7 career mistakes to avoid

Remember the main rule: any error in the workplace can and should auknutsja you in the future. And there is no fundamental difference, exactly where you're working at the moment, and what is your profession: doctor, teacher, lifeguard or sales manager. Of course, professional errors can be different: medical can cost the life of a patient, an ordinary employee error sooner or later can affect your career, relationship to you colleagues or superiors.

Errors in your career can be considered much from lack of appearance in the appearance to familiarities in the leadership or co-workers. It is important to notice their or others ' mistakes and learn, if possible, rectify the situation.

1. Inappropriate behavior at the interview

The interview is your first meeting with a potential employer. This first meeting may become the latest if you make some errors, which will never be able to fix, because you simply will not have such a possibility. Therefore, it is necessary to come to the interview prepared. Your appearance and manner of communication should threshold convince the employer that you want to work with him. At the interview did not embellish their worth biography nonexistent in fact facts, frankly fib, giving empty promises. Categorically counter-indicative negatively respond about previous or current employers, proving the foaming at the mouth, what you fellow and as you there don't appreciate or not appreciate.

Believe me, even if everything you say is on 100% true, your story will be considered not in your favor for one simple reason: there are certain ethical standards-the former employer or good or anything, because potential can decide what about it you'll be recalled also after a certain period of time. In addition, during the interview you may be asked tricky questions about what you think about the company where you want to find how it will evolve, how will you? The interview definitely need to be prepared! And coming on him, to know about a potential employer for almost everything. Your silence, uncertain answers may become another fatal mistake which you interview provalite.

2. Systematic delay

So you now have not talked, but regular stories about alarms that wound, but did not call, old, which should translate from one side of the road to another when you go to work, natural disasters occur only on your route from point a "House" to point to "Office" does not convince your bosses that you cherish this place. So buy yourself a normal alarm clock, stand up and move in time from point a to point b without delay, if you want to be perceived as a man who takes seriously his responsibilities and wants to achieve more in the company.

3. Inflated self-esteem

Any psychologist will tell you that love and appreciate yourself it is important to become a harmonious personality. Another thing, when talking about what some people overestimate their professional opportunities and are willing to promise with three boxes and not get your job done. At the workplace you are appreciated for their professionalism, adherence to obligations and initiative. However, you need to be able to distinguish between creativity and empty promises-last exactly in your favor does not say, indeed, colleagues with excellent memory you will be reminded that you pledged, but failed to execute. So love yourself, but think soberly to what can you or your direct reports. Hit the dirt face-unforgivable mistake that cannot afford the person doing a career.

4. Avoid conflicts

Nothing spoils the reputation as a view that you're a kicker. Defend their interests is necessary, but the question is-how? Naturally in a calm manner. Understand that the team consists of people who are not necessarily close friends, and sometimes even and vice versa. However, this doesn't mean that they are contraindicated to work together. Should just carry out their duties, and require this from your colleagues is a task management.

If you encounter a conflict situation is not worth remembering everything, than you were unhappy over the past six months, first inhale deeper and chill out. It should not be allowed to ravage the feelings you cannot throw per person with insults-so not only do you finally spoil relations with this man, but the whole team demonstrate themselves in full glory, than make a mistake then it will be difficult to fix. If you encounter a conflict situation must, first and foremost, calmly analyze the problem, get over it, and only after that start a fruitful dialogue with his opponent.

5. Gossip

Perhaps this is the most difficult point. Refrain from gossip within the band is hard enough, but possible. You ask, rather than actually bad gossip? The fact that they undermined the reputation of gossiping about and who dismisses them. Unfortunately, each team or almost every team has its own "tangle-minded": to participate in it or not, your right. But if you think about career growth, poosteregites spreading gossip because it is unknown how it can turn against you.

6. Do not shift the responsibility onto others

About your professionalism, first and foremost, says how responsibly you perform their duties. If the proposal guide you answer: "why do I have to do?", "another employee to better cope with this task, I don't get paid for it", "it is not my job", etc. d., you just don't want to do anything and are ready to admit their incompetence.

Thus you give to understand his superiors that work you don't really like, and therefore count on you in some situation is not worth it, for you someone else better will cope with the task. Any Manager appreciates the dedicated staff who are willing to work with enthusiasm to do the impossible and overcome any difficulties. Only those staff members go on their careers forward.

7. Friendship and service

Unfortunately, on career development often influence and human relations. Banal story: you are applying for a job and get acquainted with the lovely you colleague. It helps you get comfortable in a new place, you're friendships. Over time you begin to move up the career ladder, and it's not-it becomes your slave. Further developments are quite predictable: it is unlikely that your friendship will be maintained. May and other developments. Often between subordinates and their superiors directly fastened friendships. But subordinates, no matter what, remember who's boss, and in the workplace, in order to avoid conflicts, it's better to avoid familiarities and familiarity, while scrupulously carry out their duties.

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