7 signs that the interviewee is lying to you

How to survive in such a world? How do you know that we're lying? Fortunately, the ability to lie is too art not everyone owns. Here we will be useful to know on what grounds you can expose a liar. Let's understand.

1. Hides the view or views without blinking

When a person is lying, he is usually hard to behave naturally. Therefore, it avoids the look you straight in the eye or even look away. But some shrewd individuals overcome subconscious discomfort during the test lies, and learn not to divert the eye. Moreover, their desire to catch your gaze becomes intrusive, and this should cheerleaders. It is known that talking too long and intense eye contact is treated as invalid in the same way as attempts to avoid it altogether. So if the person telling you about something, initially studied drawing parquet or their fingernails, and then suddenly began to look you in the eye without blinking, nastorozhites: he is clearly lying.

Another interesting point that is associated with the eyes. If the interviewee is right-handed, after you issue looks right and upwards, it means that at this moment he composes an answer if looks up and to the left, recalls. When talking with a lefty all the way around: if he tries something to remember, look to the right and up, and if he wants to come up with a believable version is up and to the left. Memorize and do not mix! While still a liar often blinks and rubs his eyes.

2. Sitting like on hot coals

Even if the liar knows how to control your mind, this does not mean that he is totally subdued their body. And this is what can extradite him with giblets. So, carefully follow the gestures and postures of the interlocutor, and if he's lying, then:

  • shifts in his chair;
  • Alternately fold or right leg;
  • fold your hands on his chest, soon shoves them in pockets, then brings them behind their backs;
  • rubs hands;
  • covers the mouth;
  • strokes his Chin;
  • rubs the tip of the nose;
  • rubs her earlobe.

That is, as you can see, a man in turmoil, its action, frequent change of posture he subconsciously tries to divert your attention from the topic of conversation, lull possible suspicions wrong.

3. Begins to be met then

Although this factor by itself cannot be considered 100% proof of lies, but if on the face of a person while talking intensively start to speak the drops of sweat, plus he blushes and begins to stutter, he either very much worried, or said wrong.

4. Changes the manner of conversation

The need to monitor what he says and not get confused, forcing the person subconsciously change your manner of talking. If your interlocutor is usually different eloquence wealth intonations, speed of speech and suddenly speaking monotonously dull, slow, with frequent pauses and long sentences, is something wrong here. He's clearly weighing every word, afraid to say something that fills the entire monologue into question. And another note permitted them to speech errors on what it says on the higher tones. Phrases: where do you have those figures? Why do you think so? Why are you sure this is the case? — should provoke you to explanation, but he meanwhile will have an opportunity to consider the future course of the conversation.

5. Change facial expression

Make sure the expression of a person's face, the veracity of which you have doubts. The real attitude of the interlocutor to an issue will open at the beginning of the conversation when he fails to hide or a fleeting smile, when actually you need to grieve and to demonstrate the seriousness, or, on the contrary, anxious expression when you want to rejoice. And then, in the course of conversation, a liar will for a split second "shoot your mask and show their" true face. " It would be good to learn how to capture these moments. By the way, psychologists say that it is quite possible.

6. Change the "testimony"

Suppose you were told something extraordinary history. But intuition tells you that you should not trust the moment. To dispel or confirm doubts, ask the interviewee to repeat your story and make sure whether he would mention the same details. If Yes, is mentally ask forgiveness for having doubted his honesty, if the same person will think long and shaky answer, most likely, it's all invented.

By the way, to the story looked believable liars try to embellish its myriad details. They say more than summary, so it, in their view, more like the truth. But here he and prokoletsja, if you ask them to repeat the story. Moreover, it suddenly appear memory lapses and he strongly refuses to discuss the issue. Or suddenly all of a sudden begins to sing you praises, roughly flatter, trying to distract you from the topic.

So it would be nice to quietly write his speech on tape, and then a few days later, back to the it and ask for an explanation of any details. If the interviewee does not remember exactly what he was saying, and fumbles in detail, then all of this novel is not to believe him.

7. Attack defend

If you are in the process of conversation suddenly doubt in credibility, heard the Narrator if he is a liar, will defend themselves, and the best defense, as it is known-attack. And it will start you stydit, accusing the suspiciousness and generally in all sins. Begin invoke their religiosity and its supposedly well-known high moral principles. Will cause the view of eminent persons. And then abruptly replace topic.

Meanwhile man, pridumyvajushhemu nothing, it makes no sense to defend himself. He calmly answer all your suspicions and will remain at its position.

In this way you can expose a liar. Of course, not all from the described symptoms are one hundred percent indicate that you're lying. However, it is worth to remember this information. In case it helps you understand what kind of person in front of you, is an honest small or proshhelyga.

Those who wants to study the problem in greater depth, we recommend you consult the bestseller Sex Ekman psychology lies. Lie to me if you can ". Paul Ekman-authoritative American scientist, a psychologist with 40 years of medical education, studying lies and all its manifestations. His discoveries and conclusions in this regard are interesting and instructive.

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