5 tips to help you quickly complete case

Until recently you were full of energy, your eyes were burning, and the soul singing, anticipating the benefits fall on you from the end of the project. But you did not last long: after three days of hard work enthusiasm diminished, and then it was gone.

Now that's begun and unfinished business hanging heavy load. It is unpleasant, it spoils a life deprived of rest. Seemingly, why volynit, delaying the time of the conclusion of the case, and thus themselves torment. But what is surprising: the brain understands that need to stop fooling around, please finish this and forget about it, and his body is resisting. At the thought of having to sit down and to get down to business, to catch the weakness, lethargy, and sometimes even nausea!

How to cope with its own reluctance and finish what we started? Perhaps, our tips will help you.

1. Remember about motivation

If your body is not only mental, but even on the physical level and signals that started the case it is not to your liking, don't try to force myself to work. Any good it will not. You will not only be vomiting — you have заболит head pressure will rise, or you «topple in neprobudnom dream or start tossing papers, ask God, why I should do?

Here we come to the desired time. You really need to understand what prompted you to do the case. Remember about the motivation, that promises you a smooth completion of the project. Keep it in memory and attitude towards work change process goes.

2. Divide the whole into parts

In the very beginning when you were full of enthusiasm, you imagined that you deal with it for a few hours. But it turned out that in one fell swoop the project is not completed. Therefore you need to split the task into parts. Today you'll make one tomorrow is another day after tomorrow, will move to the next and there and finish will loom.

3. Use the first burst of enthusiasm

Suppose you calmed the sharp reaction of the organism to an undesirable job, remembering about that ourselves, by taking over the project. Now, when you remember why they took over the business and any success is waiting for you to come, you will experience the emotional lift. Quickly implement planned, without wasting a single minute! Willingness to work will tell you which way to move.

4. Monitor changes in mood

Emotional lift, who visited you in that moment when you realize the far-reaching goals of the project may not last forever. This is a feature of the human psyche. In the end you will feel fatigue. Psychologists advise to monitor these mood swings, and here's why. When you are emotionally on the rise, the portion of the work that captivates you. And when interest in the work begins, the part when you are not very interesting.

With changes in mood is closely connected and your productivity. Track, how long is your peak productivity and apathy. Knowing this, you can better plan and more precisely determine the time required for its completion.

5. Organize work

Properly organize work is to observe the optimal mode of work and leisure. No matter how interesting your work, you cannot switch to rest. If you do not arrange respite, then just try yourself physically and psychologically, and then there is no motivation to work will help.

Experts believe that intensive work should last no longer than 30-45 minutes, followed by a 5-15-minute rest. This time it is not worth to spend online. The best rest is physical activity. A break spend fulfilling complex stretching exercises or respiratory gymnastics, next is run or just walk in the fresh air. You have no idea how these simple exercises will intensify the brain!

Yet it is important to organize the work according to your biological rhythms. According to scientific data, 41% of people work best in the morning, 30% prefer evening and even night hours, and 29% are equally functional in any time of the day.

But these tips are suitable only for those whose place of work is his own apartment. And if you work in an Office, you still are put off having to get up early, though you may be an OWL. And yoga in the workplace is not particularly pozanimaeshsja. In this case, still try to alternate between work and leisure a speech. Go out into the fresh air, do not use the lift.

6. Organize food

Proper nutrition is the key to productive work in the brain. And the brain requires:

  • glucose (fruits);
  • vitamin c (citrus fruits, Sea-buckthorn, blackcurrants, sweet peppers);
  • b vitamins (liver, egg yolks, green beans, corn);
  • iron (apples, liver);
  • calcium (dairy products, egg yolks);
  • magnesium (Greens, buckwheat, beans);
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 (mackerel, herring, vegetable oils).

7. Away doubt

It so happens that you're working on a project, it is well, and you suddenly start having serious doubts: maybe all your efforts came to nothing, and all of a sudden, once you have completed your work, there will be a problem, which will put a cross on your achievements. Firstly, it is not necessary to be afraid what no what did not happen, and it is unknown whether or not happen at all. And secondly, remember great dictum: do what needs to be and whether it would be.

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