5 Tips how to write interesting posts in social networks?

Kreativite, write, draw, agree, edit, publish, and the Huskies still wouldn't go? There are 5 simple ways to significantly increase the number of response content even without money.

Of course, there is the option to pay for positions in the popular communities and to become trendsetterom, but why, if you use themes, trends and even memes to instantly receive dozens of repostov?

Brands have long realized that situational content is the key to additional free coverage. Remember how is bent the sixth iPhone? Companies and bloggers immediately began to joke on this topic and enter the popular collections, collecting a bunch of frauds.

It is true, then it was fresh and very effectively, but today often many such jokes seem to be vysosannymi from the finger. Therefore it is worth to take this kind of creativity is very responsibly and find a really witty decision — and then you can rest on our laurels!

Samsung: "Gnites before those who are worthy"

Custom variation on the theme of watches of Salvador Dali

If Photoshop do not own, you can always make some memes! Website for «Risovach» throws and ready-made templates, and allow the upload your own image to inflict on him a couple of funny phrases.

2. Pay attention to pictures

The secret that primarily falls on the users view the artwork, rather than text? However, not everyone is fluent in Photoshop, and even a camera on a phone, and this means that the assistance you need to call constructor design.

Services such as, for example, PublBox, to manage their social networks from a single window, usually have very good graphics editors, where it will be enough to just pick a nice template with background and font and apply it to the text you want.

Note that in some cases it is better not to bust with the text: for example, Facebook reduces the scope of advertising, if more than 20% of the pictures take up words.

5 Tips how to write interesting posts in social networks?

3. Pick out the right time

Noise in the information social networks are moving to smart tape: they show you in the first place is not new and "interesting" positions — on the basis of what you most lajkali and repostili until then. Such innovations can be attributed and business model: they are forcing "uninteresting" brands to pay for something that they saw more people.

So if earlier in the first place, it was important to calculate the correct time of publication, it is now the most important thing is to ensure that a good number of people in the first hour to social network took over the content interesting and showed him the greatest number of users.

However, posting still continues to influence the formation of news feeds (just to a lesser degree), and it is important to develop a competent strategy. For example, you can publish your post in the rush hour, when online is the maximum number of people, but you'll be faced with high competition for attention. Or you can choose "dead time" (deep night, weekend) and convey your message, but to a small group.

The main thing is to come out of its scope. Who is your target audience? Kids? Students? Salaried employees? Top managers? They all behave differently in social networks and at different times are online. Such a "guerrilla" tool as a content Navigator (you can use same PublBox) will be the most optimal schedule and described what watches you will find it easier to reach readers. And post content in the right proportion just need and this proportion depends on the objectives (increasing the number of subscribers, deliver to them a certain image and even start selling). Content Navigator also helps break up the content types: selling, involving or just entertaining. Proper content strategy is key to success and one of the most important points when working with social networks.

4. Create authored content

Cats and quotes is certainly good, but they will never make your team unique. Good content travels from community to community, and the user understands that the same positions he likely will see on multiple pages. Make sure that your audience will respond positively to the question "do I know why a visit to this group tomorrow?"

If you publish a cat — that put him bow with its logo. If the quote is from his own interview with steep specialist. Joke — of life or work. Kreativte!

5. Write competently

Do I need to explain? In fact, this paragraph is not only necessarily knowing the rules of Russian language (although it can significantly raise the credibility of your group). You should also be able to draw text: putting the "correct" quotes, em dashes (—) and so on. Put the keyboard typographical layout of Ilya Birman and gratify perfectionists. Aesthetics is our everything.

Social networks not in vain prohibits changing the color and text size: imagine what chaos there would be started! So follow their example — bring your texts to perfect mind. And if an ordinary user will pay attention to it only at the level of sensations, a good specialist, be sure be sure to appreciate to you respect.

5 Tips how to write interesting posts in social networks?

Trend, picture, timeliness, uniqueness and literacy — it's everything you need to without any spending increase audience response and improve the image of the company or group. Of course, the type of posts "like if you love your mom!" still collect more "hearts", but similar ways to increase activity considered very don't want to. That is another story.

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