7 ways to lose all their money. Rating of the most dangerous attachments

Опубликовано: 12-12-2019г.

7 ways to lose all their money. Rating of the most dangerous attachments

This article is not meant to discourage you, the reader, from the following investments. It only warns of potential dangers and risks of financial instruments, and tells how not to lose money.

When your favorite news website RBK, came across an interesting article about top 7 most risky investments. Decided to skip it through myself, and give you its concise, easy-to-read version. Let's start with the end of the list, as in the music charts, and will rise up.

7. Education

"The outsider" list on our 7th place, oddly enough, this attachment in their education. Despite the fact that I believe these investments most profitable, they also turns out there is a flip side. Following fashion, many people went to education, which, in General, the alien, such as economists or lawyers. This "prestigious education" in addition to the fact that there is little demand because "oversupply" of data specialists, to the same entity alien to people who have received this education.

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Here it turns out that people have spent 5 years of my life to get specialty that is very competitive in the labour market, but still not liking you. This means you will never reach those heights in it that could achieve by choosing a specialty that you like (really you certainly may not know).

The same applies to the knowledge that it is unlikely to apply in your area-Mva, a bunch of foreign languages, etc. p. Worse, of course, will not and can theoretically useful, but perhaps it would be better to deal with family and relationships, your health, or that will bring concrete tangible results in the industry in which you intend to grow.

6. Bank deposits

What is the danger of RBC experts foresee a seemingly harmless in this instrument, which is considered the least risky? The point is that in a period of uncertainty in the world financial market, there is a danger of high inflation, which could devalue the attachment. The same applies to the choice of currency.

Now no one knows beforehand what the currency will be stronger: euro, us dollar, Russian ruble currency or another. You can not guess. Therefore, in current conditions it is recommended to do short deposits. Rates rise, so the best will deposit on the attachment 3-6 months. Further analysis of the situation and open the input on the most beneficial terms. Do not forget that gosgarantija applies to deposits within 700 000 rubles (contributions + interest on it). So either choose banks with low income or major private banks and crush the deposits in different banks. Within one bank deposits kibble is useless.

5. Investment in real estate

Also considered safe investments-investments in real estate also have their pitfalls. Suffice it to recall what the crisis started in 2008. in the United States. Low mortgage rates, banks left and right giving out unsecured loans to insolvent clients resulted in a real estate bubble burst and hurt hit even on completely solvent citizens at that time.

Real estate values plummeted and credit has proven to be significantly more than their real estate. Hence "margin call" and other delights. Therefore, it is necessary to remember this, as well as the fact that real estate is a malolikvidnyj asset. Without a substantial discount don't sell quickly. For sale apartment, it can take several months. During this time, the price tag on the property in the event of a crisis may fall and you risk investment to hang a couple of years.

So consider investment in real estate as a long-lasting investment. Also, you must be aware of the legal risks when buying apartments-scammers are a dime a dozen. As well as on the reliability of the developer, if you are buying in a new building under construction where the return on investment is higher. Defrauded shareholders too much, while the amount of investment is usually not one million rubles.

4. Investing in works of art and antiques

"The golden mean" took the attachments into works of art. To quote a paragraph from the source:

"Buying art is the acquisition values for ages. This market is not affected by inflation, it is not influenced by political cataclysms. In addition, a work of art-status investment, showing not only the solvency of owner, but it tastes good.

If we consider the work of art as an object of investment, it is necessary to consider first of all its specificity as unique and inimitable product of human creativity and the subjectivity of the assessment. Indeed, the notion of the value of works may change over time.

It follows from this that it is not always possible to determine adequate cost art object by using the usual methods of economic analysis, is marked, substantive complexity of investing in art Vice President of Gazprombank, ceo of art finance Marina Sitnina.»

Basically, it is, of course, pictures. In General, it's a pretty specific type of investment, so I didn't even consider it, and I do not advise. Too many "problems":

  • easily run into a fake (even in the Tretyakov Gallery have found counterfeit);
  • far from fact, that picture (or other piece of art that you'll buy) any serious rise in costs-there are no guarantees;
  • the legal risks of ownership — even if you successfully purchased, not the fact that the previous owner had everything was clean-could go after previous owners infringement and declare (provenance).

If you correctly predict the trend, profits can be fabulous. But suppose for unsophisticated investors these investments akin to playing roulette. So leave her alone. Here we come close to "top prize"

3. Investment in luxury

Yes, RBC experts delight extravagant forms of investment. Another type of investment, which is the place to be. But the same-and even more inaccessible by virtue of the high cost. We are talking about investments in boats, vintage cars, motorcycles, airplanes, houses, antiques, coins, elite alcohol.

