6 tips on how to distinguish a real franchise from Faika

You are thinking about buying a franchise? Want to learn how to select a real franchise amidst a sea of offerings on the market franchise and do not know how to do it? Then this stuff for you!

Currently, under the guise of a franchise trying to sell everything from their skills acquired today to … and it's hard to believe, but this fact is simply to sell their produce and products!

For example, to do this is to offer people a on a portal on franchising their products and write "Deductible costs. It's a shame for the concept of franchising and for a client that Constructible, not that such a franchise, buy the equipment and would not know what to do next. And such examples in actual practice.

Why choose business franchise

What is a franchise?

But if you look at the definition of the word "Franchise" in Wikipedia, this is a franchise agreement, a set of benefits consisting of rights to use the brand and the franchisor business model, as well as other benefits necessary for establishing and running a business. As a franchise can serve business methods, trademark, technology with mutual obligations and benefits between transmitting (franchisor) and receiving (the franchisee).

Point of purchasing a franchise is that you tell, show, train, inspect, and then continue to lead for hand in business! Just for the experience, knowledge, trademark and permanent consulting by the franchisor with the development of a common brand you pay money.

And that's when you will not have to pay for their mistakes, make their route. Think about how to make or do in a given situation, what contract to send to the client. What novelties appearing in the market and how to apply them to your business. You don't have to do it all. To do this you and you purchase a business franchise.

The advantages of a franchise

Many of you begs the question — did I alone can not run your favorite business?

Of course, you can! The question of how much time you spend on learning about doing business:

  • financial planning;
  • accounting;
  • right decisions on recruitment;
  • technology of cold calls and active sales;
  • building your site (which now unreal spin on really working business);
  • deal with your website promotion, PPC advertising customization;
  • the conduct of customers in CRM-program (how to choose, for example);
  • development of loyalty programs for customers;
  • launch your groups in social networks;
  • Populating and maintaining statistics necessary for you to hold your finger on the pulse of your company;
  • writing job descriptions for each of your employee and his training;
  • commercial offers, promotional printed materials.

If the business of franchising system can run for 7-10 days, then start the business of your own for this period of time is unlikely to be possible. The more you spend not only time, but also considerable money for training on all of the above items. And if you take the time to register your trademark, the process can drag on for months. After all, you want a business with solid income to your brand was on everyone's lips?

It is no secret now that customers are willing to overpay for goods or services, but purchase them from a trusted supplier or manufacturer of the Agency. And to build your reputation, too, will take time and considerable. Buying a business franchise system instead of starting their own business can be compared to buying a finished car (bought, sit down and let's go!) or collection of your car parts from improvised means.

Therefore, the decision is yours anyway. This article will help you decide you really running the franchise, after purchase which you can carry out fast and powerful start and receive 24/7 support franchisor!

How to distinguish real from fake franchise

Suggest you 6 major "Golden" items that will help you see the "face" of the real, existing franchisor

1. Ask the franchisor whether he himself this business

After all, if he only advises him to you, and you do not know what it is, what you teach? For example, if a trading house invites you to market their products under the guise of a franchise, it is unlikely that he keeps this business. His goal is to sell you equipment and all.

Make an appointment and come to him in Office, branches. Believe me, every real franchisor with pleasure and pride will show your business inside out. You can become a partner, work under his brand and thus broaden the scope of his company and production increases.

The name of his company, provoking any self-respecting company gives interviews, news about their successes and achievements, gladly publishes reviews of its customers and of course, piarit the activities of its companies in all various areas.

If you don't find anything interesting about your franchajzere in Yandex or Google, it is worth to think — whether it is successful, and whether or not he leads the business that wants to sell?

The exhibition "BUYBRAND" in September of the year 2016 Russian Association of franchising has been raised is the question of certification of franchisors and legislative resolution of the status of "franchise", but so far it has remained open.

And anyone can for money (creating franchises is a very profitable business at the moment) to run the franchise, for example, clicking his fingers in the air, "and sell it to you.

2. Find out whether the franchisor is registered trademark

Usually only companies with long-term plans for the development of their business on the market register its trademark. By the way, know that the registration process TM Rospatent passes over a year and is worth a lot of money?

Of course, not always they company with registration of his trade mark, but it is an extra reason to trust the franchisor, because if he does not conduct business and he does not have a stable income, he is unlikely to even think about its TM.

3. Talk to existing franchisees

Any honest franchisor is proud of its franchisee and partner contacts are publicly available! You can always, with its main site go to the subsections of its partners and call them, talk to, and learn how they are talking business. After all, who doesn't like people who purchased and leading this business franchise, you'll get the most honest and reliable information? If the franchisor hides contact partners, it is unlikely that his tales about the success of the franchise you can trust! Do not settle first, buy a business, then get access to contacts of its franchisees.

4. Learn about training and support

Does he fully trained in his Office, area, point, etc? Moreover, this training must be complete — and theory (how to run a business-finance, accounting, sales, recruitment, site maintenance, etc.) and practice.

The franchisor is always very important standards of products, services, because you'll be working under its brand name, therefore this franchisor pays great attention not only to the choice of potential partners, but also qualitative, in-depth training of the franchisee. Most often the training is taking place in the Office of the business owner, but there are also cases of departure for learning partners. Promise to educate you on Skype for 2:00 should you, at least, cheerleaders.

From real world example — customer says franchisor: "I don't need your training, I want to franchise. That person knows in this case on the franchise system? Most likely, nothing, just uses the word "fashionable now franchise.

5. Refine ways to connect with franchisors

It is very important to ask the franchisor how will pass your further communication after buying a franchise, the franchisor have educational webinars, seminars and what support is provided to the franchisee's actually after launch, etc. p.

Usually, if a franchisor does business, it powerfully promotes your brand in the market, is interested in new suppliers, develop new markets, launch new products or services to reach the TOP in its field. It's like a steam locomotive, which is carried in all the power to conquer new heights.

Often for every new franchisee is allocated an individual Manager, who will be in touch with you 24/7. After all, thank you for this and plan to buy business franishze to you took my hand and held on all the corners of hitrospletennym and brought to a stable income. Practice shows that at the beginning of the franchisee have happens to be a lot of questions, but the formation of his business, questions are drying up, and that is very important, the reverse process even begins. From the franchisee to the franchisor. Many ideas and even new developments can get franchisor from their partners, because they have a common goal of business development. Business owners even create a chat for franchisees, where their partenry can freely communicate and share their experiences and best practices.

And it's really a joint path towards progress, abundance, prosperity!

6. Ask for a business plan

You must learn and ask the franchisor its prescribed standards and business plan at least for the next 10 years. Without writing business goals at the half-year, year, 5 years and beyond, the creation of programmes to achieve them — unable to get results, such as the growth and prosperity of the company, profit and joining the top products and services offered in the chosen direction.

It all starts with your thoughts, and then comes the materialization of your goals and plans. Therefore, if the franchisor does not have goals, plans and programs, it is unlikely that he plans to develop together with you. Most likely his goal is to sell you their products under the guise of a franchise.

Items are actually more, but this is basic and if at least on those items franchisor will tell you Yes, you can spend your precious life time to study his proposal.

Good luck to you! I sincerely wish you find their business and earn easy, joyful and fun. Believe me, this is the real money is made!

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