6 tips on how to learn from mistakes and to learn from failure

Setbacks each in their life faces daily, because failure is a condition where we do not achieve the desired objective. There are setbacks large and small. Did not come in time for the bus, and we were late to a meeting ? failure. Before our noses closed shop ? again failed. Do not pass an important exam, is not granted the right job, the trip has been postponed due to illness, all are examples of failures.

The man whom failure haunted at every turn, called a loser. Recently, the unlucky people have increasingly called I, which translated to English means "play, assign". Luser ? the concept more widely than just loser, since that offensive word most often understand the person who has not attained the success in life, socially not held.

The failure of the concept of subjective because ? how we heed what happened the event will depend on our views, beliefs and goals. One person upset, seeing in the school certificate one four, because the expected finish school gold medallist. The other will be happy to troikas, as feared that his leave for the second year.

Cervantes wrote: "in me the same comedy was stoned in Madrid and showered flowers in Toledo.

To a great extent, our assessment of the events as failures, and man as loser is formed under the influence of advertising and imposed standards that have become generally accepted. A person who does not have the 30 years of cars, owner-occupied dwellings and prestigious works is likely to find a loser even though it can be quite happy with their lives and to live in harmony with yourself.

Many people tend to see only failures in his life. Phrases like "Not with my happiness …", "I never get lucky" person in advance programs themselves to failure. But someone correctly noticed that as soon as you start talking about what you do in case of failure, you are already a loser. "

How to properly treat failures

1. Try to do smart errors

Sometimes bad is just bad, which side you look at it. And blame ourselves because committed a stupid mistake. Her reason was our carelessness, negligence, carelessness, lack of seriousness, and so on.

There are also "smart" errors. We went to target, worked on themselves, have conducted experiments tried risked, but mistaken.

Examples include the American inventor Thomas Edison. His contemporaries spoke of him as a man with an unusually positive Outlook.

At that time, many have been developing electric light source, but after setbacks attempts ceased. Edison same considered another setback as the step that allows you to climb higher and closer to the goal. Failure meant that eliminated another wrong decision.

He spent 10 thousand failed experiments before they succeeded. In his words: "I am not failed. I just found 10 thousand ways that won't work.

Thus, making smart errors, we do the steps on the road to success. One who avoids mishaps, escapes and success.

2. Extract lessons errors

Simply put, not stepping on the same rake twice. It should be remembered that no person who did not commit errors. With successful people make them even more than the losers, because in the event of failure they don't get discouraged, and operate. They are different from the rest: analyze the situation, make conclusions and work on the bugs, trying to repeat them, sensing failure as a lesson.

In fact fail does not mean becoming a loser. They say that the real loser is not the one who fell, but those who fall without even trying to climb.

3. Do not shift blame on others

Many people never admit that they themselves are to blame for failure. In their failures always blame someone else: weather, circumstance, bad head, angry relative, etc. Such people want to say: "a bad dancer and legs prevented."

There is a pattern of what exactly these people and become losers. And they will remain so until the cause of the failure to realize that first and foremost you need to look at their actions. Analysis of their actions will allow in the future to avoid such errors.

4. Not to stop practicing self-flagellation.

At the other extreme-"much" about perfect errors that resulted in failure. Giperbolizirovannoe guilt ? nonconstructive feeling. In addition, under the condition of depression it has no effect. People instead to focus on the reason of the failure and the search for a solution, how to get out of the situation, delves into the past and puts itself at an impasse endless reflections, as all good reasons, do it differently.

5. Learn from other people's mistakes

They say that "learns from mistakes other wise, clever ? on its own, and the fool and his mistakes have not taught." We can learn from the experiences of sages, philosophers, and successful people in order not to make mistakes, which can avoid using them.

6. Believe in yourself

Abraham Lincoln called the great loser. He spent his childhood in poverty ? his parents had very meager income. He was a 7-year-old child, when for non-payment of the family had to leave their homes. At school he studied not for more than a year, because in this same age started working.

At the age of 9 he lost his mother. On legal education, on which he dreamed he had no money. To start a business, he became bankrupt. In particular, when he was 26 years old, Hung large debt left by his deceased business partner. This duty he paid for many years.

In the 28 years he was refused by making an offer to a friend, which met for a long time. He has suffered three defeats in elections in the United States Congress, which twice in the Senate, as well as a candidate for Vice President of the United States. Because of the failures he happened to survive a nervous breakdown, but none of them prevented him reaching the cherished goal ? in 50 years he became President of United States 16.

Another example of how worthwhile treat failures ? the same Thomas Edison. He believed that unlucky people do not exist ? there are people who are too quick to come to terms with failures. With him there was another situation where most people would have drooped hand.

In 1914,. at his factory ? the entire his life ? there is a fire, in which she almost burned to the Foundation. Losses were huge, and insurance only bedspreads third part of them. Fit to shoot, but Edison told himself: "I am 67, but I'm still not too old to start over from scratch. He undertook its restoration after seeing the disaster occurred a new opportunity to completely change the design of the factory.

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