6 vital mistakes which distance people from success

The road to success is always a challenging task. And, nevertheless, one it comes sooner, and others, no matter how trying, are still far from it. Why is that? Maybe there are some secret? Unlikely. Most likely, the reason is that some people at first glance, endowed with all the qualities necessary to become successful, commit banal errors that delay them from success.

1. They too are independent

Everyone needs support. It is no less important in business. However, many people for some reason try to solve their problems on their own. Perhaps they didn't want to be beholden to someone and thus fall into addiction. Or stops the fear get refused. Or maybe they simply overestimate their strength and capabilities.

In any case, they lose, and sooner or later will realize that without the support of friends, like-minded people are knowledgeable and competent in their path to success will be much longer, if ever, does not have to stop halfway.

It is not known who first noticed that "everything" or "decide everything", but this expression has long been winged. By the way, so called his book American economist Darcy Rezak — "decide everything." It explores the concept of "Networking" — when complex business problem successfully solved it is thanks to a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. With the appeal for support is not "playing alone". Counting on someone to help, should be able to support itself. So, one of the 7 rules developed by the author, reads: "find out what you can do to your friends.

How communication and dating help become more successful, says another American businessman — Keith Ferrazzi, who called one of the most outgoing people in the world. His book, "never eat alone" is a tutorial on how to establish a trust relationship, became a bestseller.

So, the presence of useful links reduces the path to success.

2. They are not ready for the failures, so too their fear

Taking aim at success, it is not necessary to forget and about possible failures. After all, there can be not as planned. Availability of back-up option will help counter the negative circumstances that can lead to failure.

Some successful businessmen were able to survive, while others were on the verge of bankruptcy, it is thanks to "pessimistic" zagotovlennomu plan in advance in case of unforeseen or adverse circumstances. For these failures is not defeated, and the important disciplinirujushhij factor.

American psychologist Richard Farson in the book "Paradoxes of leadership" writes that success comes to those who admits the possibility of errors. The same, whom he accompanies too long, begins "complacent" and loses the necessary business flair.

For example, Microsoft in recruiting new employees, particularly managers, often prefers people who came from companies that went bankrupt. According to its recruiters, better managers, because they have gained valuable experience which, in the opinion of the classics, "son errors difficult.

3. They spend too much time for reflection

Caution, ability to analyse, calculate every step and wait is invaluable in any case. But it is important to observe the golden mean. You can miss the point, and hence profits.

"The correct decision of late, is a mistake" is a famous American Manager Lee Iacocca.

Often hides caution for indecision and uncertainty in their abilities, and for thorough deliberation of each step is perfectionism, the desire to bring to the ideal of every little thing. Perfectionism is called the enemy of creativity and long meditations and doubts — the biggest enemy of any business. And the other is the brake on the road to success.

4. They fear a whole new

The world is changing remarkably quickly, and rapidly developing modern technology. But such incredible changes are not always willing to some people. And than they were over, the harder they sometimes regroup and understand their essence. So they persist in defending the habitual methods of work, even at the expense of its case.

The word "creativity" horrible in Russian language even in the 18 century. But it became especially popular not so long ago. Employers, while they looked for employees, including the necessary qualities indicate creativity. Why? Yes, because creative people open to everything new, it overflows the different ideas, he does not accept the generally accepted schemes and is in search of innovative solutions. It is such a person is able to succeed in any field of activity.

Lack of desire to keep pace with the times in business leads to stagnation and bankruptcy. An example is the story told by Emile Zola in his novel "damskoe schastie". Small shopkeeper, selling fabrics, whose business once flourished, unwilling to give up old methods of trade. And as a result loses the entrepreneur who opened a department store next door, working with the latest trading technologies.

5. They only recognize own rightness

One of the key factors of success is teamwork. Team subject that not one person. And here's valuable view of each employee, no matter what position he takes. Of course, there is a leader in the team, the function of which is to organize its work, for which it is responsible in the same way as other employees.

As someone rightly noticed: "absolute confidence in its rightness stems only from the lack of mad!".

But often it also happens that the leader refers to the type of people who believe they are always right. "I can't be wrong!" — think they command: "do as I say!". The result of such authoritarian management style is infantile lack staff initiative. And no success here.

6. They believe that reached the goal and now you can relax

There are people who in childhood predicted an extraordinary future. Of them said that they are clever and resourceful by nature. In kindergarten and school they are allocated among peers liveliness of mind and sophistication. But, having met them in a fairly mature age, we often note that they represent gray mediocrity. Some of them have an inflated self-image and blame circumstances, parents — anyone, but not themselves.

But it is known that even the owner of innate talent can quickly lose it, if it is considered that "grabbed the Tiger by the tail" and can now rest on our laurels. Those who are less talented, but purposeful, hardworking and striving for perfection — to achieve great success.

"We need to run struggling just to stay in place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run in 2 times faster! "— instructs the Black Queen Alice, the heroine of the famous book" Alice in Wonderland "by Lewis Carroll.

So, success is waiting for someone who constantly works on himself and has spared no effort to it, neither the time nor the money. One of the principles of the famous company Mary Kay Inc.: "we cannot rest on our laurels: nothing fades faster than laurels on which rest."

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