8 most trades in the history of Internet business

June 30, 2010 year Internet-company Specific Media was acquired by social network MySpace for $35 million. The former owner of MySpace Corp. News Corp. media magnate Rupert Murdoch.

Sale amount in 10 times less than the amount paid to News Corp for MySpace in 2005 year. And such "unfavorable stories no little, MySpace, ICQ, Bebo and other successful past projects that have brought the State in the past one and a headache in the future to others. Discover some of the 8 trades in the history of the IT industry.

Buying MySpace

Buyer: News Corp. Purchase price: $327 million. Selling price: $35 million. In the summer of 2005 year Corporation Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. acquired the most popular at the moment, the site in the world of MySpace, paying for it $327 million.

As early as 2006-MU site leader in the world by number of visited pages and prevailed in the segment of social networks (75% of visits). But in 2008 Facebook not only overtaken it in popularity (since MySpace began to lose an average of 1 million unique monthly visitors), but left rival far behind: by the year 2010 from Facebook, there are 640 million registered users against 100 million at MySpace.

In October last year, MySpace, acknowledging his defeat, formally re-classified into an entertainment portal. Unfortunately, this does not help and MySpace continues to fall rapidly. According to the results of the 2010 year, MySpace will fix the loss of $165 million in turnover of $109 million in total.

Yes, such indicators News Corp. was not easy find a buyer on MySpace. But in the end, they still managed to do it, and the owner became a little known company Specific Media. So far nothing is known about the Specific Media plans regarding MySpace, while News Corp. (obviously, just in case) retained 5% of MySpace.

Purchase Of ICQ

Buyer: AOL. Purchase price: $407 million. Selling price: $187 million. The Israeli company Mirabilis in 1996 year developed ICQ. And already in 1998 AOL Instant Messaging service pays for about $400 million (including bonus developers to $120 m).

At the moment for the Israeli technology sector this became the largest transaction. But unfortunately, since ICQ and couldn't achieve more significant success, and even gave way to competitors in the face of MSN, Skype, Google and later Talks and other services.

According to the results of the 2010 year worldwide ICQ enjoyed around 33 million people, almost one third of users was from Russia. That's what explains the interest in ICQ Russian DST Fund (or Mail.ru Group) paid last year for service $187 million.

By the way, the deal could prevent the U.S. secret services, feared losing access to a negotiation of Eastern European criminal removal gruppv ICQ servers in Russia.

Buying MP3.com

Buyer: Vivendi. Purchase price: $372 million. Selling price: $2.5 million. In the year 2001 the French Vivendi Media Corporation International, which among other things owns one of the largest Universal Music mejdzherov for $372 mlnpriobrela music service MP3.com.

Michael Robertson and Greg Flores (creators of MP3.com) dreamed of changing the world, allowing musicians to sell their music in bypassing the labels. But since Vivendi pursued the opposite goal, Jean-Marie Messier (Vivendi CEO), commented on the acquisition of MP3.com, saying "advanced technology", the purchase of which should transform Vivendi into a leading distributor of digital music.

And already in 2003 Vivendi sells service media company CNET Networks, which instantly closes and leaves only its domain name.

Purchase of Broadcast.com

Buyer: Yahoo! bid price: $5.04 billion. Sale price: service is closed. 1999 year. Yahoo! Acquires $5.04 billion for Broadcast.com site (primitive prototype of Youtube).

And for several years has been trying to incorporate Broadcast.com in its structure, but all to no avail-Yahoo! failed to turn it into a hit. "Dotcom Bubble" burst, depreciating Broadcast.com, together with the other companies of the era.

And today, Broadcast.com doesn't exist anymore. but its founders-Marc Kjubana and Todd Wagner selling Broadcast.com made billionaires. Cuban saved his fortune and now Club owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks. Recently, Dallas won an NBA title (for the first time in the last 30 years). Forbes last year in the list of the richest people in the world put Kjubana with a status of $2.5 bn. at 459.

Buying Skype

Buyer: eBay. Pokuki price: $3.1 billion. Selling price: $2 billion. In 2005 year, Skype was bought by eBay, established in 2003, a total of $3.1 billion. Embed Skype into its core business of eBay has failed, as successfully as monetize popular auction.

EBay founder Pierre Omidyar wrote with its cost more than $900 million. "How many free calls I need to make to justify buying Skype?" said Spring 2008, in his Twitter account, Pierre Omidyar.

But a year later, 2009 year, eBay sells a controlling stake of Skype to a group of private investors for $2 billion, but reserves 30% stake, is allowed to earn good money (because after buying Skype group private investors pereprodalo it Microsoft for $8.5 bln).

It should be noted the quality of the work of management during the period akcionerskij perepetij since the sale of its eBay and purchase Microsoft Skype has not undergone any major changes.

Buying Bebo

Buyer: AOL. Purchase price: $850 million. Selling price: $10 million. In 2008 year, Facebook is rapidly gaining popularity among users of social networks (the number of Facebook users has grown to 150% monthly, and by the end of summer has reached the mark of 100 million people).

AOL decides to acquire its own network and acquires company Bebo Hoca and Michael Birch. However, AOL cannot create serious competition company Mark Zuckerberg.

Alas, for two years, the number of unique visitors has fallen from 22 million Bebo to 14.6 million per month, and thereafter continued to fall. Already in 2009 AOL begins to look at Bebo buyers. And only in the summer of 2010 year of the private Foundation bought Criterion Capital Partners in 85 times cheaper to deal with Bjorchami. Now Bebo is a small company with a staff of 50 people.

Purchase Flip

Buyer: Cisco. Purchase price: $590 million. Sale price: the company closed. Cisco acquired Pure Digital for $590 million, Flip Pocket camcorder vypuskavshuju in 2009 year. Cisco profit, whose main business is the production of network equipment for enterprises during the period declined and the company was looking for links to new markets for its equipment and camera Flip-now a sensation.

The reason for their popularity was able to instantly send the captured video to YouTube and other video hosting. But in the same year, developers of mobile phones have made significant improvements in the quality of shooting.

Because of this the camera Flip lost potential buyers. At the beginning of 2010 the year Cisco announced withdrawal from the consumer market handheld camcorder, camera production division completely closes and dismisses the entire staff.

The merger of AOL and Time Warner

The world's largest media conglomerate Time Warner and the world's largest Internet company AOL in 1999 year announced the merger. The amount of the deal of the century "was about $350 billion.

AOL'S market capitalization at that time was approximately $240 billion, the company has received 55% of the joint venture shares. The dotcom bubble soon bursts and AOL assets rapidly lose in price. AOL Time Warner was forced to lock in the year 2002 a record in the history of American companies in loss-$99 billion.

Ten years after the merger, at the end of year 2009, Time Warner and AOL put point in relations and finally separated. Today, the market value of AOL does not exceed $2 billion.

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