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I always loved to pursue their goals, even in small things. It all started when she worked as a journalist in several online publications, this gave an impetus to create their own portal on city life. Realizing that no live communication I just can't, I went to another area, helped develop construction companies, worked as a reporter at the youth television, organized parties in clubs for students on its faculty.

Last day opened my essence. Gradually, I accumulated experience and was satisfied with the results of their work. My friends recommended me as a good organizer. At some point I decided that it cannot divide completely, that it is necessary to gain a foothold in this market. When you open the firm worked only I and another officer. It was all on me, customers who have already sought not for the first time, new clients, organization, development of methodologies. But I always felt attracted to it is doing business and all related. I studied on their own creative side errors process.

I understand that you want to expand the boundaries, we need people who are primarily interested in my projects and will support me.

Beginning of the road

In the beginning I really was meant to be about whether it is possible to be a successful businessman in the field of the Organization and then realized that the profitability of the services depends on the quality of its execution. A good product sells itself, which is why we do not particularly dependent on advertising. You can put a very high price and people turn to you only once, if the order will be executed poorly. It is not the case, we can work for a minimal profit, but do it so well, that we will be proud of themselves.

For me as for any performer important streamlined workflow, creativity and individuality. That is why I am constantly raise their qualifications not only in Russia but also abroad. We attend exhibitions, master-classes and seminars. Some conferences I speak myself, sharing my experience, perenimaju the experience of other businessmen.

At the beginning of the ways finance for development almost never happened. There were many complications, all sections of the business lay on me, including accounting and legal issues. I went around the time gradually practically no sleep.

From early morning to late evening designed layouts, prices, designs, logos, planned meetings with partners, travel. At first, the idea was born, then she acquired new branches, and so, gradually implemented in life. It was my job. Stylish, a little historical name "favoryt" has arisen out of a desire to be the best for your client. To the following service they turned to us. I am guided in their work and I am happy that many large corporations have become our regular customers.

Organization of work

As I have already said, the development finance was a bit. The design was executed, shot Office, created a website and hired a few people. The first developments were committed are still far from that. After the initial phase, we were engaged in the selection of suppliers, experts in different fields and familiarity with the artists. For the first month of work, we have studied the market for festive events, learn about the best sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg, almost immediately engaged in business activities. Only after that we could start the work and fully immerse themselves in the world Organization.

I try to answer and possibly delve into every area of our business, but there are so many nuances that sometimes just does not explode. That's why every one of our employees engaged in their work and approaches to it. All the roles are distributed to work effectively, so we persistently move forward and solve complex tasks. Our scope is difficult to take people who are at least minimally not versed in the organization. Given the nature of the work, we very carefully select new employees.


Selection of the personnel is always an important part of the work, and especially for us. We are inextricably linked with people and perform their applications on demand. It is very important to find the approach to people of different age and social status. When you run each application we use all their knowledge and skills. There was no case to our wedding were identical, or feast held in one and the same style, we have an individual approach to each customer. We creatively in the Organization, preparation and preliminary design. Everyone can cope with the technical process, but add a touch of individuality under force. That is why we are proud of our employees, because all their creativity, creativity and inspiration they invest in. Now we work with about 50 people, and if there is no clarity, and coherence in the work of the strategy — business becomes virtually impossible.

Tips on opening a business

Ideal for small business forms, such as IP or LLC. Options for opening may be 2. Or do all the or talk to a lawyer. In the first case, you will need to collect all the documentation to assure her, contact the tax and it is only a small part of what you have in the way of opening. Legal services will leave you about 10 000 rubles, often choose this option.

2. Rent Office

If your business does not depend on "live" meetings, but the Office is required for staff — this can be small and no expensive premises, at any distance from the Metro station and the city centre. When dealing with people is important. Choose a bright Office, with several rooms, where you can engage in negotiations and business meetings.

3. Order website

Now you can make a website-website for little money. You can specify the essence of your work and contact information, a little later, it would have to be improved.

4. Invest in advertising

Of course, without at least minimal advertising on the first stage. There are a great many options:

  • Cold calls, mailing list
  • Advertising in print media (newspapers, magazines)
  • Advertising on the Internet (blogs, groups in social networks)
  • Participation in exhibitions
  • All kinds of promotions, discounts

Still need to mention on electronic bids. Many public institutions are providing jobs for work. Most commonly use event-agencies, transport and construction companies and many others. Participation in auctions and win the right to provide services throughout the year on a winning price. Tip # 5-study sites on electronic trading.

5. Fall in love with their work

You will never be able to do well what you don't like, so initially choose the scope that you like.

Open your business under the force of each, but it is easier to just have to those who know how to think outside the box and creatively to the process. Discerning customer in this area need to be sure to offer something different, then it will stop the choice on you. The desire to do better than today should not you to leave. You want to grow and develop in their field and do not throw something that has already begun, and make every effort to improve.

Fight your way to market the Organization in our time is very difficult. There are thousands of firms "short-lived" who take orders, not cope with them and are renamed and are working on. In St. Petersburg and in Moscow there are many worthy agencies that have conducted several hundred events, compete hard. Today we win thanks to high service maintenance, our portfolio with different activities, thanks to the creative ideas and implementation of applications in the shortest possible time.

We are in social networks and group accounts. In instagram give tips on how to prepare for the wedding on their own, the good and the bad sides of the wedding Organizer and more. In season number of applications grows several times, but we can cope with all the tasks and not skip a single application.

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to keep moving forward and don't sit still. Carry in his business experience and knowledge from different parts of our planet. Qualitatively executed and the desired service is the guarantee of your prosperity. If you are an active person, you have a lot of ideas and inspiration, you designed to plunge into the world of business. Many people start without this, and they have even harder. Any of your work is the development of someone else's project. The same success you can create something of their own.

Believe in your idea, wear it and remember, demand creates supply. Our team works tirelessly on the creation of new developments. What was not even. Next year we are planning an even greater development in the field of organization and training and with increasing force will provide services at the highest level.

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