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Beneficial and understandable view attachments considered to be antiques, whose market is sufficiently developed, stable and purchased items eventually only grow in value. On average, such investments can bring 15-20% per annum. Domestic volume antique market ranges from 700 million to 1 billion dollars. annually. The risks here are all the same-fake, low liquidity and a specific buyer, all subjective.

Much easier with numismatics: there are extensive catalogs with approximate prices in every major city has a chance to check out what the coin is made. As international practice shows trade coins, long-term investing in Numismatic collections more profitable than in gold, diamonds and classic antiques. It does not take much space. Of the minuses I note low liquidity and high investment threshold if you buy rare coins-price tag starts from a few thousand rubles for a dime and ends for one hundred thousand dollars.

From this same "Opera" investments in collectible brands of alcoholic beverages. Here the following risks:

"First of all, there is no guarantee that the wine in the bottle you do not deteriorate. Wine is a living product, and there is always the risk of losing a certain number of top wines, so you buy the usual parties, and possibly try to take as much as possible. While top management, to wines that have interest, always clearly regulate the sales, it helps them to maintain price and interest to his guilt, "explained Chief Editor DrinkTime Alexander Sidorov.

Investment "for the future" might be buying a retro car, issued more than half a century ago and has already withdrawn from production ("LADA-g is not considered). They grow on 10-15% per annum. The rate of growth depends on the brand of the machine, the number of issued copies and "merit" auto racing or history.

Over time, the price for oldtimers can only increase, because more may not be, but less-it is likely. However, these long-lasting attachments. It's not quick money, not even an attachment for several years. This is a very long-term investments decades.

2. Investing in the stock market

The stock market is fraught with many risks, due to which the investor can wait for partial or total loss of capital. For example, during the crisis of 2008. some stocks fell in 10 times. For many risks when trading on the stock market always runs a rule: the higher the level of expected returns, the higher the risk measure.

The main risk of market shares-high volatility, price can walk quite strongly. I don't remember who exactly, probably Soros, saying that if you're not ready for 50% drawdown portfolio, then you have nothing to do in the stock market. "Another significant risk is deterioration in market conditions, both because of the macroeconomic causes and effect of sectoral or individual corporate stories. This risk from the investor doesn't depend on

A significant portion of the risks associated with the conduct of the investor. According to statistics, 80% of novice private investors bought the paper at the peak of their prices and sell at the bottom-hence the natural result. According to the investment management Chief IR solid Mikhail Koroljuka, the main risks when playing in the stock market are in the field of psychology, and ' main rival is not the person on the other end of the globe or at the next table, and you yourself.

All market participants m. Korolyuk divided into three groups depending on the psihotipa: game maniacs who play for the sake of risk, people who are too fearful and greedy people. For each of these categories has its own risks, which may lead to loss of money.

"When you work on stock market investors need to be very good to know its own mind. Without the ability all the time to know yourself and to properly categorize psychological traps that we put ourselves, play the stock market almost impossible ", head of the Department of investments solid IR. In General, playing on the stock market, it must be remembered that the main enemy of the investor, according to a long exchange of wisdom, are greed, fear and hope.

And finally the unconditional leader on risk is:

1. Foreign exchange market Forex

The Forex market, or to be more understandable to its physical meaning, the foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world, of which the turnover order exceeds the amounts of stock, commodity and term markets combined. Forex has a very high liquidity. Actually, it, as well as the technical ability to participate in a bid at any time of day or night, regardless of geographical location, and attract many investors.

However, it is precisely these qualities make Forex one of the most complex and risky markets: a large number of participants, the opportunity to receive high profits, market dynamism is automatically associated with a high risk of losing invested capital.

The main risk when playing on the Forex is the temptation to use during the so-called shoulder-credit tool provided by your broker and create financial leverage effect. "Private speculators Forex usually are encouraged to leverage from 1 to 10 to 1 to 100. This means that if you own funds in a $1000. the client can open the position up to 100 thousand. dollars. Accordingly, the reduction of such a position only at 1% leads to a complete loss of own resources.

In addition, people desire intuitive trading leads without having a strategy and an understanding of when to open and close positions when. Although, according to m. Koroljuka, is not so important, what direction a man opens his position which currency to buy, what sells, how then, with how much he works.

"There are a lot of studies on this topic, which show that when trading with big shoulders almost any strategy becomes losing. People usually think of it this way: If I have a winning strategy, then I just boosted the amount of money and using the lever I will earn more. So, this is not the case. There are mathematical studies that show that when big shoulders any strategy becomes a losing, and this is the main reason for the massive failures on Forex», m. Korolyuk.

Statistics relentless: up to 90% of all players end up losing money (in slang-"merge its depot"). Thus, most of the dangers of the game on the Forex market lies in the peculiarities of human psychology. No wonder the United States speculation is considered the most harmful work from a psychological point of view.

Автор: Максим Миллер
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