7 simple ways to verify a new business idea

Actually the answers to many questions are "under the nose. You just need to give greater consideration to planning or, as it is accepted to name, to compile a detailed business plan. It is necessary to stipulate not blindly trust all that spread on the Internet.

The maximum you can take someone else's business plan as a template for drafting your own. And so, let's start from the beginning and next step by step.

What is a business plan?

No case in the life of an entrepreneur (even if not yet held) should not begin without planning. In fact, a business plan is a step-by-step guide to creating and maintaining a business. Using the business planning an entrepreneur basically develops understanding of opportunities. As well as drawn up document will save from the mass of errors in the future.

The main points of the business plan:

  • Cover sheet;
  • Executive summary;
  • Company description and directions (industry);
  • The company's product and the range of consumers;
  • Marketing in a phased manner;
  • Production plan with main characteristics;
  • Management and organization;
  • Financial plan and forecast the revenue side;
  • Risks, opportunities and guarantees;
  • Application (additional documentation).

More serious consideration to compiling a business plan, the more likely it is to avoid mistakes in the process. Primarily planning is calculation of possible existence of business in principle. Logical question arises, how to check the correctness of drawing up a business plan? How to understand the correct way to elect for yourself an entrepreneur?

Product company

It is very important to understanding what exactly will implement company product. Far not necessarily entrepreneur understand the product at the time when he decided to engage in a particular business. But it is essential to understand and feel the essence of her case is already in the process. In other words, quite logically, when, having devoted a lifetime of restaurant activity man decides to open her own restaurant. However, the same restaurateur, nothing prevents open logistics company. The important thing to understand when compiling the same business plan and thereafter during the existence of the company. Otherwise, the Office will organize and control impossible.

And it is very important to clearly prescribe, and describe the company's product. What would find interest in products on the market to address the direct monitoring of the companies-competitors.

Who, if not I? If I am, what I do better?

Examining competitors, brick by brick laid the Foundation for the future of the company. The Foundation wishes to address this matter exactly businessman too is laid. And perhaps the Foundation of failure. Sure, market monitoring must answer the main question: what should my company be better?

1. «Purchase» pilot production without making a deal

For example, product research photo booth rentals. The easiest way to drive the required phrase in a search engine and the specified criteria calling companies offering this service. Of course, posing as a customer. Asking all sorts of questions, which could potentially set the buyer. Keep detailed notes during the conversation a must. You can prepare immediately a table with sample items that interested you.

2. Purchase a trial product with deal

Returning to the "fotobudkam" can still be among the carefully selected options, choose the one that is most interesting. In fact, for a full analysis.

A small trick. By the way, if you talk about this kind of business, at the time of use, say fotobudki at the wedding, you can spend a relaxed conversation with the administrator or supervisor. To identify the frequency of orders, an "exhaust" from the case, earning the same representative and all that may be interested.

On the note. In the search engines (e.g. Google) is an interesting function among services Yandex direct. Driving in search engine advertising product name, you can estimate the number of queries and even you can set the search zone. And it's potential customers. For general information, it is a very good option.

To whom to sell? Or for whom to produce?

Relationships with customers is the key to business success. It is best to contact the people we go at least want to know. We have a sincere interest. More predictable man becomes when we have the slightest idea about it.

3. Learning to draw a portrait

Not necessarily have artistic talent, I'm not about that. Let's draw the words. Or play in the investigators. You must make a verbal portrait of the potential consumer. Sample items: sex, age (from and to), social status, family status, location/residence, presence of children, number of children and their age. In fact, the number of such characteristics is boundless and are they the product of the company.

4. Want to know the opinion of people, ask them directly

All genius is simple. There is nothing easier than to ask people directly. Propose to become an extra. Creating questionnaire survey takes a lot of time. A further two options: to conduct a survey on the street or live via the Internet. When personal communication is an opportunity to ask additional questions people. And the Internet will be fired en masse. Ideally, make up the first template of a questionnaire. Work it out on the street. Most likely the questionnaire shall be adjusted and added items that were not foreseen earlier. And on the basis of a questionnaire developed to run the second option is via the Internet. Here's to you and massification.

Where is the best place to open a business?

The key word in question is "where". In the true sense of meaning territorial disposition. For many industries is a key indicator of the location. For example a beauty salon. It is very important to determine in this case, the following indicators: population within walking distance, accessibility, passability, rent, competitors (in the case of the Salon is very appropriate to speak about the way no. 2: purchase a trial production with the conclusion of the transaction ").

5. Observation on the outside

In the literal and figurative speech, will take it. Since I took for example beauty salon, it means defining a list of salons around the area (for example) define potentially peak hours. Fixed must be at least two points: perfect high and ideal low attendance "research facility". For example, identified Saturday from 12:00 to 16:00 (highest point in attendance) and Mon with 10 to 12 (lowest point in attendance).

It means that at certain dates and times need to find a convenient location near the object and with the maximum comfort, will undertake a monitoring regime to be 3:00. Not looking up from the observation process. In the analysis of counting attendance so I recommend reflect briefly on visitors: sex, age and time of visit (input/output) (last paragraph, if the Visual memory).

Then, the formula for the calculation of:

  • Average price ? average time visiting/1 pers ? on the number of people per hour ? timetable Salon = profit per day.

6. Seeing from the inside

In fact its way to no. 6 — an improved version of the way no. 2. If it is not possible to observe from the outside, it's easier to become the most customer potential beauty salon. Thus you can easily estimate even more parameters: number of masters working at the time of the study, quality, service and value. Not forgetting the tricks, make conversation with the master of manicure suppose, talking about the challenges of the profession.

Another effective way to study the demand, is the so-called "Duck".

7. Podsadnaja duck

Podsadnaja duck is specially embedded people to collect information. Only in this case will not man, and the supposed to implement product company. For example, you must assess the demand sale strollers a certain brand. Laying on special sites ad to sell, you can identify potential demand for goods. Without any attachment and loss. In practice, some as a kind of podsadnyh ducks creates entire Web sites for sales of the products of the company. This option is of course requires investment, but the size of these investments do not go in comparison with possible losses by buying this product.

All methods tested by me personally in practice. I like the Director often studied and created a variety of interconnected projects for implementation. Ways of course much more than seven. You can add to the list of course ad infinitum. I tried to describe the ways that are accessible and easy to use. How many business plans were created by me, seemingly wasted, so as to implement the project, they did not. However, I don't think so. The savvy approach to business-plan ultimately saved from possible financial losses. In addition, I have received invaluable experience. And experience, as it is known, was not going to go away.

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