti

When someone say he kartavyy, I remember zheglovskoe from the meeting place cannot be changed: "and now-kartavyy! I said "kartavyy!". What is this man is a kartavyy?

Burr is a speech impediment, a form of violation of the pronunciation of sounds. As a result of such violations of human kartavogo it becomes very specific. Many people with this deficiency, embarrassed him. They avoid public speeches, which are limited to the prospects of their professional growth. The narrows and the range of professions that they could choose. Self-assessment kartavyx people are often quite understated.

A Burr?

Kartavyy people or replaces the sound "r" other sounds, such as "l" (and this is the phenomenon of speech therapists are called pararotacizmom), or "p" sound is distorted or ignored (rhotacism).

As you know, in childhood kartavjat all-children's Burr called age or physiological. And it is connected with the underdevelopment of organs of articulation. Resourceful children in response to the request of the adults say the word "fish" Herring said: "!". Physiological Burr with age, up to 5-6 years, goes away on its own.

According to statistics, to 9 years in kartavjat approximately 26% of children. In their Burr caused by more complex causes of which parents should tell the speech therapist, dentist or ENT. If the same parents will ignore doctors ' visits, the child, as an adult, will speak as Gore-speech from the movie "for family reasons": "As yaz at yaznyh. One in Kiev and the Kiev-vtojaja! ". (Instead of "just different. One in Kiev, and the second at the Kirov! ".) Not izlechennuju on time Burr sometimes have to watch even some tv presenters.

A speech therapist is understandable: his task is to help the patient overcome speech and psychophysical violations through private lessons. But with the dentist and ENT? The thing that causes kartavosti can be more deeply, and speech will be unable to correctly place the sound. For example, Burr can be caused by a specific structure of the oral cavity: a short broken ligament, forward the lower jaw, weak muscles of the tip of the tongue, the teeth.

Different auditory pathologies and, as a result, hearing loss can also lead to kartavosti. In addition, there is a genetic predisposition to kartavosti, meaning it can be inherited. It also happens that the child begins to imitate, copy someone with this speech defect of his entourage and "catches" himself.

In any case, the reason is determined by the physician and assigns appropriate treatment, until operation. In cases that do not require surgical intervention, a speech therapist, helps with curable patients of any age. However, postponing a visit to the doctor in a long box is not worth it, because the consequences of kartavosti often have a negative impact on the psyche of the child. It may tease children, which he begins to avoid them feeling among them "black sheep". He can develop an inferiority complex and other mental illnesses.

In some cases you can get rid of kartavosti yourself

To do this, you need to have the desire, time and perseverance. Speech therapists offer a special complex of exercises that you must perform on a daily basis, making at least three approaches. They are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the tongue and mouth ligaments. So:

  1. Widely open mouth and tongue poglazhivaem the sky. Repeat at least 10 times.
  2. Open your mouth as wide as possible and put the language on the lower lip. Make them soft stroking movements up and down while simultaneously trying to pronounce the sound "p".
  3. Boat shape trapezium mouth into a wide smile. The tip of the tongue touches the inner side of the upper dentition. Make it smooth moves left and right, resembling the movement of toothbrush when brushing your teeth.
  4. Strengthens the voice apparatus the following exercise: put the ' grooved ' language and tried to pronounce the letter "s" so that the air stream has gone on this long.
  5. Slowly repeat syllables of "te", "Le", "Dae"-each 10 times. Then combine them into one word "tjeljedje" and several times clearly recite it.
  6. Touch the tip of the tongue to the gums at the inner side of the upper dentition. Now similarly slowly and clearly say the same syllables "te", "Le", "de" and then "tjeljedje".
  7. In the same way, first in the usual way, and then touching the tip of the tongue to the gums at the inner side of the upper dentition, utter the words in which there is a single letter "p".

Further develop the correct pronunciation of the sound "r" using the tongue twisters.

For example:

Skorogovorun skorogovoril, vyskorogovarival that all tongue twisters pereskorogovorit, perevyskorogovorit. But zaskorogovorivshis, vyskorogovarival that all tongue twisters not pereskorogovorit, not perevyskorogovorit.

Does not work? You could start with tongue twisters easier:

The two lumberjack, two drovorub, two of the firewood processor ottochili axes. Axes are important to the pores. Until sharp axes.

Or even easier:

In a thunderstorm from the weight of watermelons sprawled body.

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